Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 7

recap: manohar asks mahi to leave the house and tw decides to keep her at their home

episode 7


tw was waiting for mahi she looks at her watch
tw: this kunj is always late
just then kunj enters with mahi
tw runs to them and hugs mahi
tw: welcome to our home and thanx kunj for bringing her here
k: now I’m leaving and ya tw plz take care of my sis she is my only sis and i can’t see her in pain
tw: i promise i won’t let anything happen to my babhi
m: babhi?

tw: leave it
kunj leaves then just all of the family members come there and become shocked seeing mahi there
uv: mahi u here?
rt: tw what is this girl doing here
tw : papa wo she is going to stay here from now onwards
leela: why she is going to stay here
tw: maa woo actually she …..i.i.i.i.i.sss p….rr.r.r.gn….nant
rt , uv and leela become shocked
uv then smiles and looks at mahi who was way too much scared
rt: then she should be in her child’s dad home
tw: she is there
.lookin at uv
rt: what do u mean
tw: uv is the father of her child

another shock for leela and rt
rt: what r u gone mad she just said and u believed
tw: u can ask uv as well
leela: uv tell us is she speaking the truth
uv( with guilty eyes) yes mom
l: really I’m so happy I’m going to become a grandmother
rt: leela shut up dont forget she is our enemy’s daughter
tw: papa plz even if she was someone else u would say the same thing bcz u care for your respect. am i correct?
rt: shut up u spoilt girl how can u think of keeping this cheap girl in our house
tw: dad don’t forget how i was born before ur both marriage

rt slaps tw
l: rt what are doing and what wrong she said your son will also be like you and u didn’t left that time so how can uv leave her . leave all ur respect behind and think about ur son ur family after death a person won’t be taking his respect infront God and say see how much money and respect i have God will only see ur deeds what good deeds u did and what bad deeds u did for god sake plz stop that and forget ur respect plz plz and she breaks down
tw consoles her
rt’s eyes were full of tears
leela stands up and looks at rt face
tw: papa plz plz for us
tw too cries
just then a smile appears in rt’s face

he opens his arms and nods in a yes
rt: come
tw and uv both run and hugs him leela to joins him
rt: leela u opened my eyes today and i literally forgot my real world and now for me my first priority is my family and then people and last money and respect
they all smile
mahi was standing alone and smiles at them and thinks
m:(in mind ) : i wish my family could also be happy like them

just then rt comes towards mahi
he hugs her and says
rt: from now u r the member of our home at least i can do something for my uv
both smile and mahi hugs him back

tw: i cant believe my eyes now my family is full
l: there are two members still left
everyone looks at her suspiciously

rt: who
l: one our uv’s child
mahi blushes

tw: and the other
l: the other ur to be husband
tw smiles fade away
tw: papa i dont want to marry that cheap rahul . i want to marry a person who loves me from his heart and love me honestly not for my money
rt: don’t worry twinkle i will talk to mr.Malhotra and cancel this marriage
she hugs him
tw: I’m soo happy
rt: but where will you find ur dream boy
tw blushes and leaves to her room
uv: i think she is in love
l: but she didn’t talked with any boy

m: KUNJ?
everyone looks on

precap: kunj comes to taneja house. tw hugs hum tightly in front of everyone and tells about their unity

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  1. Supererrbbbbb.

  2. Awesome…..was waiting to read it…..superb….can u tell ur real name..????
    Keep it up….?????????

    1. Directionert91

      My name is samaa

  3. I’ve been reading your ff since day one. I love it so much but please, can’t u upload longer episodes? I think the ending comes too fast & I feel disappointed when I have to stop reading.

    1. Directionert91

      Actually i upload 2 or 3 episodes a day thats why it is small
      But now i will try to make it longer. ??????????☺

  4. Fantabulous episode

  5. Loved it yaar
    Ctd asap

  6. Osmmmmmmmm loved it so much

  7. Jakas ,FANTASTIC

  8. Ria

    Going on amazinh

  9. It was amazing post ASAP and directionert91 any other FFS???

  10. Nice epi ?..post d next one asap

  11. Wowww Rt changed ….what a miracle..
    But whatsoever it is I’m happy that now he will not create further nuisance….. episode is mind blowing… with ur each epi u r making me crazy for ur ff…loved it.

  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. …u have added ur ff in my favorite list with ur amazing writing skills. …

  13. Shatakshi

    Hey samaa…I think I m right
    The episode was soooo sweet…
    Now everything is sorted out..
    Loved it?????

    1. Directionert91

      Thanx alot
      And ya u’r right I’m samaa

  14. Haaa wow ??? loves this epi yaar plzz post yr next 1 ASAP

  15. Ohooooo aye haye kya likha yaar man kar raha hai tumare gale pag jaaon tooo gud

  16. Nice plzz… post next epi asap

  17. nice name samaa
    epi was mind blowing
    happy to see chsnge in RT

  18. Directionert91

    Guys thank you soooooo much .
    All of ur’s comment means alot to me. But my next episode will be small.
    Plz forgive me if u can??????
    By the way is their any else directioner ( one direction fan)
    Lots of love????????

  19. Awesome atlases they are together

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