Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 6

recap: mahi is pregnant with uv child

epi 6

sarna mansion

everyone was shocked hearing that mahi is pregnant. they went inside the room and saw her crying
u:mahi beta what was the doc telling that ur pregnant but I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding no?
Manohar: ya how can the doc say likebthis about my daughter she cant even imagine such in dreams
Mahi : ma thr d..o.o.o.ccc wa.s.s say..ing th.e. t…r….u….th
u: what how u can be pregnant ur not still married and I haven’t seen u with any boy
mn (manohar) : #angrily# who is that BOY!!!!???????
m: u.u.u.u.uv.v.v.
mn: what u r pregnant without marriage and that with our enemy’s son
m: papa plz i love him too much he too love me.plz
mn: now im not going to listen anything today evening you will go with usha at hospital and ABORT this child if u denied then ur beloved uv will go to hell u know wat i mean
m: papa plz dont do this i can’t abort this plzzzzz??????
mn: i said i dont care i dont want my years respect to be ruined only in shot
k: papa u cant take someones life for ur respect
mn: i can even take mahi’s life for my respect if she doesn’t abort the child
u: manohar how can u think like that to kill ur own daughter
mn: u all don’t need to tell me anything
k: and i wont let mahi di to abort this child till I’m alive
mn: thet will be seen and now decision is yours mahi u can save ur child by only one condition
m: what condition I’m ready for that
mn : u hv to leave this house forever amd remove sarna from your name
m : papa….. how can i leave u all
mn : then kill this baby
m : i won’t kill this innocent life for ur respect I’m leaving this house and i wont come back here ever
u : mahi r u gone mad hw cn u say that
m : maa plz i knw wat I’m doing
manohar leaves from there with usha only mahi and kunj were left in the room
mahi breaks down
k: plz mahi di don’t cry
m: what can i do else whatbif uv too denies for the baby and yes their family will also won’t accept this baby
k: dont think negative I’ll talk to tw I’m sure uv will accept this
m: i hope so

next scene evening

at park tw was waiting for kunj
finally kunj comes
tw: hey kunj what’s up
k: tw actually I’ve to tell u big news i don’t knw how you will react i hope you will understand
tw : now can u tell what’s the news
k: actually mahi is pregnant
tw : what . how can she be pregnant she is not even married
k: and uv is the father of her child
tw : really oh my god i m so happy my uv is going to become a dad I’m so happy
she hugs him tightly
k: u r not pregnant my sis is pregnant that ur too happy
tw: wh…h.h.h.en.. d…i.d iii said thhhat iiiim pregnant
k: i mean looking at u r soo happy like ur going to become a moher
tw: now stop that where is mahi right now
k: wooo actually when our got to knw about this news they were hell shocked they asked her to abort the child
tw: what how can they do that . i won’t let her abort her child
k: she too denied then dad sad to get out from our house
she becomes shocked
tw: what how can someone do this with their own daughter and i won’t let her take stress i will ask her to live in our house
k: will ur dad accept her
tw: i dont knw about him but i can’t leave her alone like that
k: thank you so much I’m too lucky to hv a friend like u now i think kaash mein uv ki jaaga hota ( wish i could be in uv place)
and u in mahi’s place (he winks at her )
tw widens her eyes
tw: what did u said right now che che how can u think like that
k: I’m just kidding dont take it seriously but if u want we can (again winks at her)
tw: u cheapo
k: okay sorry i will bring mahi in your home in evening
tw: okay i will tell uv he will also be too happy???????

precap: uv to knw about mahi’s pregnancy

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  1. It was so awesome……ur story line is perfect…..just loved the park wala scene……when can I get the next episode????
    Waiting for it……

    1. directionert91

      I’ve posted it and it will soon be posted here also.

  2. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. …loved kunj’s naughtyness…

  3. Amazing….perfect story

  4. Great going..enjoying it.

  5. Osm hey kunj tu aisa kbhi nai krega ..plz post next asap.mera net pack khatam hone ko h

  6. loved ur epi vry much waiting for next epi…..

  7. Osmmmmm buddy u made it two epis a days I thnk omggg dats gr8 do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  8. Osum, super duper epi dude…
    Ctd asap

  9. Every day u r giving treat to ur readers by uploading more than one episode….. today’s episode was a blast ….too good… I really enjoyed the scene where kunj said to twinkle that he wishes his nd her place could be exchanged with mahi nd uvi ….love ur ff very much….

  10. Directionert91

    I will be soon posting the next episode. And I’m too happy that u all liked it

    Lots of love???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. amazing update
    ohhhh how rude is this manohar he can kill his daughter’s child only for his respect
    but not to worry Twinj are here naa
    hope yuvi will be happy with this news

  12. awesomeeeeeeeeeee epi

  13. amazingggggggg epi
    lovely name , sanaa

    1. directionert91


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