Dushman bane lovers (Epi 5)


Hello guys….im nithu here guys thanx alot for supporting me….i think my ff is boring u ppl…but i no few of dem njoy my ff little..soo i dnt want to disappoint them…
Guys today we will have yuvani scenes..
Yuvi and suhani will come out from their respective cars
Yuvi wears red colr shirt and black clr pants…and he removes his blue clr googles ..
Suhani wears black clr half top and white clr mini skirt she applies pink clr lipstick….and has a orange clr cap
Evry1 in village stares at her beauty…..yuvi
shouts at evry1 to get lost…

Yuvi:suhani dnt u have brain this a village dnt wear like this type of dresses atleast here
nah…wear dresses like a decent girl …ua nt
heroin okay…
Su:my dress my wish…for me im heroin…if they see at me wat shd i do…and wat happns to u if i wear like these dresses…
Yuvi: ua asking y for me …i will shout at u bcause i …
Jus den somu comes and hugs suhani…
So:my su ,hw r u dalng??
su:wait somu ,yuvi were saying dat u…
Yuvi:nthing…hi somu…hw r u??
Somu:gud yuvi n wat abt u.?
Su: cant u see somu he is shouting at me?
Yuvi leaves frm der angrily….
Somu observs dat..
So:y do u make him angry suhani
Su:nw u also dnt say like dat somu…by the way hw is my jiju..
So: su dnt shout lets go in and talk come
Somu and suhani talks alot…
Suddenlly it starts raining…
Suhani and somu smiles suhani asks somu to come n dance in rain
Somu :no su baby ill catch cold u go if u want ill come down and sit on steps and play music u dance..n ill njoy
Su:okay my highness
They go down…somu plays songs…
Suhani dances in rain wearing half saree
Yuvi sees su dancing in rain and smiles bcause she wore half saree ….
She was wearing black clr lehaga and ooni..(chunni)
She was drenched to her skin yuvi sees her waist which was visible slightly….
He imagines dat he was holding her waist and her hand he rotates her and hugs her and kisses her on her neck….den chetan calls
Che:yuvi beta..
Yuvi:ahh..kya papa
Che:tum kha khoya hua hein(whr r u lost??)
Yuvi:nowhere papa..and smiles
Che thinks he is lost in his world..
Yuvi thinks wat happned to me
Yuvi:i love you suhani…i wanted to tell u many times bt i cant tell u…
And he gets sad..
Somu:may i cm in yuvi
Yuvi:ha somu
Somu:soo now tell me yuvi when r u confessing ua love to my su
Yuvi:somu there is nthing btw us
Somu:yuvi i can see ua love for her in ua eyes n evn i saw u were lost in her while she was dancing in rain..
Yuvi:wat to do somu ?? Ua rit i bcame completly hers i love her soo much…wat shd i do nw somu..
Somu:yuvi nw ua big man go n propose her …
Yuvu:im scared somu bt i think ill propose her nxt few days….
Somu:omg!!my suhani will be in love after few days..den we bth couple will go out together okay yuvi
Yuvi:bth couples dat means ua in love somu..
Somu:ha yuvi..
Yuvi:who is dat somu …who is my jiju…
Somu:krishna ur best frnd..yuvi
Yuvi:offo somu i want party ..tell su knows dis nah?
Somu:ha yuvi…
Yuvi:u ppl nah and smiles

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  1. Nice one nithu

    1. Nithu

      Thanx ayushi

    1. Nithu

      Ty sanaa…

  2. it is amazing nithu sis … today’s update scenes not there in movie i think… but i like it very so much.
    ALL THE BEST for next story lines … and waiting for next update…

    1. Nithu

      Yes sri this part is not in movie….actually its my own idea…

  3. Aqsxxh

    Amazingg! I love it to the max!

    1. Nithu

      Thanx aqsaah….for ur wonderfull support

  4. Nice.. Make confession as soon as u can

    1. Nithu

      There will be a small twist in the stry

  5. Jenny_moon

    Its awsome sis super

    1. Nithu

      Thanx alot jenny…

  6. Shilpa-Saraj


    1. Nithu

      Thanx alot saraj…

  7. Loved it Nithuuu,,,,,,,,,, !!!!! 😀 Excited for next epi,,,,,

    1. Nithu

      Thanx roz..n roz iahqbaaz is gud rit

      1. Nithu

        I mean ishqbaaz..

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