Dushman ka pyaar episode 4


recap: twinj friendship & kunj sees yuhi together late night

episode # 04

taneja mansion

RT and leela were in hall talking and working on project.suddenly RT takes mr.Malhotra name
RT: by the way i loved their Family too much and their son rahul too pure and handsome and rich . i wish my twinkle gets a boy like him
L: i wont let my daughter to marry in such family . didn’t u saw their attitude?
RT: u dont know . u cant even imagine such families in ur dreams
L: and i dont even want imagine such stupid things in my dreams
RT:huh. i’m just fed up of you
L: oh really
just then mr.Malhotra enters with his family with shagun items
RT: sir u here , in my home , with ur fam?
M: actually in yesterday’s party my rahul was impressed with your daughter twinkle.
RT: So?
M: so i was thinking to get rahul married to twinkle as i always wanted an indian bahu
RT was on 9th cloud but leela was shocked
L : i wont let my daughter marry ur son
M: what
RT: no no no she means she won’t let them marry without talking no leela
M: thats why i brought rahul so that they can go out and talk with eo
RT: why not . leela go and call twinkle to get ready
just then twinkle comes she was already ready
T: dad im going to chinki’s house
RT: tw actually rahul to meet u
T: can i knw why?
M: actually my son wants to marry you
tw was all shocked
tw: how can u think of it
RT: beta u go along rahul u will surely like his company. plzz for ur dad
Tw: ok I’m going but dont force me on my decision after meeting
RT: we will see it later
both leave from home

next scene

rahul brings tw in hotel
there was a date setup there
R: tw take a seat
tw sits down
rt: so wat u would like
tw: just an orange juice
r: oh baby u’r not a kid ! waiter two glass red wine plz
tw: i dont drink wine and all
r: really i mean u r a model and u dont drink models now a days even smoke and u just forget it
tw: i already fogot that u r talking about tht
they continued talking rahul asked many questions and tw answered uninterestingly
after a while rahul takes her to a hotel room and kunj sees that and follow them

in hotel room

rahul comes inside the room and pushes tw on bed
tw( hell scared) wha.a.a.at r…r u.u.u.u doin….g?
r: oh baby dont act so formal we are getting married so it isn’t a big deal
he comes over her and kisses her neck and touches her sensually tw tries to escape but failed he tears her sleeves and kiss her hand and was about to kiss her lips that kunj comes and beat him . both of them broke into a fight. rahul falls down. kunj takes a vase and was about to hit his head that tw stops him
t.: KUNJ! stop plzz stop will u kill him now?
k: if u didnt came in between i would surely kill him
tw hugs him tightly and cries
tw: thank u so much if u dint came on time then ….she starts crying
k: hey hey tw plz don’t cry u don’t look good crying see all ur makeup is melting and i dont want anyone to heartattack
tw smiles
tw: okay now i wont cry
k: that’s like my strong tw
k: i i i i meaaaan only strong tw not mine let me drop u home
tw: okay lets go
both leave frm hotel

in car

tw applies ointment to kunj’s injuries he winches in pain she blows air both stare eo lovingly they had a deep eye lock
k: ur home came
tw: oh yeah
k: i’ll drop u inside
tw: no if dad see u then he will kill u
k: nothing like that
both enter the home kunj’s arm were on tw shoulders
rt and leela sees them and mr.Malhotra and rahul were also there
rt: TWINKLE what are u doing with this man
tw:wo dad actually….
Rahul: what dad if u loved him so u could say why did u made me beat by him huh i loved u so much and u did this
tw: excuse me mr.rahul i didnt did anything u tried to….. she starts crying and kunj consoles her
k:hey tw plz dont cry i said u b4 u dont look good like this plz for me
she stops crying
rt comes and was about to slap kunj but tw holds his hands
tw: he saved ur daughter frm that bl##dy rahul
rt slaps her hard she was about fall but kunj holds her
rt: he is better than thin cheapo and u dont have any right to say anything to ur would be husband
tw and kunj both were shocked
k: how can u get ur daughter with a boy who tried to RAPE her
leela was shocked along with others
M: hey u how dare u talk like that about my son
L:tw did he really did that
tw nodded in yes
leela’s tears come out and she hugs her
l: i’m sorry i should not let u go with him i didn’t knew what type of guy he is and kunj puttar thank you so much by saving and u have done a very big favour
k:no aunty it’s nth like she is my friend and i can do that for her
rt: but my decision is final tw u r going to marry rahul only did u get that
leela tw and kunj were still shocked
l:rt how can u even think about it
rt: now kunj leave and dont interfere in our house matter and u both mother and daughter go to your room we talk about ur marriage date go i said
kunj leaves sadly and leela and tw were broken

pracap: 1 week leap twinj become good friends and mahi is pregnant

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Credit to: Directionert91

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