DYM – Connection from past Memory 6

Hiee all tadaaa im back with the memory ride. Sorry very very sorry for the very late update. Pls do comment ur views asa they mean a a lot to me and hope this is long enough if not then say me pls. Love u all…

Enjoy the ride….

Samuktha was the official court dancer of the kingdom. For the king she was his second daughter he always wanted her goodness but all the eyes will not be the same, same thing was with the rudra the prince of the kingdom who was the son of mala. He always had an eye on her as the highness they can do anything they want but it was not known by radha or samuktha.

One day after the dance radha was busy with her drawing and arjun who was guarding found rudra following samuktha, he knew if it was said to neelkanth then the matter will be otherwise so he decided to handle the matter by himself. He followed rudra. She was going to her private area where rudra wanted to enter but just then arjun called rudra.
Arjun ; prince u are called by the king sir..
Rudra(frustration) ; say him that i will come late. Arjun found the true intention so he said ; sir ur uncle family has come to fix the alliance for u sir.
Rudra ; did u see the girl was she beautiful ??
Arjun ; sir how can i……… she will be the queen of the kingdom and u will be the king of the kingdom soon so as a servant i cannot do this to u sir. It would be honoured if u come with me sir.
Rudra(was impressed with arjun’s words and thought to handle sauktha later said) ; arjun u r a true servant i will go and come. Arjun nodded with a smile and once rudra left his face turned red and said ; i will always protect my neeilkanteshwar’s wife as she is my sister u maniac.
Just then samuktha came and smiled at him. He nodded and left the place.

Neelkateshwar and samuktha are sitting in a tree branch holding their hands and most of the time he was staring at her.
Samuktha ; ok why is the commando in chief staring at me and making my heart to skip the beat ??
Neel (short form), smiled ; coz i have lost myself in this cute heart of yours.
Sam ; how do u know that i have a cute heart ??
Neel ; because u set free my heart which i caged long back samuktha. I never had mother’s love and my father died in the war and then i was longing for love a true love which i got from u when u treated me after i came back from the war when i was injured.
Samuktha ; i’m scared……….
Neel (cupped her face) ; for what ??
Sam ; for losing u
Neel (smiles and says) ; one or the other day everyone is going to die but i promise u i will never leave u and we will grow old and on our final day we will sit under this tree and speak about our journey and then we will at the same time breathe the last breath.

Sam ; Promise ??
Neel ; promise…….. and they hug each other. Rudra finds that and was in hell angry . He wanted her in hooks and crooks then neel can take her. He was the cheap and spoilt brat and his company was his uncle’s son who was asking radha’s hands as his wife even though he had 2 wives. He was sarvesh. The brother of meena the second wife of the king. Her love for her brother was so much she blindly trusted him but she never knew that he and rudra are planning to back stab the king and to take the kingdom (Sarvesh used rudra as rudra was fit for nothing, by the extraordinary brain washing of sarvesh……. rudra turned into what he is today).
Sam…… sam ………. wake up sam…………she was brushing her eyes with her hands and saw radhika all messed up she turned here and there and found she was in radhika’s stomach.
Radhika ; what is this ??
Sam ; sorry radhika i was hell tired so…………
Radhika ; u slept on my stomach ?? God u have a stubborn head i tried hard to push u that side but u were twisting ur head over me god how heavy is ur head. Sam gave a sheepy smile and dossed off again to sleep. Radhika saw the clock. It said it was 2.30 AM. Radhika was not able to sleep, she went out of the room to check whether shakthi is safe that is is he sleeping or is there any disturbance. She went down and found shakthi and arjun sitting and talking. It was like arjun kept his head over shakthi’s stomach and it was lying down. He was feeding with some apples and shakthi was munching and keeping his head under his hand and he was rubbing it. Radhika was shocked as shakthi never allowed anyone to even touch his shadow but he was rubbing her shakthi how and why is shakthi so much attached to him. Radhika cleared her throat. Arjun without moving just turned his head and found radhika and so was shakthi. They again turned back. Radhika was in hell angry the way those 2 were doing. She went and stood infront of them.
Arjun ; hiee(while adjusting his glass) radhika saw those eyes and her anger was melted in a second and shakthi who saw that giggled.

Radhika ; what are u giggling shakthi ?? It turned its face and kept it over arjun’s lap.
Arjun ; if u dont mind could u join us ?? She saw his eyes and again lost herself in it. She was not able to deny when those innocent eyes of his was demanding her to bend down. She nodded and sat next to arjun. Both looked at each other and smiled and then turned their heads to the other side. Shathi who was witnessing face palmed itself as they are behaving like the same way when they both spoke their hearts last time.
Arjun (gained some courage) ; u know what shakthi is so nice. Both radhika and shakthi looked at him. He smiled and looked at the sky.
Shathi’s mindvoice ; what happened to my master the majestic worrier of magadh is seriously acting stupid, if i had the power to speak i would have shouted at u master ??
Radhika’s mindvoice ; what happened to him i was waiting for him to speak something but again he came to shakthi what did he do to my shakthi ?? and why those eyes are seems to be familiar to me ?? SO before he could continue his stupid talk radhika spoke and he answered then they started to talk and slowly they slept off on the open spread of grass. Shakthi too slept…

The rays of hope was shining in the form of sun and both arjun and radhika are sleeping keeping their head over shakthi but holding their hand tight. Shakthi who woke up saw them holding their hands tight. He was so much emotional as that was the final sight he saw them after which they jumped from the cliff and then he was cruelly murdered by that rudra and sarvesh, the last hope for shakthi was that his king would ask them not to kill but he shouted to kill the horse and throw it in the sea and they fulfilled their failure of not able to get the princess by killing me master. But now as i found u i will not be any scared anymore of the princess. I know u will take care of her master…….. arjun slowly woke up and found shakthi staring at him. He adjusted his specs and smiled and kissed his face and raised his eye brows by gesturing what ?? Shakthi nodded and blew his hot air on arjun. Arjun smiled and rubbed his face again. He turned and saw radhika sleeping holding his hand. He was about to remove his hand where she mumbled at that time ” pls dont leave me worrier pls…… He was confused as what was she saying. He shook her and she slowly opened her eyes.
Arjun ; good morning….. Radhika woke up and yawned and saw him . He was giving his signature smile. She smiled and they went inside the stay area. Shakthi shouted in happiness.

Archaeological site…..
Zubin rushed to some hidden place and took his phone.
Other side ; What happened ??
Zubin ; look it is easy to give instructions but it is really hard to do it here teji neil and that radhika has also come di u think it is easy to take that locket ?? I know that is important as that has the key to the map but we should wait saral else all these years of work will go on a toss. SO pls trust me and give me my time. We came here to this level we will surely will finish it and we will get that treasure.
Saral ; i trust u and if u want i will also send my man to help u
Zubin ; dont do any stupidity please give me time i will do it for u……
Karthika ; what will u do zubin ?? whom are u talking ??
Zubin ; well nothing karthika just speaking with my friend,(he spoke to saral in a lower tone) ; i will call u later.
Saral ; i want that locket dont make me fool again zubin u know me i want it get that ??
Zubin ; trust me i will call u later and cuts the call and rushes out without speaking anything to karthika and left the place. She felt something fishy but she brushed aside the thought and started for the work.
Radhika was inside the tent sipping her coffee and saw Shakthi always behind arjun and he was also smiling looking at it.
Neil ; its strange. She turned and saw neil standing behind radhika.
Radhika ; whats strange ??
Neil ; well Arjun and shakthi …….
Radhika ; yaa they are like they behave like they were close to each other for ages, u know na right shakthi never allows anyone not even u but how come arjun ??
Neil ; im happy to see him so happy radhika
Radhika ; why so ??
Neil ; he is scared of manythings radhika. He is not like us
Radhika ; not like us means what not a human ??

Neil ; Stop teasing him. He has got many complications and the so called family of his threw him away stating that he is not fit for anything. But then i saw him when we did our college.
Radhika ; college ??
Neil ; he got scholarship in the orphanage where he stayed.
Radhika ; wait orphanage but why ?? He has his parents right ??
Neil ; all are still alive but they never loved him. For them he was a burden , but they never knew his talents so after the degree i took him as my responsibility he is also scared of height or too much noise sudden gesture and he continued. She saw Arjun and was not able to believe that the person can have so many complications in his life ?? Unknowingly she had tears.
Neil saw that and said ; radhika sometimes i may not be around at that time can u pls take care of him. He is a grown up kid. She nods in affirmation and looks at them both.
She was walking towards him and suddenly she got slipped by a small stone. Arjun in a nick of time held her and his specs were near his nose and was about to fall. She made that right and he made her stand and they looked at that stone. The stone was a deep down inside the earth and that was actually a crematory tomb of some one………….

Thats it guys for today. How was it ?? PLs do comment ur views. Love u all and stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile…

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  1. Myra

    Sv akka….brilliant ….
    Well, the stone and the specs part was different…otherwise it is always like the guy pins back a strand of the girl’s hair…or something of the similar sort….
    The length was a little short….sorry dii…
    Love you loads and HAK update kar do naaa….i am waiting ?

    1. S.v

      thank u so much teddy bear i wanted some different one so tried it u liked it ?? im happy HAK updated dear next time i will make sure it is lengthy Love u so much and sorry for make u wait. Love u

  2. Jessie

    Ardhika super.. shakthi giggling!! Lol…una ena panalam…so complicated for Arjun..gosh.. sarvesh than saral a? Hmm.. eager 4 nxt.. last scene nice..killing horse was cruelty at its peak..morons they are.. avangala vidateenga..!! Love u loads.. TC.

    1. Jewel

      Thank you jessie? thank you so much for informing about drawn together

    2. S.v

      vidamaaten baby nee oru trailer dhan paathurka for what they did there is ore to come for their cruelty. Sarvesh saral correctu . Avanugala vida maaten paathukalam love u baby and thank u so much

  3. Jewel

    It was a superb update sv…. Arjun and shakthi’s bond and shakthi’s mind voice that was really nice… Sarvesh is saral right?? And who is rudra?? And now dreaming like nesam siting in same place where sit in last birth…. This story giving me a lot of things to dream…. Loving it a lot sv waiting for the next

    1. Jewel

      Hey anyone knows about farah’s ff drawn together. I started reading that now only I couldn’t find the update after chapter 13. Did she update that after?? Did she completed that story… If she completed that story plz tell me how I get the chapter after 13 plzz..

      1. Jessie

        Jewel.. she renamed as string of hearts.. search with that name… hasn’t completed.. but updates aftr chap 13 are der..

    2. Dipika

      No she didn’t update yet next chapter of it

    3. S.v

      thank u so much jewel, yes u guessed it right sarvesh is saral and rudra wait lot more to come dear and nesam never thought that nice idea will use that u are dreaming wow thank u for that . Love u so much

  4. Brin

    I love it to core, episode outstanding, you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. S.v

      thank u so much brin, Will update soon. Love u

  5. Rossy

    Yipeee. twin u rocked it…..shakti was reborn and happy seeing his masters…i liked that part most….lil…radz adjust Arjun specs…oooooi….soooo cute .. …Shakti knew how to keep both masters along with him…brilliant horse I must say.. Kike tangled…i loved that horse than any other movies.. ? ? ? ? ? hehehe

    1. S.v

      twin yup shakthi is the one who knows his master. i took that from tangled movie max u know that movie he was a brilliant horse. Love u so much dear. Bear hugs and kisses too muhhhhaaaa

  6. Gauri

    Amazing SV ….hate that Rudra and Saral/Sarvesh….born devils in every birth…Aradhika cute and Nesam brilliant…..loved the way story is going keep rocking girl stay blessed 🙂 love u

    1. S.v

      didi thank u so much didi . they are born devils only more to come didi. Im really happy that my di is happy love u di.

  7. Sangee

    Superb epi sv… Shakti s mindvoice was super… His love towards his master and Princess.. That night scene awesome…
    altogether sema sema sema

    1. S.v

      sangee thank u so much he he he thank u once again love u lods.

  8. Sweetie

    Jaan,this is too good.. 😀 Arjun and his manliness,you know what I mean in the last scene is too cute to handle.. 😉 Killing horse and Arjun was left by his parents because he is goof for nothing,unbelievable,how can people be so cruel!! Love you loads Jaan and take care.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      jaanu thank u so much well shakthi was faced so much u will read that in the upcoming updates and the reason too. Arjun was left why u will know that too love u so much waiting for misconception Mr. politician and miss sry mrs repoter politician

  9. Dipika

    Sv darling this is soooo brilliant piece of work..u just nailed it to eternity yarr..tht rudra n sarvesh..i want to beat thm…neel n samyukta …cute….aradhika moment.. Cute..m sooo excited for nxt one..n i was abt to ask u abt this ff tht whn u gonna post n u posted it…love u…muuhhhhaa

    1. S.v

      dheeps thank u so much, rudra and sarvesh will make u go all angry in future thats for sure happy now ?? then im happy too love u too muhhhaaaaa

  10. Aadia

    Seriously sissy..giggling Shakthi!!Shakthi rocks.. That sarvesh and rudra?? poor Arjun..he had gone through so many things..but don’t worry Neil..our Radz will surely take care of him☺…really eager for next part…love you..tc..

    1. S.v

      poor arjun yes he will give what he got. Shakthi is a intelligent horse. Love more to come and raneil will take care of him u will see that love u my cute lil sissy thanks a ton

  11. Sathya

    SV my dear radhu first of all very sorry for commenting late..but you know what my waiting is worth to read ths chapter. Like kala says in Maanada mayilada, “KIZHI KIZHI KIZHI” he he he.

    Hey kannamma enna episode theriyuma ithu…semmaya irunthuchu…i just love each and every scenes. Ardhika with Sakthi is the ultimate one. So animals remember about the previous birth is it? I don’t know about that. I want to put Rudra and Sarvesh in the kothikara enna chatti…potu varuthu edukanum. Devils kathite saagatum. So one thing is clear Sarvesh is Saral but Who is that Rudra in new birth. Again there will be a new entry for this character right…my assumption is it can be either Ankush or Jai. Just a rough guess. okay nee intha FF poda eppavume late pandra…unoda Arjun unmela romba kovama iruken. So enna samadhana paduthanumna next episode seekirama podu. Love you 🙂

    1. S.v

      Arjun thank u so much. i made shakthi to remember only he know of now. Idhukey kondhalicha eppudi avanuga panna kutha nee paapa appo kumbi baagamey unakku kammiya irukkum. Well rudra oru twist irukku. sorry arjun kaila innum 3 irukardhunala konjam late aagudhu and also kaila adi patuchu so only all the ff delay. no no no arjun koovam vendam will update soon okva ?? Love u ippo siri arjun love u

  12. Meen

    brilliant sv…brilliant…..or i must say…even this word doesnt justify with ur writing….omg…u really r superb…..im literally standing on my feet waiting for next one

    1. S.v

      Thank u so much meen. U r so sweet love u lods. Muhhhaaaaaa

  13. _Ritu

    Superb Chappy Sv… Shakti nd Arjun’s part was heart soothing.. 🙂 NeSam past was lovely.. 🙂 dat idiot Saral Nd Rudra… 🙂 stupid disgusting fellows. ?..and Zubin too mysterious…all excited for nxt…post soon…loads of love. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Ritu u r in a correct track think dear think surely will update soon. Thank u and love u tons. Muhhahaaaa

  14. SV my sweeeeeetheart. …it’s incredibly beautiful. …loved arjun’s n shakthi bond….rads lost in arjun’s eyes…awww…was really cute…..the past birth of sam n arjun scene….with rudra n sarvesh….was very thoughtful. …Shakti’s pov was very heart touching. …..so beautifully narrated. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling SV♡♡♡

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