Dushman bane lovers (Epi 8)

Hey guys ..!!??this is nithu…i thank evry1 who supported me..
N can ppl pls help in selecting songs for suhani…whn she strts thinking abt love for yuvi im lil bad at selecting situation songs in hindu..but im a very gud at telugu songs…i love telugu songs soo pls guys help me

So here is my ff…
Dadi will sit near yuvi dadaji and cries
Da:i dnt no wat to do ….
Yuvi:wat u want to do dadi..
Da:dnt speak wid me…i no u dnt hate suhani…
Yuvi thinks to say yes i dnt hate her bt i love her….bt if i say dadi abt my love su will never understand i shd express my feelings…by myself or she shd propose me ill nt tell dadi truth
Yuvi:dadi wat happend to u i really hate her(killung himself inside)
Da:i can see love for her in ua eyes…
Yuvi:leave it dadi let us b best enemies forever
And leaves frm there dadi feels something is strange..

Ramesh:yuvi bhaiyya shd i bring ua fav juice
Yuvi:mood nahi hein ramesh..chale jao yahan se..
Ramesh leaves frm their and thinks wat happned to yuvi bhayya
Su sees ramesh in consfused state
Su:wat happned ramesh bhaiyya
Ra:kuch nahi bhabi yuvi bhayya apna fav juice peene keliye mana kiya
Su:wat !!! I think his mood is off..
Ra: yuvi bhaiyya said that his his mood was nt gud…
Su wat happnd to yuvi….
Su takes yuvi fav juice and goes to his room…
Su:yuvi bhaiyya may i cm in
Yuvi sees su calling him as bhaiyya and gets very angry he takes a pillow and throw on her
Su:gone mad bhayya wat r u doing
His anger increased more…and threw another pillow on her…
Su kept glass on the table …and hugs yuvi frm back
Su:wat happned to my lovely bro
Yuvi:pls dnt make me angry su
Su:wat did i do
Yuvi:dnt u no wat did u do
Yuvi:u no nah i hate any1 calling me as bhayya xpt gauri ….y do u call me like that haa..
Su sits on yuvis laps
Yuvi :my legs will get paralysed…su pls get up
Su:evry day i sit on ua laps wat happnd today wid u…
Yuvi:kuch nahi…

Su cups yuvi face im sry yuvi ill nt call u bhayya again..u no nah i cant see u deppressed …
Yuvi thinks su i no dat u love me deep inside ua heart bt u dnt no abt that love for me ….ill make u no hw much u love me n ill make u nlu to confess me bfore i say u I LOVE YOU…
Su: wat r u thinking …yuvi drink ua fav juice otherwise ill nt eat my lunch n dinner today
Yuvi:thanq god ua making su realise that she is fat n want to reduce her waeight…
Su : nw no jokes n drink ua juice
And makes him drink full juice…and kisses him on his forehead and goes frm der…yuvi den removes his wallet and kisses a photo…which was seen by dadi…
Dadi thinks who is dat girl…ill nt leave her…su nli shd be my bahu..
Yuvi :i love u soo much dr…i ll make u.nli say me that b4 i confess u…
Dadi hears dat n gets schocked….
Yuvi gets a call and goes out
Dadi goes and see his wallet an she is happy dat its su photo n yuvi loves her…bt y dnt he tell me den ill plan wid gauri n make su jealous …n make su confess her feelings to yuvi..


guys pls tell if my ff is boring….n pls help me guys


  1. |Registered Member

    Wow Nithu I loved it,,,haha Suhani called him bhaiyya,,,,and now all are planning to get yuvANI together,,,,Loved this track,,,and noo ur FF is not at all boring,,,,it’s interesting 😀
    Tu hi tu from kick,,eventhough I don’t lyk the song much, lyrics are perfect for such situations

  2. sri

    these lines r more interesting than movie story lines ….. nithu sis ur just amazing yaar ….
    today epi is nice i like it soo much…. yuvani concern for each other and their feelings…

  3. Sanaa

    Nice epi Nithu…..u can add the song ‘bahara bahara’ to show that Suhani is in love with yuv.

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