DYM – My Life My Conditions (Episode 1)


This is a new fan fiction. Plz give me a chance to win your support, give me a try this is a story of a pure relation, true love, bold characters so here I start with a new story and I slowly will open the past but for now I start with arjun and radhika’s first meeting.

A handsome guy is reading news while traveling in car suddenly it stops with a jerk and his tab falls from his hand
‘’wat the hell is this ‘’

‘’sir I feel there is some problem in the car ‘’
The fellow gets down the car put on his goggles and exclaims
‘’I should not get late for the office otherwise you are fired ‘’
Coming to his physique he is tall 5.9 feet high, perfect body he is as perfect that I feel every girl will fall for him coming to his eyes they have great depth in them which he always try to hide oh coming back to story he is the hero of our story he is ARJUN
He is waiting for his driver’s reply but b4 he could a car stops by his side a face turns by his side a cute and handsome fellow he has both the qualities he is nile

‘’want some help Mr. Mehra’’
‘’why not ‘’he picks up his laptop bag and sits next to him ‘’I was really getting late thax for help ‘’
‘’I will mention it’’ and he laughs
By the way they are not frndz, they just know each other as they work in same building not in same office.
They heads to leave they are not conversing jus some sad songs on fm
A’’ so u like these, kind of songs’’
N’’ yes but they don’t suit my personality I feel ‘’
Just then arjun cell phone rang nile made the fm mute
A’’ are u fools that u cannot search even a interior designer for the new office y all are just useless’’ he shouts on his PA and cuts the phone

N’’ so u need a interior designer right’’
A’’ yes actually it is hard to accommodate the staff so we bought the top floor also ‘’
N ‘’I can suggest u som1 but she is not working currently since we shifted from Chennai she had not done any project but she was the best one in Chennai so should I give u contact details ‘’
A ’’yes why not plz I really need it urgently’’
N’’ I will text u the number but remember 2 things call between 11am to 2 pm and second and the most important thing is first tell her that I asked you to contact her’’
A’’ she might be having some name I feel’’
N ‘’ oh I m really sorry 4 that by the way she is radhika mishra’’
A’’ radhika ‘’(nice name)

PRECAP: arjun finds radhika’s pick mesmarised by her beauty in first site and later he calls her

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Credit to: apra

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  1. Woww another mmz so cute

    1. thanx i will try my best to give you all a best plot

  2. Apra…very good starting…nice plot…next time a bigger update plz…tc??

    1. ok 2day u will get a bigger update

  3. IT WAS AN AWESOME START GO ON……………………….. 🙂 🙂

    1. thankyou jerly

  4. hi apra(pls tell me the meaning of ur name its very different)

    wellcome to manmarzian ff world

    greate start
    update next one soon

    1. apra means top level of intelligence

      1. nice name dear

        what is ur real name ???
        is it apra or sunna

      2. apra is my real name and my frndz call me sunna

  5. Oh dear waiting for aru n rads meeting 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s nice pls keep it up 🙂 🙂 eagerly ll wait for ur next ff:) 🙂 😉 take care 🙂

    1. hav patience

  6. Awesome episode. 🙂 waiting for the next episode.

    1. i will not keep u all waiting

  7. Nice epi. Ur ff sounds great

    1. i will try my best to make it epic

  8. Oh.,…god…..I will die today with happiness……..new stories going to be started…….wow….I mean really wow…..

    1. don die from happiness first read my fanfictions

  9. Nice start… Please do post soon

    Love you??

    1. i will not stop till a perfect closer

  10. Its interesting,plzzzz continue

    1. thanx 4 support

  11. Neil yr not nile.. 🙁 good going … Crazy abt manmarziyan yaar miss then soooo much arjun specially and sam too

    1. i m really sorry 4 that
      sam will enter a lil late

    1. i will try my best 2 make this nice 1 into best

  12. loved it appu(can i call u that?)…….intro was good….can u update regularly….i’m waiting 4 ardhika meeting………by the by what’s arjun and niel doing???????????

    1. apra is not tough 2 spell i fell but u can call me whatever u feel like calling me apra /appu /sunna
      and what neil and arjun are doing i wiltell in next episode

  13. Nice work… It s awesome. Please write sooooon.

    1. very soon

  14. Great starting dear…pls update regularly iam waiting…..thanks for the ardhika story….keep it up…lvu…tc..

    1. thanx 4 your love

  15. Hai Apra,♥y welcome nice kick start. R u chennai? Ur dialogue delivery is so good esp arjun dialogue. And all the very best for ur future updates & congrates:-)

    1. r u from chennai actully i m in surat now a days

  16. Nice start…

    1. thanx anwesha

  17. super yaar………..story interesting ……please update soon………..tc

    1. next episode is updated dear

  18. Awesome, new ff on mmz…wowwww. …how did I missed this epi….now going to read next epi….love you loads

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