Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 9


Recap: tw says that she loves sid

Episode 9

In tw’s room ( afternoon)
She chats with sid
Tw: hi baby!
Sid: hi ! Did u told ur parents about me or I should kill that rahul
Tw: wait wait don’t do such things my dad wants t meet you so today at evening
Sid : great I’ll be there at 5
Tw: thanx ! Okay bye ! Love ya???
Sid : bye love u too
Tw then sleeps

At sid’s room
Sid( to himself): great acting sid . It was my first step of revenge dear tw. Ur uv did a big mistake by rejecting my sister now see what I will do with you. And ya that pregnant mahi now see I will kill that baby who didn’t even opened his eyes. Hahahahhahah he laughs evilly.
Ria comes there
Ria: bhai than u so much and now I think u should win the oscars awards she too laughs with him.
r: I mean how do u even bear that stupid girl. Once our revenge is complete then I will find my bhabhi by my own
s: as u wish my sweet sis. Now v have to be more careful. U should not knw that I’m ur bro

At evening

Tw and everyone was waiting for sid . Just then the door rings . Tw runs to open the door
She open the dor and says sid without even seeing him she hugs him but luckily he wasn’t sid he was kunj
Kunj was shocked to her love for him but was also happy that she hugged him
Tw realizes that he is kunj and backs off
Tw; I’m sorry
k: no proble….
Sid comes inside ad pushes kunj lightly and hugs tw
Tw: hey sid welcome to my home come inside
Kunj feels bad and yuhi notice that
Tw : sid she is my mom mrs.leela taneja
Tw: he is my dad mr.rt taneja
Tw: he is my br..
Sid: ur brother yuvi taneja and she is mahi sarna or would be mahi taneja
Tw: how do u knw that
Sid: wo …o….o.o ya u told me urself about uv
Tw: ya but mahi???????????
Sid: now u r questioning me huh?
Tw: ok sorry sorry
Sid: it’s ok baby
Everyne becum shocked and kunj’s anger on high peak
Tw: sid plz ntt infront of eveyone
Sid: ok sorry babes
Nw kj was too much angry
Tw: siiiiiiiiiid
s: soooory
Tw: and ya meet my best friend kunj
Sid : hi buddy
He forwards his hands but kunj folds his hands
k: namaste
Sid feels awkward
Sia: namaste
Sid: what weirdd man
Tw: sid plz he is my best friend and I wn’t tolerate anything against him even if its u
Kunj was happy

After a whiile
Everyne was talking and kunj was staring at tw and tw was staring sid
Sid sees tw staing at hin ad sys
Sidd: hey tw I knw I’m hot but control huh
She blushes
Just then kunj throws cold waater at him
Sid: what the hell
k: u said u r hot so now u r cold and she won’t stare u
Sid : what
Tw: kunj what u did sorry sid come I’ll take you at bathroom
k: n no no need I’ll take him
Tw: but….. Okay and be careful
k: ya ……………. He then smirks thinking sth

At bathroom

Kunj gives uv’s shirt and pant to sid
Sid goes inside to change and comes out moving here and there weirdly as if sth is inside
Kunj smiles
Fb is shown
While bringing uv’s pant and shirt he adds itching powder to his pant gives it to sid
fb ends

At hall
Both come down
Tw comes and holds sid’s hand and kunj feels bad
Tw: now u’r looking good wearing uv’s dress
Sid: don’t u think that these r 2 tight I want to change
Tw: what I mean r u too fat I mean uv’s dress r too fat one and still u thin theyr tight
Sid: ok ok bye I want to go home
k: tw I think now he is feeling toooooooooooooooo COLD that’s whyhe want to go hme and we can’t stop him what if he catches cold I think he should
Sid gives kunj a death glare
s: ya ya ya I wnna go home
Tw: k bye

He leaves

Sid home

He takes out his clothes and understands kunj’s plan and thinks t teach him a lesson

Precap: kunj gets to knw about sid’s truth

Hey guys hope u all enjoyed it
Lots of love and thnx for commenting bye bye…

Credit to: directionert91

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