Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 12


recap: mahi falls down the stair but got saved

epi 12

k: the person who tried to kill mahi’s baby was SID
tw becomes shocked and angry
amd the she slaps kunj toooo9oooooooo hard
tw: kunj hv u lost it hw can u say like that about sid . i didn’t expected this from u
kunj was holding his cheeks
k: u slapped me just becuz of that cheap guy
then another slap from tw to kunj
tw: don’t u dare to take his name fromm ur mouth and now get lost
k: tw but listen to me i have proof i can show u
tw: get lost i said i dont wanna see any proof i trust him more than myself
k: don’t u trust me
tw: i trusted u but u betrayed me now get lost before my anger raises
kunj leaves sadly
uv comes inside and says
uv: tw why did u slapped him he is ur best friend
tw: he was not now
uv: but what happened can u tell me
tw: he was blaming my sid for mahi’s condition
uv: wht. how can he say like that
he gets angry and goes to kunj

at hall
kunj cames there
uv slaps him hard( sorry guys for this???)
k: uv u also don’t believe me
uv: i didn’t tought that u can stoop so low to prove ur love . how can u harm ur own sister just to prove tw that he is not a good guy u could hv told us what if sth wrong happens
k: how can u think like that i can harm my own sister
uv: now don’t act innocent
just then police arrives with sid
p: thank u kunj for helping us actually he was a big goon we were searching him everywhere but couldn’t find him
uv was shocked
uv: it means sid is the real culprit
tw comes down
tw: bhai u also think the same
k: tw listen first see this clip
tw: shut up kunj i don’t wanna listen to u
k: plz tw
kunj plays the clip and tw become shocked seeing that
kunj fixes camera infront of mahis room in night and leaves and sid sees him but kunj didn’t saw him
fb end

k: uv do u remember ria
uv: ya that cheap girl
sid : heyyyyy u uv dont dare to say anything against my sis
tw and uv were shocked after knowing thatvhe is ria’s bro
k: he did this as a revenge from u for rejecting her
uv: inspector plz take him now otherwise his deadbody will go out
the police take him
k: i think now i should leave . bye
tw: kunj …..
kunj leaves from there heartbroken
uv and tw both were feeling guilty

precap: kunj’s childhood friend’s entry(girl??????)

guys i wont be posting ff for 3or 4 days as we r going out of the city so we will be roaming and i wont be able to post

will miss u all alot
Lots of love???????????

Credit to: Directionert91

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  1. Wow an new entry

  2. Ria

    It was amazing.. excited for next episode. Have a safe and happy journey.

  3. Shatakshi

    Hey that was really great
    Yaar kunj ko kitne thapaad pade??
    But anyways the episode was osum??

  4. ????sid thank God uska chapter close hogaya n btw epi ws jus osmmmmmmmm n precap seems more interesting hehehehe ?????? bt sad to hear that u won’t be able to post ur ff n dat to for 3 to 4 days r u kidding me how I stay widout reading it hehehhe don’t take it serious n do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz….????

  5. Post the next episode asap…. Pleaseeee

  6. Awesomeeeeeee episode…kunj’s childhood frnd that to Girl….jealousy track haa ???

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….maza aaya …..next episode would be fab I guess…..waiting for it.. ..

  8. Slap pe slap …..badi na insafi hai…lolzzz…..
    But I’m happy that cheapo Sid’s truth is out ….
    Can’t wait for next one ….woow a girl’s entry ; I’m sure Twinkle will feel jealous seeing that girl with kunj….can’t wait for next one

  9. Fan

    Finally the truth is out…awesome epi btw..

  10. Dreamer...arundhati

    Osum.. .Luved it… Happy journey

  11. Kruti

    New entry……which means jealous twinkle…..gonna b interesting
    Nice epi dear

  12. Manasa2806

    Post the nxt episode…pls loved it

  13. awesome but i feel so bad for kunj 3 slaps

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