DYM – Connection from past Memory – 3

Hloo all Sv back with the next part of the memory ride… Thank you so much my friends for your lovely words and dont forget to comment your views as they mean a lot to me and silent readers if you can have time pls comment too…..love you all….

Enjoy the ride…..

There were 2 beautiful damsels dancing one was wearing a golden colour dress with matching jewellery and the other was wearing a red colour dress but both were really adorable in their looks, and they were dancing for the beat well one was really exhausted but the other girl was in the full swing in the dance. Finally one girl gave up while the other was dancing and after some time she too stopped and all clapped at her dancing skills and she bowed and smiled at them.
No one in any kingdom here is soo talented as my samuktha and hugged her.
Samuktha ; princess radha when in that case no one in the bharat bhoomi can paint like u .

Radha ; ooh thank u and a small gift to my best friend. It was samuktha when she was dancing.
Samkutha ; it looks just like me princess.
Radha ; princess …..me……. what happened samuktha ?? Im the same old friend ok no more raj kumari stuffs i hate it. Anything can change but never our friendship samuktha. She too nodded and both hugged each other. Just then a pigeon came with a message. Radha took the pigeon and removed the letter. She read and jerked as the message was for samuktha . Radha waved her hand and the others left the place.
Radha ; who has sent this message. Samuktha took the message from radha and jerked as radha came to know about the love of her.
Radha ; say me samuktha how many days ?? And who is he ??
Samuktha stammered and said ; command in chief .
Radha ; neelkandeshwar ?? Samuktha nodded her head. She ordered a soldier to summon neelkandeshwar. Neelkandeshwar with arjun came there and they bowed towards her. She smiled at arjun but made sure no one notices this and changed her face.

Radha ; what is this ?? And showed the message. Neelkandeshwar’s face changed and lowered his head.
Radha ; do u love her ?? He nodded his head.
Radha ; will u take care of her ?? He nodded again.
Radha ; speak out chief with a stern voice.
Neelkandeshwar ; she is the only lady i would ever love.
Radha ; u wont change ur mind right ?? He nodded no.
Radha ; look chief she is not my best friend but my sister. A girl with golden heart one tear then i will tear u into pieces.
Neelkandeshwar ; ur command princess.
Radha ; i will surely speak to king about this. Both unanimously shouted ; no……..
Radha ; why ??

Samuktha ; before ur marriage how can I think of my marriage ??
Radha ; dont worry all done and looked at arjun .
Samuktha; done ?? in a questioning voice
Radha ; i mean king will take care of that but i want u guys to marry as i want a big royal wedding for my friend.
Neelkandeshwar; but princess there is a panic situation as there is a war which may be waged by our enemy any time. Got the information and I dont want to destroy her life because of me. Radha smiled and said ; u are the best command in chief and arjun is the best archer of the whole bharat bhoomy so why are u fearing. We will wait for the war to complete and as a victory treat we will organise ur wedding in a grand way. Neelkandeshwar and samuktha nodded and she blushed too.
Radha ; fine fine now u guys have some private time. Arjun was about to move out with neelkandeshwar.

Radha; warrior arjun give ur best friend some
private time pls. Nesam blushed and arjun nodded with a signature smile understood what she meant. They started for a secret ride into the dark forest.
Arjun ; is this for my best friend or to me too and smiled. She saw here and there and made sure that no one was there and she hugged him.
Arjun ; radha what if anyone sees us ??
Radha ; who cares when my warrior is here. He too smiles and gives a gift to her.
Radha ; what is this ?? With an excitement.
Arjun; a small gift to my princess, went to the nearby village and found something which u may like it. She nodded and took that and opened and found a cute anklet and a pair of bangles. She asked arjun to wear it and he wore them and she kept the small box into an iron box………
That iron box’s figure is now seen in a rusted and covered with mud . Teji keeps his hand over the box and all are travelling back to the room. Karthika was sleeping in the shoulder of zubin and he was also in a deep sleep.
Next day……………….
Neil started for the site and got a call.
Neil ; man where are you ??

Other side ; ……..
Neil ; ok come soon I’m waiting for u only now come down and cancelled the call. He came down and neil gave a bone crushing hug.
Man u r killing me with ur hug now leave me for heaven sake. Neil left and he adjusted his glasses.
Neil ; u look soo cute when u wear those specs arjun but i asked u to use contacts but why again glasses ??
Arjun ; u donno contact lens make me feel that im naked.
Neil ; excuse me ?? What do u feel like ??
Arjun ; naked Neil full naked.

Neil (with mischievous smile) ; really i wish to see and also said some body stop me and came near arjun. Arjun got scared and ran and sat on the car which they are going to travel. Neil smiled and said ; man of all shyness and went to the car and they started to the archaeological site.

Radhika reached germany and she went straight to a person her caretaker from childhood rana kaka.
Rana ; radha(rana used to call her radha as a pet name for radhika) how r u ??
Radhika ; im fine kaka u ??
Rana ; hmmm
Radhika ; why what did that drama queen did again ??
Rana ; she has never changed dear she is doing business deal with ankush’s life and that stupid said yes.
Radhika ; why is she like this kaka ??
Rana; some things will never change for ages dear so shall we and radhika nodded.

Rana ; so where ??
Radhika; its been long time lets go to our home kaka want to meet mom he nods and she closes her eyes and thinks how her life changed after her mother left.
Mala the mother of radhika . Radhika was the daughter of the business man dilip he was a successful business man who dealt with interior design and his ideas were the best and had a pleasant life with his gifted family. Things were not the same dilip had an external marital affair with sudha and slowly mala came to know about that both the mother and daughter stepped out of the house as mala was fed up with quarrel with dilip and mala came to know that he had that affair even before the marriage and they had a son who was elder to radhika. Mala took radhika with her and they started to live separately but was not able to cope up with her betrayal hence she ended her life.
Radhika was shattered and that turn out to be anger her only let out area was her rana kaka he took great care of her and she only trusted him but nit any one and the next person she loved was Neil her besty and her fav shakthi. They were her world and she was their princess.

Radhika reached home and the house was the same when she left to india no change. She smiled and looked rana and he came with her fav cookies.
Radhika ; how did u ??
Rana; i know my princess. She smiled and took those cookies and spent some quality time with her kaka and she just messaged about her arrival to her father.
Radhika got herself ready for the party and asked rana to accompany her. He denied but he knew how stubborn she was so he got ready in a punjabi attire and radhika dressed herself in a beautiful red anarkali and made a simple pony tail but that was more than enough for anyone to go mad. Both started for the house and reached a big villa it was beautifully decorated and the art work itself says the knowledge of the person.

Radhika adored the work and both rana and radhika entered the house and dilip was so happy to look at his daughter all grown up to be a beautiful young lady. She gave a fake smile not to hurt her father and she saw ankush who was busy speaking with the guest.
Dilip ladies and gentle men today i am so happy that my daughter has come back to me after many years so as a token of happiness i am going to gift her this sword which i bought it in the auction and removed the cover and gave the sword which had a swastic handle the sword which belongs to the kingdom.
Radhika saw the sword and did not knew why but she thought that she had seen the sword before and it had the ancient writing in the sword which she read and found ” to the best warrior of magadh kingdom.”

Dilip ; what ?? radhika nodded nothing and went out taking the sword. She looked here and there of the sword and she waved the sword by waving it in the air. Just then she was able to feel a hand over her waist and another hand over her hand by holding the sword.

Voice ; princess radha not like this see like this and he waved the way the sword should be waved. Radhika was stunned to hear the voice as the voice was familiar and it gave a kind of calmness to her heart and she slowly turned to look at that person and was able to sense a shadow just then she jerked and found rana kaka calling her ; radha radha………….. radhika was sweating and found no one was there she went inside to continue the function.

Thats it guys how was it ?? did you all like it ?? anything needs to be changed ?? pls comment your views love you all stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile…

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  1. It ws amazing…. Di…hope u update soon and I really enjoyed the masti of arniel..lol

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much ana will update once i i complete the other ff updation dear love you lods

  2. Jessie

    Nalla pogumpodhu takknu break pottutenga…! Sv.. ena solla sollrenga… rads past Arumainu sollava.. neelkandeshwar peru super nu sollava..illa Ardhika moments arai nodi arputhamnu sollava.. girl..eppadi nama senthamizh comment… I loved radz handling sword n memory flashing then.. but wait.. wat did Arjun feel like while having lens??? Solluma..ennama ippadi paniteengalema… I was rolling reading tat..and when he said 2nd time.. mudiyala.. nee innum valaranum da ..lol… aaradi uyara arjuna asaulta oru ara inch lensa vachu senjuteenga… rofl..???
    Eager 4 nxt update.. TC n loads of love…

    1. S.v

      jessie jessie jessie thank you so much neenga irukara varaikkum sathyama naan sirikka marakka maten thuya thamizh kalakku baby kalakku. nalla irundhucha ?? chumma tea kuduchutu irundhenna appo takkunu andha thought strick aachu enakkumey romba puduchudhu theriyuma ??? Inga arjun romba shy and bayandhangoli paaka dhaney pora varapora updates avan enna aga porannu yup lensah vechu senguten lol unnala mattum dhan ipdiyellam yosikka mudiyum love you so much dear always smile love you tons

  3. Sathya

    Oh my radha…. What u want me to say…. U need anything to know…. Well…. All I can say is I just love u for choco this amazing concept n the way u r narrating the story of both past n present… Which u r connecting each scenes with past… It is magnificent… It is a coruscating episode.. Dear… Pls dont take much time in posting next one…

    1. S.v

      when my arjunis here why fear dear love you so much and thank you so much i m so much happy that you loved the concept oh my god big big words dear u make me fly with your words. Love you so much and yes will not make you wait i will update my other ff and then again here to this one pakka promise love you.

  4. mindblowing…….eagerly waiting next one…..

    1. S.v

      thank you subha love you

  5. Starz

    Oh my god ….such a beautiful epi di…. LOVE you and take care..???

    1. S.v

      starz thank you so much dear lots of love to u dear

  6. Sammy

    lol ..Arjun and glasses ..girl ..i am sooooooooo excited ….and wao last radha line of Arjun ….roooooooooooomantic …..awesssssommmmmmmee ….i loved it

    1. S.v

      wifie thank you so much dear im happy that u r excited love you so much and dear desperate silence and condition reverse letter full of manmarziyan and dead patient i want to see arjun as doctor dear pls update any one if you can soon eagerly waiting to read that love you

  7. Brin

    Amazing episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. S.v

      thank you so much brin

  8. Rossy

    So radha made nesam together in previous birth…i loved that past present interchange sense with swastik symbol…that was awesome…imagined it…Arjun wearing specs omg…radhika n his father relationship was sad…btw I m all curious for why ardhika wanted to go cliff at first meet…to jump or anything else…?? twin u r superb

    1. S.v

      awww my twin well what should i say you are making me go all happy with your comment and yes the cliff was an important spot of the love story of ardhika in their previous birth you will see that link soon and that sword will play a major role in the present thats all i can say else i will say everything now as u know me cant hold anything in the name of suspense lol love you so much dear, muhhhaaaa

  9. Jewel

    nice chapter sv. and that last portion radhika waving the sword and feeling the presence of arjun, wow i loved that scene . i feel like i am seeing that scene infront of me. same feeling when neil and teji saw that gift box…. arjun with specs, he will more handsome with specs…. waiting for the next…come with that soon…. and please post let me live also…

    1. S.v

      jewel thank you so much dear i even loved that scene one of my fav too woo u make me to stand on the moon arjun will be seen as a shy and a silent man in this one and yes started let me live dear will update it tomo dear promise love you so much

  10. Loved it, loved the interchange btn the past n the present, eager for more. Stay blessed

    1. S.v

      thank you so much gianna love you so much waiting for your updates dear

  11. Gauri

    Awesome Rossy 🙂 😀 Best part Radhika Sam bonding….Neil’s accepting his love wow….you are magician who can write different genre of stories awesome girl waiting for all ur updates stay blessed 🙂 love u

    1. Gauri

      I am sorry I meant SV 🙂 guess mixed up things sorry darling

    2. S.v

      didi thank you so much di im honored by your words and i donno how to express my happiness and gratitude to you di love you so much sure di will update all soon love you again. muhhhaaaa

  12. Dipika

    Ohhhhh darling it is so awesome.. I like the blending of ancient era n present one…arjun with specs..mmmm..still looks handsome.. Haha…i just very much excited for the connection betwn sward n rads..her famiky bg is quite sad…u rocked it babe..awesome… Love u..muhha

    1. S.v

      dheeps thank you and hmmmm yup he is seriously handsome lol u will see the real furious rads soon and a fearful arjun tooo love you so much and waiting for your update dear what is the idea of dadaji ?? wanna read the update the next soon

  13. Ooooo…my darling sissyyyy SV…it’s really superbbbb n amazing. ..don’t change anything. ..it’s just perfect….very interesting n adorable. …..I’m totally addicted to it already. ….radha n samuktha…arjun n neelkandeshwar….wowwww the ancient scene was very awesoooooome. ….warrior arjun gifted pricess radha anklet n bangles….so lovely. …..ardhika n nesam both splendiferous, awesome, marvellous, outstanding. …n in present…arjun so shy…hates contact lenses n feels totally naked without specs….lol….was hilarious. ..so cuteeeee. ….the last scene was mind blowing when dilip gifted rads the ancient sword n she reads the writing on it…n wowwww warrior arjun’s soul came to teach her how to wave sword. ..amazingly awesoooooome. ….loved it to the coreeeee. …the title n professions of all 4 are very excellent. …in past n present time…..making more interesting n exciting. ….keep it up honeyyy. ….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling ♡♡♡♡♡ 😉 🙂

    1. S.v

      wow roma my spl friend what is this ?? u make me faint with your comments oh my god i donno how to thank you u made like how to say you that i am over the universe after reading your comment love you so much dear and yes will update soon love you lods

  14. Aadia

    Wow sissy…it was fantastic,especially the sword part..loved it..how perfectly you balance past and present!but a short part.. wanted more…pls update sooon…love you…

    1. S.v

      aadia thank you so much dear sry for the small part next part pakka a big one happy ?? love you so much

  15. Sweetie

    Jaan,superb,fantastic,amazing.. 🙂 I’m so in love with this story.. 😀 Arjun with glasses and Neil threatening him to see his body,lol,I loved their bonding.. 🙂 And the transition from past to present is very well portrayed.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      jaanu thank you so much dear im in love with your words neil will always wait for the chance to pull arjun’s leg in this love you so much bear hugs dear

  16. Meen

    Hey s.v. sorry for being late……amazing……..i loved d rasam bond…….last scene of radhika waving d sword & feeling arjun’s presence was marvellous……& arjun with specs……..well what to say he is a heartthrob…..

    1. S.v

      Meen no srys dear thank u soo much im realky happy that u liked it. Arjun with specs lol liked it ?? Im happy for that too. Love u soo much dear . Love u lods

  17. _Ritu

    Sv amazing update….I loved d way u r unfolding both present nd past… 🙂 Arjun nd specs.. Bt he is cute in dat way too 😉 😉 whether Teji is positive or negative nd whether he I also connected wid d past 🙂 all curious to know what will happen..post soon…waiting for 2 states as well…loads of love 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thank u soo much ritu teji hmmmm still to think of that and 2 states will update next of hak dear tomo hak next one is 2 states only. Love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa.

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