Dushman bane lovers (Epi 9)


Hey guys dis is nithu …thanx evry one who supported me n im sry for my late update cuz my coll has strted guys pls tell me if my ff is boring n i hope none forgot my ff evn though it had a long gap
So guys here i strt my ff

Dadi goes to airport
Da:whr r u dr im waiting for u
Girl:okay dadi ill b cumin fast…
Da:cm fast dr…i cant bear this ppl over here
Girl:i cant see anything dadi….!!!!!
Da: wat happned dr r u fyn y cant u see anything
Gi:cuz ua in frnt of me dadi…
Dadi tirns back nd hugs her (i no u guys guessed rit its barbie )
Ba: hw r u daadi..
Da:superb….dr u scared dr
Ba:y dadi
Dadi sees her angrily …..ba understands
Ba:im sry daafi plz forgive me dadi pls
Da smiles
Ba: vaise dadi u look fit beautiful till date i think if u wear one piece all dadajis will follow uh..
Da: tumhe na koi nahi sudhar sakta

They both smile n leave in car to MAHI
Ba sees a couple on their bike having a long ride .nd seen like girl holding her bf tight frm back as she is afraid of speed n her bf njoys the moment ba recalls her sweet moments with her bf…n she wished dat he cud b der wid her…
Da observes dat she is lost in her thoughts n thinks dat she might b thinking abt her bf days da reason i tought batbie is crt girl for my plan..
Da:u rem wat to do rit…
Ba:yes daadi y do u rem my work evry tym …
And she frowns
Da:ill ba cuz its my pothas life matter..
Ba:dadi i no dat u no rit im spoiling my image infront of my family for u ..im’nt i..
She gets angry
Da:im sry ba bt u no rit if yuvi is my heart den su is my heart beat i love dem soo much….
Ba:okay dadi…

Meanwhile in village
Su will b going to her parents room den
La: i wish ki su shd hav accptd this proposal
Su thinks mumma dnt no abt me but my papa will nt say like dis
Pa: i also wish the same la ji..
Pa: bt dey r acting dat dey dnt love …each othet
Su is stunned listening his wrds
La:pa ji wat r u saying hw can dese bth love each othet
Pa: la ji u no i have seen pain in yuvis eyes wen su rejected his prosal …
La: hw ji n wbt su does she loves him
Pa: wen yuvi kept sweet in su mouth i saw his pain in his eyes cuz eyes nvr tell us lie bt our smile can lie n su also loces him bcause she reacts the prob yuvi faces as hers n nvr helpd any 1 like she did to yuvi she dint evn help aadi like dis…
La: yes ji…

Pa: su cnt get better husband dan yuvi…cuz he is soo possesive abt her…n i no dey fight alot ..n i also no dat their love is in their fights…n cant live widout each other…
La:wen will su no abt yuvi feelings on her
Pa: waqt (time) hi sab batate hain
La: yes ji..ill b waiting for dat day
Su listns wat her parents speaks
She imm runs to somu n xplaons her evrything
Somu: dis ua life matter su do u reaallly loce him
Su: i dnt no somu pls help me out
Somu: nahi
Su: bt y
Somu: i can say 1 thing …ask ua evry prob to ua heart it gives u crt ans …nw go n think properly its ua life matter…n dnt cry
Su: okay..
So:smile karle jaoo..
Su smiles and goes to her room crying…
Su to herself:wat did my papa say is rit…
Am i in love wid yuvi!!???
Jus den yuvi passes by..
Yuvi sees her crying n brings her a plate of samosas n gives it to her
Su tirns back to hide her tears yuvi turns su towards him…
Yuvi: dnt cry moti…y ua crying tell me
Su: my heart needs an ans yuvi…
Yuvi: den ill nt help u
Yuvi:cuz i no my su heart is gud n pure it will give u crt ans bt dnt cry pls i cant see u like dat
Su sees his love for her in his eyes…

Precap: jealousy track of suhani

I hope my epi is gud ….n im sry if any spelling mistakes r there

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  1. Aqsxxh

    this is perection nithu! good job x

    1. Nithu

      Thnk u sissy….

  2. Aqsxxh

    ///i love love love it!

    1. Nithu

      Thank u soo much ua comments r soo valuable to me…

      1. Aqsxxh

        Ur ff is priceless ?❤️?

  3. Ruksy

    wow love it carry on its so good

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      Thank u soo much rusky

  4. Nice one Nithu,,, 😀

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  5. jealousing track wooow i loved this

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  6. nithu u did a great job. i like it alot. i just cant wait for next episode.try to update weekly atleast dear.all d best.

    1. Nithu

      Sure dr ill try to update asap…

  7. nice episode…..

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      Thank u sri

  8. Shilpa-Saraj

    Its awesome yaar.. Wonderful… Pls updaye regularly…

    1. Nithu

      Im evn missing ua ff saraj…n tysm dr

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        Im out of station.. Once i cum back to my place ill update it..

  9. amazing job ..keep going..

    1. Nithu

      Tysm…farhat…thank u soo much

  10. nice epi Nithu and pls update the next epi asap

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      Tysm…..sanaaa ill try to update asap

  11. Hi Nithu awesome track and storymy could u plz not write in short hand

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      Okay dr ill nt write in short hand from nxt time

  12. Awesome and waiting for the jealousy track

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  13. Nice one yaar…
    and waiting for jealousy track 🙂

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  14. u r fabulous

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