Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 14


Okay guys
Thmaam saboot aur gawhahoon ke saath telly updates ke twinj fans ne samaa ko dushman ka pyaar lekne ke saaza de hai
( after all the proofs and evidents telly updates ‘s twinj fans have decided to give her punishment of writing enemy’s love???????????????????????)
Waise dont take me wrong
It isnt a punishment cuz I’m so happy to be back

So let’s get into it

Recap: maya’ s entry??. Kunj introduces tw as his best friend to maya ( now jealousy track is on the way)

Kunj breaks his hug and smiles
Tw: it means u forgave me
K: not so easily baby
Tw and maya get shocked
K: i i i i ii mmmm ee e e a a an n is she a baby that i will forgive so easily she has to bear my punishment
Tw : i an ready to do anything for u uncle
K: what
Tw: if i can be a baby so u r my uncle ?
K: okay so my punishment is….. Hmmmm
Sayappa queen ke lia koi mushkel punishment hone chaiye
Tw: tell me fast i have to go for shopping
K: yesssss

Tw; what
K: u will take me to market for shopping
M; can i come with u guys
K: u came today so will be tired we’ll go another day
M(sadly ?) ok
Twinj were happy ?????? as they are going with eo

Days passes twinj closeness increase and maya’s angry temperature increase more and more

One day
Ysha calls eveyone in the hall
K: mom why did u call so early at morning
U: see kunj now u r grown up and its ur age to get married
And i want u to get married with maya as helps us a lot she is like our daughter and she is ur friend also
K: mom what r u saying u said she ur daughter and ur daughter is my sister how can a bro marry his sis huh? ?
U:kunj! I’m serious
K: ok serious mode activated
U: kunj???????
K: mom i cant marry her as i love someone else
Everyone is????????????????????????
U :what
Manohar: when

Bebe; where
K: take a break i know that after i will tell her name u wont accept her thats why i cant tell her name
U; is she that cheap girl tw
U: when she became urs
K: she is mine only mine i love her and will always live do u all get that
Just then a voice come behind WHAAAAAAT
that is tw with mahi
Tw:what did u said right now kunj
K:ttttttwww woo maa. A.. A. Ain iii i i ll ove u
He closed his eyes because she was coming toeards him he expected a bitter answer on his cheeks but it wad sweeet (hey naught head u knw wat i mean)
Yes she kissed him on his cheeks leaving everyone shocked
Kunj opens his eyes
K: tw
Tw: i love u toooooooo

Tw:tw nods her head in a yes
Both hug eo
And then kiss eo on lips
Everyone was shocked and embarrassed
Tw looks at her
Kunj holds her hands
Usha come and is about to slap her then kunj holds her hands says not now
She is mine and i won’t let anyone to touch her
Tw loks at him lovingly ??????
Usha : u love thus cheap girl from a cheap family. His bro made ur sis pregnant and niw she will become pregnant and then ruin our respect her fam doesn’t have any respect and accepted mahi but we won’t accept her

Tw and mahi both were heartbroken
They were about to leave but kunj hilds their hands
K: i will also leave this house now
Everyone is ????????????
U: what how can u do this how
K:if a house needs respect only so no need to show ur fake love go and love ur money not me
They leave from their

Precap: not sure give ideas to me plzzzzz plzzzzz

Lots of love
Samaaxxx ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  1. Awesome. ….. lots nd lots of twinj romance nd mayas angry mood revenge nd luve caree….
    I think u must have got the hint wat I am talking about

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….eagerly waiting for next part….

  3. SidMin

    Samaa Loved it why don’t you add a track where in Usha and Maya team up to separate Twinj but as everyone knows they won’t be able too and then you can show Usha realising what a gem of a person Twinkle is and then she would be ready for the marriage and Manohar can accept Twinkle by Twinkle helping him for a big deal Then Show Maya as the villain Just my thoughts but being a great writer you may regret or accept it Loved the episode please post asap
    Love you 🙂

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Saama…..thanks for continuing it….really last loved the episode…..fan it was….???????

  5. Kruti

    Samaa thank u for continuing ur ff……the epi was awesome

  6. Angita


  7. Baby

    hey samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yr ossmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm srsly yr luvd it nhi nhi nt luvd luv se bhi upr yr amazing srsly luvly episode post soon n happy dat u decided 2 cm bck fr ur frnds

  8. Thank god u continued it
    Amazing epi
    Usha getting negative??

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