Dushman ka pyaar episode 3


recap: uv bday party.mr Malhotra and his family came to tanejas party twinkle saves usha and kunj apologises from twinkle.

episode #03

sarna mansion
kunj was in is room thinking about twinkle how they fight everyday and how manohar insults her and how she saved usha….a smile appeared on his face.he thinks why am i thinking about she is our enemy plzz kinj sarna stop thinking about her..just then Usha enters she sees him lost and calls his name
U:what are u thinkin kunj…
K:about a girl (still lost in tw)
U:really… kunj im so happy . who is she and where she lives I’ll talk to her family today only
k: Twinkle
U: what ? u r thinking about that cheap girl.
k: mom how selfish u r ? that girl saved u frm an accident and u r calling her selfish
u: i can’t believe kunj. u r calling me selfish just bcz of that stupid girl
k: mom plz leave frm here i’m not in a mood to fight
usha leaves fuming

next scene ( in hotel)

it was 5:00 am both were still sleeping suddenly alarm rings and both wake up
m:wtf now i cant even sleep peacefully
uv: baby we have to leave bcz if go in morning they will boil our heads by asking thousands of questions
m: u’r right. we should leave
both wear their cloths and went home uv droped her in sarna mansion
uv: bye and BTW thanx for making my night special
mahi blushed and leaves uv too leaves kunj sees that and is shocked

next scene morning

twinkle was jogging and singing a song and she was lost in her thoughts. kunj passes from there and smiles seeing her.suddenly a stone comes in front of twinkle and she was about to fall but kunj holds her. both share a deep eye lock.
k:ur most welcome both smile
t: actually i want to ask u a question if u dont mind
k: ya ask
t: can we be friends? i know our fam are enemies but u r not that bad so…she forwrds her hands.
k: why not they shake hands
t: thanx
k: for what
t: for accepting me as ur friend
k: u’r insulting our friendship by this thanx no sorry and thanx in friendship
tw smile
they continue jogging and talking with eachother.

Precap: rahul tries to get close to tw but kunj comes and saves her

Credit to: Directionert91

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  2. OK sorry for not commenting on 1 and 2 just add one comment to it. Rt will not make twinkle engage withrahul will he?nice and different start.??????

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