Dushman bane lovers (Epi 12)


hey guys this is nithu…i thank every one from the core of my heart for supporting me…
guys i have xams nearby so ill be posting my next part in the month of september..but if time permits ill definitely update in btw
so here goes my ff

suhani goes to sowmya’s room
somu:suhani did you tell yuvi abt ua feelings..and why did u where this dress ??
su: shd nt i wear this dress somu
somu: not like dat dear…yuvi hates these kind of dresses…
su: so what should i do if he hates
somu senses that something went wrong
somu: su now tell me what happened??
su cries keeping her head in somus laps
somu: meri bachu…what happened dear???
su explains every thing to somu
somu thinks yuvi cant do like this she gets very angry….
su sobs very badly

somu caresses her and says evry thing will be fine dear dont cry…
she sings a lori for suhani and makes her to sleep
she places suhani’s head on the bed and cover her with a blanket..and goes angrily towards yuvi..
she goes to his room but he is nowhere found he asked pratima
pratima: sowmya beta vo chath par hein(he is in terrace ) he looked very upset somu
somu: aunty he will get alright now(she thinks to slap him)
pratima smiles and leaves…
somu goes to terrace and sees yuvi sitting in a rolling chair..
she goes angrily near yuvi..
before she raised her hands to slap yuvi she sees yuvi crying…she gets worried and wake up yuvi(actually guys he closed his eyes when somu came there)
yuvi: who is that…??
somu:its me yuvi

yuvi: somuuu…(his voice ass crying..)
he cries very badly near somu…and yuvi explainss him everything to somu..
she rubs yuvi’s back…and says be calm yuvi..
yuvi:how could i be calm somu…suhani is my life i cant live without her…nd today morning you told there was a surprise for me??
somu: voh..ac..actu…actually..yu..yu..yuvi
yuvi senses that somu will lie hi and makes her to do promise on krishna..
somu: if i say you ..den
yuvi: den what somu tell me fast somu
somu:wat will you do when su says those magical words to you…??
yuvi is stunned and he says
yuvi: somu kya sach mein su mujhse pyaar karti hein…??
somu nods hr head
yuvi says today would have been the best day in my life if barbie would not have said all those trash…
sharad comes there and sees somu he tells yuvi that he ll come later as he need to discuss something personal
yvi understands and says
yuvi:sh tumse pehle somu ko sab kuch malum hein(somu knows evrything before you know)
sh:accha…guru aap mujhse aur kya baatein chupayi hein…??
sh:guru…mausi bularahi hein aap ko aap ab =hi jaayeye vahaan
yuvi goes from there

sh disscuss some plan with somu and both smiles
everyone are eating…their breakfast..
dadi: yuvii..n suhani
suhani and yuvi: kya dadi..??
dadi:you both shd decide which colour dress you would wear on shavna engagement’s day??and chetan aur pankaj will go to city and do arrangements for engagement
sh:dadi send guru and suhani to alahabad for our enagement preparations because they are young like us and they know how to do engagement cermony prepartions well…
da: haan yeh accha idea hein sharad !!
yuvi says okay
da : you would not like to do wedding preparations for ur sisters marriage suhani??
su:per daadi..
da: per ver kuch nahi..chu chap allahabad chalo yuvi ke saath..i bokked tickets just now when shard told the idea…
su:but dadi
da looks angrily at suhani
su:teek hein dadi aap ki marji..
they both reach BIRLA MANSION
su dint speak with yuvi in the flight too..as she was angry..
yuvi:su i cant see u like this!!
su dint care his words and goes to her room
yuvi gets angry and bangs suhani’s door
su opens the door
yuvi gets inside her room
yuvi: whats your problem suhani
su dint speak anything

yuvi gets very angry and shouts suhani what happened
su:chilla kyu raheho…
she closes the doors of her room wih the help of a bolt as servants were seeing them
su:pagal chale jao..mere room se aur mere life se
yuvi gets angry and holds her by her waist so tight..su tries to free herself but evry thing goes to vain
yuvi: look into my eyes su
su:y shd i look into ur eyes yuvi..leave please yuvi
yuvi lifts her head towards himself
su and yuvi have a eyelock
uvi : now tell me every thing what has happened to you
su says no nothing but yuvi says i want to know the truth suhani…
su says”I LOVE YOU YUVI”
and she hugs him
but breaks the hug as she thought yuvi was in relation with barbie..
yuvi in happiness lifts her up in air and says
su: besharam ur in relation with barbie
yuvi hugs her tighter and says we r not in relation
yuvi..closes her lips ith his hands…..

he gets closer to her soft pink llips…
su gets tensed and looked towards the ground
but yuvi lifts her head up and brushes her lips with hhis…
one of his hands made su body touching his body and another went into her hair..
her moved her hair according to his convinence and kisses on her shoulder which was bare(as she wore a onepiece which was neckless and backless)
he kissed her cheeks then he kissed her eyes and he went on looking at her lips…and started brushing his lips with hers again…yuvi saw su was nervous..but he could not help himself from doing that act and then suddndly they had a liplock after few moments su gave reply to his lock they had a very passionating liplock..yuvi couldnot help himself in happiness and starts biting her lips little harder which made su hug him tighter and holds his hair..slightly…and continued this for sometime
su was blushing when yuvi was seeing her yuvi thought to tell her truth..as this is the correct time to tell
yuvi:listen to me carefully and he says her everything what had happned…
su gets angry and says how dare dat barbie !!!
su:im sry yuvi pls excuse me!!
yuvi: shd i excuse you !!
yuvi:but how??
su:you tell me what should i do
yuvi:give me a iss that too on my lips…
su: paagal kahika..what were we doing till now then
yuvi: nothing will happen su kissing burns 1000 ‘s of calories…and u ll become thin too
su: maharaj…mujhme abb taakat nahin hein…soo please abb nahi…
yuvi says no…
but su slowly goes near the door she opens the olt and rns out
yuvi: meri pyaari pagal suhani…

guys i know that i wrote this epi very badly ccritics ar also mostly welcomed please do comment guys as ur comments are my strength…im sry if i dint satisfy anyone….

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  2. Shilpa-Saraj

    Awww Yyvani romance.. Im blushing.. Its super awesome..

    1. Nithu

      thank you soo much shilpa….

  3. Nyc …. Keep it up

    1. Nithu

      thank you soo much xxyy…


    Yuvani scenes are top notch, i loved it, and its not written badly so dont worry 🙂

    1. Nithu

      thank you sherya..im happy that u liked …

      1. Nithu


  5. are yaar who told u that u written badly.infact it was very very very nice.i loved yuvani moments very much and their luv confession also too gud.u rocked the episode. all d very best fr ur exams.we will be waiting fr ur next update.

    1. Nithu

      thank you radha…u dont know how much im happy..seeing that u really liked my ff..

  6. are yaar who told u that u written badly.infact it was very very very nice.i loved yuvani moments very much and their luv confession also too gud.u rocked the episode. all d very best fr ur exams.we will be waiting fr ur next update.by the way ur dp was too cute

    1. Nithu

      thank you radha dear … i took much time to select yuvani pic..i glad that you liked it

  7. Manya

    Awesome yuvani scenes and all d best for ur exams!!!❤️????

    1. Nithu

      thank you soo much dear…

  8. it was awesome..

    1. Nithu

      thank you farhat….

  9. Ruksy

    this was amazing loved it.

    1. Nithu

      thanks rusky…thanks alot…

  10. Nice Nithu 😀

    1. Nithu

      thank you soo much dear…after a very long time…right.

      1. yea dear,,,,I was totally disappointed with Subhav mrg twist and decided nt to watch the show again,,,bt nw I started reading FF’s again,,,….N I missed u alll (SSEL family)

      2. Nithu

        along with u i also stopped watching ssel…im really very disappointed with the current track..

  11. This is amazing Nithu di I have missed you X keep on studying for your birthday SAMs dear I’m sure you will do amazingly

    1. Nithu

      thank you soo much aqsaah i really missed you soo much dear…nd thanks for your wishes…

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