Hi friends, it’s Aruna here. I am new in this forum, firstly trying to write something on Abhigya. I have written on ishra – tu hi re. And also some stories on Abhigya in tellyupdates.

As we all know, the cv’s don’t seem the track and despite tanu’s foolishness, she is getting success every time. So I came up with this idea. I hope that you will like it as much as I loved writing it. Now without any bakbak let’s go for the actual story.


When pragya failed to expose tanu on the concert day, she was feeling restless. Now there was only single hope that they knew Nikhil was her boyfriend. For the time being, they were frightening tanu with the help of rony’s ghost avatar. Abhi was still thinking that pragya purposefully stopped tanu from coming to the stage. So he decided to handle the situation in his own way.
” ye lady mogambo aakhir khud ko samjhti Kya hai? Jab dekho tab mere kamome tang adati rahti hai. I am a rock star man , thodi respect to honi chahiye meri, par nahi. Akhir is ke dimag main chalta Kya hai ? Mujhe pata kar na hoga. Ek kaam karta hoon, isse follow karna shuru karta hoon. Kam se kam ye pata to Chale ki isse ye ideas aate kaha se hai…….”

And from the moment, abhi started to follow her. He started spying pragya without her knowledge.When she was in front of him, abhi acted normally but after she’d be gone he would follow her. Next day, the same pattern was followed by him making him get up before her in early morning.
As usual pragya did her every day work, she had gone into the kitchen, not before making sure that no one was seeing her. All the while, abhi hid himself behind the pillar. Being suspicious of her actions, abhi followed her in the kitchen. There pragya made breakfast for abhi and dadi. She told Robin to take dadi’s breakfast in her room while she would serve abhi.

Realising that she will search him in his room, abhi quietly stepped back and ran into his bedroom faking sleep. Pragya proved his assumption right by entering the room. She didn’t know that abhi was awake so she just went to his bed and creased his face, tried to set his hair with love and care. Here abhi’s heart was throbbing loudly not realising what is happening and why is she showing such concern……… Here pragya being unaware that he was awake she spoke her heart out
” ye sote waqt kitne masoom lagte hai, bilkul kisi bacche ki tarah. Par abhi bhi bohot tension hai inke chehre par. Aur ye sab sirf meri wajah se ho raha hai. Par aap bilkul Chinta mat kijiye. Jald hi sab thik ho jayega. Bas ek baar tanu ka Sach bahar aa jaye to phir main aap ko sab Sach bata dungi. Aap ko Jald hi pata chal jayega ki aap ki fuggy hamesha aap ke saath thi aur hamesha aap ke saath hi rahegi. ”

She creased his face again with love . Abhi was dancing inside with joy. He couldn’t believe that all the while he was right. His fuggy was always with him by his side. Abhi had to force himself to keep his eyes shut when pragya bent down and gently kissed his cheeks. She left the room humming a song with unknown pleasure. Here when abhi made sure that she left the room, he jumped off the bed , bolted the door and started dancing through the whole room.

” I knew it. Meri fuggy kabhi kisi ke bare main bura soch hi nahi sakti. Par tanu ka Sach? Ye kaun si nayi aafat hai? Who cares……….. Main abhi jakar dadi ko sab batata hoon. Wo bohot khush hongi. ”

Abhi freshened himself up and ate the breakfast pragya had made for him realising that she was doing it every day. And then he hurriedly left the room. Meanwhile pragya had gone to dadi’s room for checking if she had her breakfast and medicine on time. Dadi smiled at her care and took the medicines. Both of them were unaware that abhi was seeing them.

Credit to: Aru

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