Dushman ka Pyaar – Episode 1

Hey guys I’m back . I wrote a os on twinj . I can’t tell my real name but u all can call me +directionert91 so here I’m with my first fanfiction . It’s about twinkle and kunj’s love story i.e. our sidmin . So here is the introduction to my fanfic .Hope u guys will like it & plzzz do comment so that I would know what’s wrong and I can correct it .

Kunj:- cute, care for others and their feelings , loves is family , doesn’t like twinkle too much but fights too much
Twinkle :- same as kunj’s character
Taneja family :- RT & leela , yuvi, twinkle , enemies of sarnas
Sarna family : Manohar , Usha , kunj , mahi , enemies of Tanejas , bebe ( she isn’t enemy of taneja and is free with twinkle )

as the story is based on twinj love story so in start twinj will be hating eo but slowly they will fall in love. Yuvi and mahi love eo but never told their family as they were afraid.


Its shown a girl and a boy are fighting with eo in public after a car crash that are none another than twinj
K: Can’t you see and drive ? See wat you’ve done with my car ! My dad bought it yesterday only
T: oh Mr. . Khadoos Sarna ! God has given you eyes ! U can also use them its ur mistake u did the accident and today was my brothers b’day and I was going to gift him this car and u did this
k: oh! I’m hearing it for the first time that a girl is going to give a gift to a DONKEY! Hahahaha…
T: hey Mr. mind ur language he’s my brother okay and I won’t tolerate a single word against my family . Did u get that . And by the way ur sister mahi is not less than a chipkali always sticking to my bro.
K: oh excuse me madam my sister is a princess and that donkey sticks to my sister not my sis
Twinkle gets angry and raises his hand but someone holds her hand and that was Manohar
M: how dare you raise your hand on my son! You don’t know what I can do if u do this again. I’ll ruin ur dad’s reputation in one second . U and ur bl**dy family don’t know anything else than taunting !
Twinkle feels too bad and kunj too was feeling bad for her
T: sir I respect u and ur family but that don’t mean u can say anything . Did u get that or else I can do anything that can ruin ur reputation!
Manohar gets angry and slaps her hard she fell down and get hurt and her lips start bleeding kunj become shocked and goes to her . Kunj picks her and says
K : papa what u have done . I know she did bad but u also did the same thing u r not less than her maybe she is better than u she can understand others felling but u are always behind ur respect , reputation , and all but never bother to understand others feeling
M : now u don’t have to give lecture to me I know what I should do and don’t forget she is our enemy and leave lets go
K : I can’t leave her like this look at condition u goo I’ll will drop her home
M : come with me. Saying this he pulls kunj arm by which twinkle again falls down but doesn’t get much hurt . Kunj feels bad for her and looks at her and leaves . Twinkle feels happy seeing kunj’s concern

Next scene

Yuhi are seen hugging and talking with each other
M: Baby till when we have to meet secretly like this?
Y: until our family patch up and become friends
M: never in a million years .
y: don’t say like that one day I’m sure they’ll patch up and God will surely send someone to make them realizer their mistakes
M: I wish the same thing happens but we will have to wait for it. And by the way today is ur b’day na . And I’ve brought a very special gift for u
Y: I already got u nothing is more important than that
Mahi shows him a beautiful ring in which it’s written YM
Y: wow it’s amazayn . I love you
M: I love you too
They share a deep passionate kiss . After a while that break it and mahi blushes while yuvi smiles
Y: mahi jaan bye I’ve to go today there’s party in my home twinki arranged that for my b’day she said she’ll buy a very special gift for me . Bye bye . See u t8 and winks at her he gives her the hotel room # and a dress to where there mahi takes that
M: I promise today I’ll come on time and blushes
Yuvi leaves for taneja mansion

Next scene

Twinkle comes back to home . Leela was shocked to see her state
L: twinkle puttar what happened . U’r bleeding??
T: nth just fell down while coming
L: somrthing must hadd happen . I’m sure kunj must have done this wait I’ll tell ur dad to call police to arrest him for beating my daughter
T: maa he didn’t did anything plzz don’t discuss this infrnt of dad
L: but……
T:maa plzzz for me and btw where is yuvi today is hisb’day and he’s lost
A voice come froom behind
Y: I’m here
L: oh hereis the b’day boy come
y: and twinkle where is my gift
Twinkle’s smiles fade away
T: let the party begin then I’ll give you
Y: okay I’m going to get ready he leaves
T: mom is everything ready , food , decoration and all
L: don’t worry everything is done and fine. And I’ve called mr. mehta and his daughter And thinkimg talk about yuvi’s alliance .
T: mom u know he will get angry listening about this
L: I know but I wont listen to him today he’s grown u it’s his age to get married
T: I know but he will decide whom he wnt to marry it’s his life
L: I know let them talk after that we will take the decision
T: not todayi don’t want him to get angry today otherwise he will ruin the party and then u know media would be there and they won’t leavea single chance to insult us. So plz u can call them any other day maybe tomorrow morning
l: okay

Precap: twinkle saves usha from meeting an??? accident. Kunj???? apologizes from twinkle for manohar’s rude behaviour

Hey guys is it small ? Is it good plzz comment and tell me my mistakes…..
Love ya all?????

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  1. Nice start.

  2. [email protected] very good start. …osum epi. …ctd asap yaar

  3. Amazing start yaar….keep going

    1. dear plese post your ff epi soon

  4. YES IT WAS SMALL because i loved it and became sad when it end
    it was awesomeeeeee dear
    first u impressed me from your os and now
    impressed me from your ff
    u are very talented

    Welcome to our TEI family ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  5. hey awesome start

  6. Seriously u r a very talented writer…. in ur first episode u rocked it…..amazing…

  7. Directionert91

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