Dushman bane lovers (Epi 1)

Hello guys dis is nithu…
Im really very happy bcause u ppl made me strng by ur comments
Pls do support me with ur comments ….every time

Now here my ff starts..
Yuvi and suhani will board a bus ..
Suhani seat is next to yuvi seat..yuvi got a window seat ….
Suhani : excuse me pls can we both exchange our seats..
Yuvi: im sry ur nt excused…(he says with full attitude)
Suhani angrily sits beside yuvi…
A vendor who sells apples comes inside a bus nli 3 apples were left in the basket
Suhani calls the vendor near her and asks how much each apple costs..
Vendor:each apple 10 rupees
Suhani:ill give 30 rupees give me those apples
Yuvi:ill give you 45 rupees give me those apples
Suhani:ill give you 55 rupees
Yuvi:ill give you 65 rupees
Suhani:ill give 90 and final dnt give other wise ill kill you..
Vendor was very happy because he sold 3 apples for 90 rupees
Then yuvi takes out 4 apples out and says suhani that..i bought each apple for 6 rupees..
Suhani fumes..and yuvi laughs vigoriously

After some time the bus starts…
Yuvi asks conductor to stop the bus…
Conductor:y shd i bus started just 35 mins ago
Yuvi:i need to go for wash room pls stop near washrooms ..
Con:no bus stops nli after 2 hrs
Yuvi got angry and slept listening to songs
Suhani got an idea in her mind ….
She took her water bottle poured on yuvis pants..
And shouts condutor to stop the bus…
Con:y did u shout miss
Su:sir bcause my co passenger went to washroom in his pants…
Conductor laughed loudly while suhani coverd her nose and mouth as she cant control her laugh…
Con:mr ill stop near the washroom its jus 2 mins frm here…
Yuvi gets angry on suhani…
But suhani is happy and her ego is satisfied


i think my ff is not soo boring as i think..pls guys do comment….nd i always thank aqsxxh jenny sanaa ash sona komal for their support

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  1. This is a telugu movie story right its name is nuvvu leka nenu lenu actually i am from andhra pradhesh so i know it

    1. Nithu

      Yea its true dats da reason i told andra tamil nadu n telangana ppl no abt this stry line i love dis movie soo much dats da reason i started this ff

  2. its too funny plz continue it nithu.
    suhani rocks;-)

    1. Nithu

      Thank you soo much ankk..

  3. Super keep it up

    1. Nithu

      Tysm pavi…

  4. It’s so funny plz continue this

    1. Nithu

      Ty annu soo much annu

  5. I like that movie very much …. and feeling happy to read the same story line with my fav actors of ur ff . All the best nithu !!!

    1. Nithu

      Thank you soo much sri…

  6. Oh god.. What was the precap all about.. Anyways nice epi

    1. Nithu

      Tysm farhat…..

  7. Nice going nithu

  8. Superb episode and an exciting precap!!!!

    1. Nithu

      Thank you neethu n dr im really waiting for ua ff

  9. nithu … starting was super …
    even precap 😀 😀 am waitng fr u nxt epi

    1. Nithu

      Thanx ash..ill surely update it by tom…

  10. komal sontani

    Nice going kep it up

    1. Nithu


  11. Wow………. just wow ….. the first epi is too good . No words to explain. Keep going Nithu

    1. Nithu


  12. NAPSHa J

    I haven’t watched the movie, so i’m enjoying the ff.. 🙂 apple wala scene was too good.. 😀

    1. Nithu


  13. Me too ,haven’t watched this movie,,,,,, 😀 very good start Nithu,,,,

    1. Nithu


  14. Aqsxxh

    Haha this is amazing! Ty for crediting me x Means a lot love x please keep slaying bcos I am loving this! Very Humorous thoroughly enjoying it! 😀 x

    1. Nithu

      Tysm.. dr

  15. Amazing epi Nithu…… the apple scene and the bathroom scene was too good.

    1. Nithu


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