Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 2

recap : manohar insults twinkle and uv b’day’s preparation

episode # 02
guests start coming.and just then mr. malhotra enters with his family he is one of the richest Indian family in uk.
rt becomes happy and praises hom alot but Malhotra doesnt talk to him properly and everytime shows his atittude. he has one so ned rahul was rude and arrogant and his gf everyn8 and has done every bad work? they continued their talking and twinkle comes wearing a beautiful white gown. some evil intentions come in rahul’s mind.and meanwhile uv also comes their and cuts the cake
Uv: twinki my gift?
t: sorry uv wo…..just then watchmen comes
WM:twinkle madam ur gift for uv had arrived .twinkle becums shocked that the car was damaged but how did this came.everyone came out and were shocked seeing the car beautifully decorated amd written HB uv from ur sis twinkle. yuvi becomes happy and hugged twinkle but she was still confused who bought this just then she sees kunj talking to watchmen and then leaving and she understands evrything smiles.
uv: twinki u r the best sister in the world
thanku so much….?????
T:bas enough of buttering lets go inside
uv:u all go actually i have given party to my friends so i will go there and maybe i’ll come late.
T:okay .but be careful ..u knw what u did in ur last bday.full in drunk state not this time did u get that
uv :ya ya ya and he hurriedly took the car amd went to the hotel where he called mahi

next scene

usha attends a conference and was going back to her home . she was passing the road that suddenly a car was comes towards her and she didnt noticed . twinkle sees that and runs towards her pushes her and usha falls down but twinkle got hit by the car . usha shouts on her not knowing that she got hit .then the man comes out from the car and becomes shocked and shouts TWINKLE!!!!!! he was kunj only
he goes to twinkle and picks her in his arms and takes her inside the car and rushes to the hospital and reaches there the doctor treats her and comes out and says she is fine just got hit on her head u can meet her
kunj went inside . twinkle sees him and smiles
k:twinkle im really too sorry i didnt knew someone is infrnt and im also sorry for dads behaviour for yesterday
t:no problem. it isnt a bid deal and btw thanks for that car.
k:ur welcome . and come i’ll drop u in ur home
t:thanx but i’ll go by my home if dad sees u je will get angry and i dont want u get hurt bcz of me
k:ok as u wish and take care bye
both smile and both were happy inside

next scene ( in hotel)

uv comes there and enters the room and was shocked by seeing the decoration of the room and looks at mahi who was wearing a short dreaa and sitting on the bed.he was lost in her and goes toward her. uv sits next to her amd she was shivering alot.
uv:i know it our first time but…
then he feels soft lips on his lips ..mahi was kissing him . he gets happy and give it in.then both of them get intimate.

precap: twinkle ask kunj for friendship he accepts it

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