Dushman bane lovers (Epi 2)

Hello guys?
Im nithu….im really sooo happy…
Thanx for your support guys….
Guys i missed one charecter in my intro
He us yuvi father his name is chetan birla
So here start my ff…
Yuvi changes his pants and sits in his seat
He is very angry on suhani…and sleeps after a while…

They come to allahabad and leave in their respective cars…
Pankaj goes and sits on dining seat…and asks lata about his tiffin she shows him a bowl and asks him to open..pankaj opened the bowl…
Pa: wats dis lata ji bitter gaurd and carrots for tiffin…
Lata: yes pankaj ji…chetan ji ate the same tiffin for 1 week and lost 2 kgs you also shd do the same
Pa: im nt a diabetic while chetan is diabetic..lata
Lata: i dnt care u need to reduce ua fat you shd eat like this nli….
Bha:papa mumma is crt u need to loose your weight but not in this way….
And laughs loudly…
Just den cars horn ….was heard by these 3 ppl
They 3 rushed near entrance and lata bought aarthi thaal….
And there suhani was… lata did aarthi…
Suhani came in and hugged bhavna soo tight as she missed her soo much…
Lata:suhani did you watch udta punjab
Suhani:yes maa…i dint miss watching a single movie
Pa:beta tu bahoot patli ho gayi
Su:papa really yuvi idot teases me every day that increased by weight and snatches my chips
Pa: haha sacchi beta yuvi ise karta hai..
Su:mucchi paapa…
Pa: okay….den lata ji make puri for suhani..
Lata:say that you want to eat..nah…
Lata:accha beta suhani…did u go to pub with sambhav and drank wine…whisky rit…n yuvi bought you to ua room…lyfting you rit
Su:mein aaj yuvi ko chodungi nahi….maa papa vo aap ko sab bata diya abb mein aunty uncle ko jaake uske baare mei bolungi…
Pa:u both do wat ever u want but dnt drag us and yuvi parents in btw cause u no we both r not brothers but best es and we love each other more than our brother…
Su:okay papa …im going to uncle chetan house to beat yuvi..

su: uncle uncle aap kaha hoo…
Pratima:aunty u no wat yuvi is such..a…mad person
Chetan:kya hua beta…
Su : uncle yuvi mera baare mein itna bola mein aap ko abb uske baare mein bolte huu..
Che: bolo beta.
Su:uncle yuvi thinks abt himself abt hero he bet few ppl who sold black tickets
And daadi did u ask yuvi abt his gold ring which u gifted on his bday
Daadi : nahi beta puchu kya…
Su: he ll nt show u the ring because he did a marriage for a couple….because their parents got to no abt them in ua house…
Jenny and mini: so chachu is is hero of coll rit
Su :nahi vo zero hain…
Che:oh thats the reason he went to his room directly and dint meet us(he said laughing)..
Su:accha vo uske room mein hai..
She takes a knife and runs to his room while all the family mem laughs…
As soon as su enters yuvi room..she sees yuvi lying on his bed wearing a white shirt having blood mark on his shrit near his heart and thought he was dead…as he kept his eyes up and tounge out …
Su : uncle aunty..daadi bhayya chotu…evry1 cm..
She cries terriblilly..

Every1 cms and ask su wat hapnd and she showez yuvi…she turns back
Yuvi sits and gestures them to scare her..
Evry1 laugh silently as su turns backs….
Che: kya kiya tum su…gusse mein tum mera beta ko maar diya…
Su:nahi uncle daadi…aap ko pata hain nah mein kabhi ise nahi karti hoon…
Jus den yuvi gets and says moti suhani….kaise ho tum….
Su turns and sees yuvi cleaning sause on his shirt and sees every1 laughing aipes her tears and says uncle and beats chetan slightly and runs after yuvi…and they jump into swimming pool……su dnt no how to swim and she starts drowing…yuvi lyfts her on shoulders and bring out she opens her eyes and have intense eye lock mean while evry1 cms near swimming pool…and sees su shivering wid cold rags brings her towel and asks her to change dress in her room…

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  1. Jenny_moon

    It’s awsome nithu

    1. Nithu


  2. Gr8 epi

    1. Nithu


  3. Wow this story is interesting,,,,, 😀

    1. Nithu

      Tysm roz

  4. Zoya

    nithu r u frm andhra

    1. Nithu

      Im frm telangana

  5. Superb nithu

    1. Nithu


  6. Nice epi…

    1. Nithu

      Ty sanaaa…

  7. arre yarrr..aap simply superb hoon.. cz ur story is an idle babe…… 😀 😀 …. and more surprise is yuvi and suhani knws each other…. keep going 😉

  8. Perfect nithuu dear ❤️✨

    1. Nithu

      Ty aqsxxh….

  9. Zoya

    kk i jst wnt to ask whthr u r telugu dts it
    knchm nuvvu naku nachav la vunte andukani

    1. Nithu

      Zoya cheppali ante nenu puttinde andra perigindi telangana lo so nenu telugu rashtrala muddu bedda

      1. Zoya

        ohhooooooo muddu bidda nithu

  10. Nithu

    Koncham kaadu motham ade…naku e stry chala estam nka e type stry vere state lo teese undaru enta manchi story andariki teliyali ani ff strt chesa zoya…

    1. Zoya

      naku strtng gurthu ledu mrdr scene nunchi gurthu vundi so ippudu gurthupatta continue
      nenu kuda andhra nunde

      1. Nithu

        Nijama…naku telugu lo matalade ammayi dorikinde…

  11. This story is full copy of Telugu film nuvu leka nenu lenu movie

    1. Nithu

      Yes tejaswini….u r rit

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