Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 5

recap: rt decides to get tw married with rahul

episode # 05

tw goes to her room and cries alot and says noone loves except my mom and uv how can dad take such a big decision about my life by himself if i dont have the right to take decisions in my life so its better to she takes out a knife from table and was about to cut her wrist that kunj comes and removes her hand and was shocked
k: r u gone mad wat u were going to do do u think killing urself is the solution for this
t: this problem doesn’t hv any solution my dad will never he always take decision about us and never moves back no matter wat happens
k: if there isn’t any solution why r u killing urself

t: i don’t want to live in this boring and tough life where I’m not independent
kunj remains silent
tw: now why r u silent speak up she continues blabbering and wasn’t stopping soo……
kunj kissed her lips and stopped her she was too shocked but was happy frm inside
kunj breaks it
k: hw much do u speak i mean u cant even stop talking
t: why did u kissed me
k: to stop you
t: u could hv told me

k: but u weren’t listening
t: urghh
k: ok sorry but plzzz dont do such things again plzz for mr for our friendship for ur mom
t: ok
k: and ya dont worry about ur marriage we will stop it somehow
t: thank u so much
k: ur welcome

1 week later

mahi room

m: i think i should tell uv about this cuz if family knew this then they will uv and also our BABY… her tears fall and she keeps her hand on her belly

usha comes inside and says
u: mahi beta come down its breakfast time
m: ok I’m coming
both leave from there

while everyone is eating mahi is still lost in her thoughts and kunj notice that
k: mahi I’m noticing frm yesterday that u’r lost somewhere tell me what happened
m: nothing I’m fine

suddenly she feels dizzy and falls down
everyone become tensed they takes her to her room and call the doctor
everyone is outside the room waiting for the doctor to come out
finally she comes out and says
doc: congrats she’s pregnant. she will soon become a mother
she left from there shocking everyone

precap: family gets to know about uv being mahi’s child father and tw gets to knw about mahi being pregnant with uv child

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  1. it was superbbbbbbbb

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  4. It was superb yaar
    Do continue soon

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  6. I just read both the parts and both of these are amazing
    kunj’s care for twinkle is so good
    and he kissed her to stop hahaha

  7. Read both the parts…..just amazing….. The kiss. Was too cute….,?????

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  11. Nyc epi …..eagerly waiting for next episode.

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