Dushman bane lovers (Epi 13)


hey guys this is nithu…!!!! im really very happy because i completed my internals…today n i thank every one who supported me…n trust me guys…i read evry ff which was published in this week n im really sorry for not commenting…so here i go with my ff

guys this is the link for my previous epi..

without any delaynow im starting
yuvi smiles seeing…suhani
she takes her mobile and starts calling to everyone for SHAWNA’S wedding..she orders bhavana’s and sharad’s fav food…
she mentioned catering people…to keep one SPECIAL DISH…
yuvi: it should be continental su n my choice is
Broccoli, Babycorn and Colourful Pasta Salad
hows it su
su:yuvi tum hare dimaag karab hogaya kya…
yuvi:par kyun su
su: tum ye jo kahe raheho na vo..broccoli..pasta..hum nahi kayenge
yuvi: reallly then what should we keep…
su: SAMOSAAA…!!!

yuvi: where are those suhani ??why are yelling like that
su: mr.sadu samosaa…should be our SPECIAL DISH…’
yuvi: tunmhe koi nahi sudhaar kar sakta hain su(no one can change you su)
see how fat you became…you eat oily food…n u write in ua diary that u should not eat the food made by olive oil…!!! disgusting suhani
su:yuvi the food what you eat doesnt have any taste…i just hate it yuvi(guys i no there would be many ppl like su who hates continential food)
yuvi: su i no you eat samosa every day
su: yes yuvi…i can live without my mobile for 1 day…but i cant live without eating samosa..
yuvi: i knew that!!! thats the reason your becoming fat daily…
su: paagal…kaheka
yuvi: you call me paagal
yuvi: u r only mad…

{they get into their childish nhok-jhok
then all shrivatav’s birla’s come to birla house
every shouts at them to stop!!!
dadi: y r u both fighting
yuvi explains evry thing to dadi
dadi says: Cheese Souffle is our special dish
yuvani: dadi…!!par vo..
dadi: no par var my desion is final..n no one should have any complaint to me in this matter..
shawna n somu oberses yuvani…
somu gestures su
su: somu u no wat happened
n tells her about their relationship…
jus then shawana enters and claps..
shawana: toh su haare bhabi banegi…
su blushes
jus then yuvi comes there an d asks whats happening guys
evry says him that su told them everything..
yuvi: haan yaar mein abb soch raha hoon ki kyu su aur mein reltion mein hein
every one gets shocked

su: what r u telling yuvi
yuvi: im telling that how did i think that ua my rest of my life su
su: but y yuvi
yuvi: because ull eat my head if i dont give samosa after our marriage su
every1 gets relived su punches on yuvi’s chest
yuvani omes to hall says
“every one listen there is something good news for you”
everyone looks at them…
shwana says”yuvi n su loves each other”
every one gets startled and shawana..whether they are in their senses
just then yuvani says”haan shawana sahi kah raha hein”
everyone gets glad lata teases su
su gets blushed…
jus then barbie enters
ba: offo congo yuvani and shawana….
evryone sees her n welcomes her
su: ba you told that yuvi and u r in a seroius relation rit
ba: haan su
su: then how come yuvi dnt love you and dont wantyou as his life partnr..
ba: su i told you that im in relation with yuvi but as a sis…i told him i love you yuvi because i think him as my brother…
su gets relieved and says sorry..
evryone gets happy and decides to do yuvani’s shawana’s and kriya’s marriage together in one mandap..

………………..THE END………………..

i thank every one who read my ff which is really very stupid…silent reders pls comment atleast for this epi…n guys ill be back with another ff…
and if there any telugu readers here …pls help me
im thinking to write a ff on one of these movies
1.kalyana vibogame 2.pellichuplu 3.bhadri
guys please tell me which movie would be good….
thanking you,
yours truly

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  1. hi nithu sis..this epi really amazing .i really like it and ill miss it very much .on my behalf badri movie will right and i like that very much .ALL THE BEST FOR UR COMING NEW FF.as i;m waiting for it so start soon…..

    1. Nithu

      Thank you so much sri votes batti nenu a movie o decide cheskoni..start chesta

  2. Avani kamdar

    Nice episode

    1. Nithu

      Thank you avani

  3. Its really fantastic yaar……??….i think pellichoopulu would be the best…all d best for ur next ff…update soon

    1. Nithu

      Thanks bhargavi nenu movie nka decide avvale..na mind lo ithe bhadri unde.. as all my telugu sissy votes are for bhadri..but bhargavi nenu pellichupulu movie kuda ff Lata Rasta.. bhadri ff tarvata..

  4. Manya

    Hi nithu I am ayushi and yeah amazing ending ❤️❣??????????????❣❣❤️and sorry I don’t know Telegu?

    1. Nithu

      Manya thanks for commenting n it’s k if u dnt know telugu…

      1. Manya

        Nithu it is me ayushi ?

      2. Nithu

        im really sry dear…actually..i no u ayushi..but it happened by mistake….n ayushi…please select any one of the movie name..i no u dont understand them..but please select it seeing their names atleast or reading the plot of the storys in google..im really sorry dear for the inconvenience….

  5. Nithuuuuuu I really love this epi x congrats,best of luck and thank you x ❤️

    1. Nithu

      Thanks aqsaah sissy ua comment means all for me…!!


    fantastic adorable ending, i loved this ff through and through… Very best of luck for your next one, it will be AMAZING!

    1. Nithu

      Thanks Shreya..

  7. Ruksy

    wow this was fantastic so sad to say bye hopefully you’ll be back soon with another amazing ff

    1. Nithu

      Thanks rusky dnt worry I’ll be back after few days…!!

  8. Nithu first nidhi stupid ff kadu.chala chala bagundi ni ff.nuvvinka continue ce bagundendi telusa.anyway nakaithe badri movie ishtame kani inka chalala good movies vunnai telugulo ucan trythem like100percent love,ye maya chesave. Ndukante nuvvu chala baga story ni carry chestunnavu.its just my opinion.but iknow u nuvvu e movie tisukunna superga rastavunani.all d best.next ff tondaraga start cheyava pls.

    1. Nithu

      Okay pucca na nxt ff start chesta..nen characters gueinchi alochinchi intro ista 1 week lo …n thanks for commenting n suggesting me a movie name n ven thanks for giving me hope n thanks for giving me new movies for more ffs

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