Dushman bane lovers (Epi 11)


hey guys this nithu i uploaded my ff on 12 it was published but it was not there on wall of ssel so here i post it again:

pls do comment ur comments are my strength
so here i go with myy ff
suhani comes inside their room after they break their hug..
su eyes are filled with tears..
yuvi gets worried seeing su in this stae…su goes near ba
su: barbie darling are you and yuvi in a relation…
ba: yes suhani…we are in a relation (su nd yuvi gets stunned)….why are u asking su baby does it matters you if we are in relation???
su:yes dear it matters me yuvi i know you consider me as your enemy but i dint expect that u will nt tell abt ua relation to me
yuvi: ba why the hell u r saying all these nonsense…tell her that we r nt in relation…
ba: why shd i tell lies for my angel su…
and barbie leaves from there…
su and yuvi have an eyelock…su breaks it
yuvi: su listen…to me first..
by then su runs frm there..and goes to her room crying..
yuvi knocks her door ….he even bangs the door…he shouted …but evrything went to wain….
he gets sad…and crie …and goes to barbies room angrily!!
yuvi: ba where r u..???(in very angry tone)
but dadi comes and says that barbie is not there in home her went to her grandmaa’s village
he leaves from there…
then ba comes out near dadi and smiles she tells dadi that her plan worked…
just then their family purohit came to their farm house…
pu: chandrakalaji…pankaj ji ,chetan ji,pratima ji aur lata ji evry come here …
evry one in the house comes there exept suhani…
yuvi is sad that suhani dint come even after their parents call her

su POV
i heard my parents calling me down as our family purohit came…
i saw my self in mirror because my parents shd not know that i am crying for yuvi…
i removed my light makeup on my skin…
i saw my dress and got very angry and i threw choli in anger…
why shd i care yuvi words if he doesnt cares me…
i removed my dress and draped myself in mini skirt which was having floral design and top which is very short that evry one could her waist… which was in black colur…
i rubbed my eyes from which tears are still flowin….
i thought to go down…
suhani comes down from stairs….and calls PAPA…im sry for being late…
no one wer bothered about suhanis attire as she used to drape herself like this in allahabad…
but yuvi gets very angry…seeing suhani in such attire…
su sits beside dadi and hugs her hand…
pu:evry one came here right i want to say that bhavana and sharad should get married..
Pu: their kudli..is matching and they are very good friends right
dadi:for me their is no problem
pa nd la : no prob for us too…but we shd ask these two nah…
bhavana says :okay and blushes…
sh: yes..(evry one gets shocked beause these both wre rejecting each match that were brought by their families).as the matter came till here im telling you all something..
bhavana and i love each from 2 years…thats the reason without thinking we told okay to the match…and even thats the reason we were rejecting all the matches which wre coming for us all these days
su goes near bhavana…
su:you r soo bad di
bhavana:y su
su: u dint tell me that you are in relation with sharad jiju….
sharad comes near them
sh: su we dint tell u because ur a BBC nah…(in comic tone)
su says achha and runs behind sharad
yuvi was seeing all this and feels happy that his old suhani is back..and angry bcause of her attire….
yuvi goes near su and stops her by huging her from her back:sh you go im saving u from this devil
su turns to yuvi very angrily
su: am i a devil…yuvi
yuvi:haan…any doubt and i told you not to whre these kind of dresses here…why dont you listen to me su..
su: hey MR.SADU its none of your bussiness i love wearing these dresses…
and she controls her feelings…yuvi sayall her pain in her eyes …ans sees a teardrop from her eyes…
su goes from there…to her room and shuts her roomm door…
yuvi gets sad and goes to his garden…and cries
and says why does this happens only with me….
sh hears his words…and asks him
sh:what happened guru why are you sad..??
yuvi: nothing sharad…go nd enjoy ur evng with bahvana and have a date with her so that it makes her happy…nli few ppl are lucky..to take their love out…
sh asks him what happened..

yuvi hugs sh tight and cries…nd narrstes him evry thing what happened
sh:guru that means you love suhani..
yuvi: yes sharad i love her sooo much…but that witch barbie ill not leave her..
sh: guru i have dbt y did su cried..
yuvi: cause she thinks that i broke her trust nt telling my relation to her..
sh: nahi guru she also loves you thats y..
yuvi: how do u no sh
sh: im in love with bhavana…i no how girls will react for evry thing…and i know suhani right she cries nli for her loved ones
yuvi:sach mein sh…
sh: haan ji…guruji…
yuvi gets happy and goes to his room
sh thinks ….i shd do something that only thse both shd go out without…anyone around them

PRECAP: SUHANI SAYS”I LOVE YOU YUVI” and hugs yuvi…yuvi lifts her in happiness and yuvani moments…


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  1. i loved it to the core.chala chala chala chaaaaala bagundi.nuvvu select chesina story yuvaniki perfect ga suit avutundi.pls daily update cheyadaniki try cheyava.

    1. Nithu

      Thanx akka…Baku a cinema chaos ishtam…inka ha9 ideas are Chese raasa…thanks alot….akka

  2. Shilpa-Saraj

    Awww nithu sis.. Wonderful.. Jealous suhani ha.. Loved it.. Gelt like kicking that Barbie although she is acting..

    1. Nithu

      Thanx shilpa a writer like I is involved in ff…it means alot for me dear…thank you soo much


    I loved this episode Nithu, its sad to see yuvani seperated but this will only make them stronger. Fantastic x

    1. Nithu

      Thanx dear I’m missing ebb is ff pls update asap

  4. It is really awsome i love this epi very much .and veey very eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Nithu

      Thanx soo much dear I’ll try to update next part after 3 days because I have exams…

  5. suberb… pls update regularly…

    1. Nithu

      Thanx subha…pls support me like this

  6. hi nithu superb yar.. i think u left this ff …
    but ill not do that and update ur episode thank u sooooo much…. pls update regularly and support ssel always

    1. Nithu

      I love ssel and support it always im soo disappointed by this track..so i stoped seeing it his reading the update when I feel my old ssel is back I’ll start watching it daily again…

  7. Manya

    Hey nithu it’s me ayushi and epi was fab plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post asap

    1. Nithu

      Thanx ayushi…I’ll try to update asap….

  8. Plz update asap

    1. Nithu

      Thanx avani…I’ll surely try my level best for updating asap

  9. Nice…..

    1. Nithu

      Thanx alor farhat…n guys she writes a ff in ishqbaaz it’s awsm…I love it all much….

  10. Nithu

    I mean I love it soo much

  11. Nyc… Keep it up

    1. Nithu

      Thank you soo much xxyy dear…

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