Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 8

recap: rt forgives uv and mahi and accepts mahi

episode 8

everyone looks at mahi’s face
l: i don’t think so
m: but i have seen tw with kunj many times maybe they love each other
l: i will talk to her
just then kunj comes there
m: bhaiya u here
k: actually u forgot ur diary in which u write every night
m: thank you so much
k: by the way did anyone said anything
mahi blushes
uv: dad and mom accepted her
k: ur dad accepted her? r u mad how is that possible
m: bhai he is saying the truth he accepted me

k: really I’m so happy now by the way where is my sayappa queen
everyone looks at his face shockingly
k: i i i meeeaan tw
after hearing his voice tw comes down and hugs him tightly in excitement and kissed on his cheeks
uv: tw what are u doing
tw: i am ssoooooorrry
k: and before u tell me anything about ur family’s unity they told me everything
l: tw is he ur dream boy
kunj amd tw become shocked
tw: no maa he is just my best friend
l: then who is ur dream boy
tw blushes
tw: sid
kunj becomes shocked and feels heartbroken

l: who is he
tw: ma i met him in a mall where some boys were teasing me he came and saved me.and we talked for long time i took his number and i talked with everyday he is really a nice guy
k: u didn’t told me before about him
tw: sorry i thought it isn’t necessary that’s why and I’ve called him today in my home
l: really I’m glad I’ll meet my to be son in law
mahi was looking at kunj who has teary eyes.
k: bye I’m going
tw: won’t u see him
k: if u like him it means he is surely perfect for you
tw: but
he leaves
tw : what happened to him
rt and leela went to their room
m: twinkle where is my room

tw: waise ur room will be uv’s room but not before marriage so till that u can stay in the room next to my room
m: okay
they left

in kunj’s room

k: tw why did u did this with me! i thought also love me but i was wrong u dont love me it’s only one sided love
he breaks down into tears

precap: sid comes to tw house & kunj jealousy

it is tooooo small i know but i don’t hv anything in mind so its enough

and by the way my real name is samaa .

lots of love??????????????????

Credit to: Directionert91


  1. Sayeeda

    Glad that u revealed ur identity… though the episode is short but it is too good…feeling bad for kunj…. loved it…excited for the next one.

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