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Hiee all sv back with the next part of the memory ride. Thank you so much for the continuous support and pls do let me know your views regarding this update is this really nice or boring….. Love you all and happy manmarziyan anniversary to all my lovely friends and family. Guys HAK on the way with my next shot of radhika i love you also and pls do spare me for late updates these days and after these 2 max tomo eve you can read 2 states.Sorry again for the late updates. Love you all.

Enjoy the ride….

Shakthi…… shakthi…… shakthi……the whole stadium was surrounded by that sound. All are calling the name of shakthi…. it is not some man or woman but a horse a pure black horse. It has the majestic look when it is running. A voice husks in the horse’s ear ; shakthi lets finish this first from others and show who we are…..
It shouted in affirmation and ran in the speed of the wind and they reach the finish line first . The riders helmet is removed and all shouts the name of the rider. The rider waves the hand.

The person calls the rider on the stage.

Person ; so as usual the winner of this riding tornament is radhika and shakthi. The whole stadium is shaken by the applause. She receives it woth pride and lifts the trophy over her head and looks at her shakthi and to her best friend Neil. He waves his hand and gives a flying kiss to her. Shakthi in rejoice shouts and jumps with its front legs on the air by making others scare as the gigantic figure was not only a pride but also a threat when it comes to anything that is hurting radhika.

Neil ; radhika im starting to that palace tomorrow. When will u be coming there ??
Radhika ; well i will be joining u hmmm after 5 days need to go home as dad is calling me for so many days.
Neil ; y suddenly home ??
Radhika ; they are planning for brother’s marriage.
Neil ; brother ??
Radhika ; fine my father’s second wife’s son dear.
Neil ; his why soon ??
Radhika ; she had made a business deal with that girl’s father with the help of her brother and that stupid ankush said yes to that marriage it seems.
Neil ; y is he always sparing his life always ??
Radhika ; who knows always yes when his mom says to him anything.
Neil ; so 5 days max right ??
Radhika ; yes right.
Neil ; what about shakthi ??
Radhika ; I’ll bring him there, i cannot be without him so as he.

When they were speaking there was a chaos as one guy tried to climb over shakthi and he who never allows anyone other than radhika not even neil was in the verge of stamping with his strong legs .
Radhika ; shakthi no…….shakthi stopped at once but did not leave that guy’s vision.
Radhika ; u idiot ?? (Pointing at that guy) dare not come near my shakthi this time i saved u next time i cannot save u from shakthi. Now run before he will toss u up in the air. He ran away because of fear. She laughed and rubbed shakthi and it enjoyed her rubbing.

Shakthi was an arrogant horse which was presented as a gift to radhika by her father when she was 5 since then the young shakthi and radhika were close to each other. Shakthi will never allow anyone near him or near radhika. So possessive when it comes to its master and so as radhika. She was person of pride a successful woman in her carrier and she is taking care of her father’s business. Her fav pastime was horse riding and she takes greater care of shakthi. Neil was her only friend from childhood. They share their experience everything to each other. Neil was going for the archaeological research and one of his colleague will accompany him in the research. Radhika was done packing and instructed the maids to take care of her shakthi.

Radhika ; shakthi I will come back soon and we will go to the village where u were born a place full of mystery. Shakthi with its nostrils rubbed her face. She smiled and rubbed it a face and kissed and left him and started for the flight. There was a break of journey and she was taking her bag and she was talking over phone instructing something and then neil’s call was in between. She was frustrated as he was continuously calling her.
Radhika ; Argh neil what do you want ??
Neil ; Im feeling bored so wanna talk to you why should i not talk. She jerked and found out he needs some favor from her.
Radhika ; what do you want me to buy ??
Neil ; radhika you are great i want a power bank charger yaar.
Radhika ; cant you buy there ??
Neil ; yes but nothing like the one you buy for me.
Radhika ; Stingy can’t even take a penny out of the pocket. Fine fine i will buy for you and she dashed with someone.

Both collided and fell down. She saw him and he was searching for his spectacles. She was staring at him and donno why but she was not able to take her eyes from him. She felt she saw him before. He was still struggling to find his specs. She smiled and took the glasses and she herself wore it. He saw her with a smile in her face. She was like a damsel from heaven , he did not twinkle his eyes to loose her sight. She stood and gave her hand to him he took her hand and stood up and there was a silent prevailed between them. Finally radhika broke the silence.
Radhika ; Have we met before ??
He ; No ……but
Radhika ; But seems to be known you before ….
He ; yup even i have the same feel ………. so ??
Radhika ; Im radhika radhika mishra and gave her hand to him.
He ; hi im Arjun Arjun mehra ….
Radhika ; Warrior Arjun mumbled herself
Arjun ; What ??
Radhika ; Nothing well i need to go.. its getting late for my flight but her heart was not in the position to go she does not know why but wanna hold his hands those eyes were making her crazy but she came back to sense when she got the call from her Neil. She cancelled the call again he called her.
Arjun (with his cute smile) ; i guess you should attend the call.
Radhika ; Aaah nothing important he will call just to take my life.
Arjun ; He ??
Radhika ; Why are you looking like that my best friend more of my brother of course.
Arjun ; i did not say anything
Radhika ; you did not say but your eyes spoke.
Arjun ; really i know eyes only see and laughed.
Radhika who should actually be angry was looking at him with a smile.

Her thoughts ; who is he?? why am i giving him explanation?? and wait who is warrior Arjun why did that come from my mouth. God why am i want to hold his hand and run to a cliff. God did i really seen him before ?? He was waving his hands and she came back to sense he gestured what and she nodded nothing .
Radhika ; so it is time for me to leave, he too nodded and said ; so where are you going ??
Radhika ; Germany ….. you ??
Arjun ; India
Radhika ; so ?? bye right ??
Arjun ; yes bye catch you up later and he started without looking at her further. His eyes were watering when he was going to his gate

His POV ; why is she mattering me so much ?? Why i want to hold her hand and run on top of the cliff ?? He wiped his eyes and started to his journey . She did not know why he did like that she too went to the gate where she needs to go..

Archaeological site India ………

One guy whose eyes were continuously looking at something. He was thinking ; this looks like radhika same face but dress different this statue is looking like a girl but this radhika is the arrogant yet cute girl and those eyes they are same…… other guy was calling ; Teji ?? Teji ??
Teji ; Ya ya coming coming and he looked at the statue and took his mobile and captured the picture of the broken statue which was being in a very bad state.

They started to examine the place using a small brush to clean the examine area slowly so that they can not damage the remaining artifacts and also not to leave anything unnoticed. Just then zubin rushed and came to Teji and karthika.
Teji ; Is everything alright ?? Zubin nodded negative.
Karthika ; did you find anything ??
Zubin ; i need you guys come soon and also call the others too. All rushed and found a box a iron box which was really covered with mud. They took it out carefully and cleaned with the small brush and there was a swasthik symbol. Teji immediately took his laptop and took his project and found that the swasthik symbol was the symbol of the kingdom their identity. All looked at him as he is a senior to them.

Teji ; Guys great news this is related to the kingdom which was lost due to flood and as the time passed the river’s flow of direction has been changed but this was not able to change because of the ultimate destruction which was caused by the flood which happened in 11th centuary.
Zubin ; Wooo then this one is supposed to be the remains of 11th centuary .
Teji ; Yes keep it safe zubin after we reach our room let us surf in net more about this thing. I will inform this to neil and went out. Zubin looked at the box and had a devilish smile in his face.
Karthika ; why are you smiling like that ??
Zubin ; look at that box karthi…. she saw the box and him. She did not like the way he was eyeing at that and so she pulled him from there but he was just looking at that box.
One person was sitting in a beautiful park more of a park a private space area of some one. He was keeping his hand over his sword which had the swasthik symbol on the handle of the sword. He was waiting for her. Just then he heard a anklet sound . He smiled as he knew who it was. Slowly from the behind there was a pair of soft feathery hands closing his sharp eyes, but she was not able to close his eyes fully.
Radha come front he said.
Radha ; How do you know that is me ?? without taking her hands from him. He pulled her front and her face was closed with a sliver cloth which was matching to her sliver type antique dress. She was covered with the coat of silver and the jasmine flowers which she wore was giving a strong smell . He was about to remove her face cloth, but she beat him. Ouch radha he said.
Radha (with giggle) ; Big warrior outside but cant even bear my beatings and she giggled and he was able to hear her giggle and said ” Warrior Arjun……..”
Arjun ; hmmm its just arjun no warrior arjun ok ?? and was about to remove her cloth .
Radha radha………….. both Arjun and radha jerked as it was the king who was calling radha both paniced and looked at each other.
King ; radha ????

Arjun jerked and opened his eyes made proper his glasses and saw a lady asking him to fasten his seat belt as they are going to land and left from there. He nodded and fastened the belt and the flight landed safely.

So thats it guys for today how was it ?? NIce ?? Up to your expectation ?? Please do comment your valuable comments as they are my real health supplements. Love you all stay blessed and always smile………

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    1. S.v

      Awww my Arjun u donno i was dancing when i read your comment. Well you called my radha aka radhika first time baby i loved it when u did that yaaahooo….. sorry arjun confuse pannadhukku next partla pakka naan seri pannidren and yes bigger too and the kingdom part innum konjam nerayave ezhudharen okva ?? Love you tons Arjun . Muhhaaaa….

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    Eager 4 next one.. TC n loads of love

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      He he he didi……. arjun aur uski glasses lol thank u so much didi . Yip zubin is not a guy to trust. U will come to know why in the future. Love u tons didi

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      Hiee aadia u can call me sissy dear . Ya made a mistake of not giving proper spacing but again thanks to u all for helping me out in this one. Thank u again and love u so much

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      Thank you so much ritu. Wanted to have a different look of Arjun so the specs. Did you like that ?? Of course without sam what will happen to Neil she will come soon. Zubin is a mysterious person will update this soon dear. Love you tons.

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