Durjay: A Game of Destiny Episode 1

First Day of College

Durga walks in the campus, casting a look at everything she can.
Durga: (looking at the girls) What type of clothes do they wear! Agar Sheila chachi yahan aayi,toh pakka behosh ho jaegi.
She saw a boy proposing a girl and gave a surprising look.Or rather, a shocked one.
Durga: (murmuring to herself) Badtameez log! Koi sharam hai hi nahi..
At the mess
SP:Aarti, how time will you take? Fast!
Aarti: SP, cant you wait? Just a minute..
She collected her coffee and joined SP.
Aarti: Lets go.
They come out of the mess talking and giggling. Durga was also on the same path.
Aarti:SP, do you remember Durga?
SP frowned.
SP:Why do you want me to remember her?
Aarti:No, just sometimes I wonder..actually sometimes I get worried thinking if she will return.
SP gave out a heavy breath.He put his hands on her shoulders. Aarti looked at them smirked a little.
SP:Aarti, I can understand. But don’t worry. She will never return. And if she ever does, it will be her biggest mistake.
Aarti smirked. But she soon covered it up with a mask of innocenece
Aarti(innocently):Pakka SP?
SP smiled and hugged her.
SP: Pakka baba
Aarti:(in mind) Durga, tumhare liye maine SP ke dil main itni nafrat paeda kar dii hai ki ab who tumhari shakal tak nahi dekhna chahta..
SP and Aarti parted.
SP: Acha, abhi chale?

They walked talking. Durga was reading some papers .Durga and Aarti ran into eachother. The coffee spilled on both of the girl’s dresses.
Aarti:What the hell!
She looked at Durga angrily.
Aarti: You-
Durga:I I I’m so sorry I-
Aarti:Cant you see? Have you gone blind? Don’t you know how to walk?
Durga: I’m really sorry-
Aarti: Just shut up! Pata nahi kahan kahan se aajate hain
Durga glared at her
Aarti: Tum-
Durga: Just shut up! Agar main apni galti man rahi hun, iska matlab yeh nahi ki tum kuch bhi kaho. Galti tumhari bhi thi, isliye-
SP: Excuse me
Durga looked at him.
SP: Kisine bhi aaj tak Aarti se is tarah baat nahi ki hai.How dare you?
Durga: Listen don’t poke your nose in between. Yeh ham dono ki-
SP: She my best friend and if you try to-
Durga(mockingly): Oh, she is your best friend,is it?So teach how to talk to people, and don’t you dare talk to me like that!
They glared at eachother.

SP: Tum janti nahi ho mujhe
Durga: Mujhe janna bhi nahi hai
SP: Abhi jaldi main hun, warna dekh leta tumhe
Durga(smirking): Waapis aake dekhne lena(leaning forward) badi hi dekhne waali cheez hun main
Aarti:How dare you-
SP stopped Aarti
SP: Let it be, Aarti. You’ve a class right? You go. I will handle
Aarti hesitated but left the place.
Durga watched her go and then turned to SP
Durga: So, you are gonna handle me? Really?
SP: Yeah,just wait and watch babes.
Anger filled in Durga’s eyes
Durga:Don’t you dare-
SP: Aww..what happened? Miss Smarty got angry?
Durga: Yeah,and you don’t know my anger. And I’m not Miss Badi Cheez. I’m Durga. Call me Durga
SP was shocked
Durga:Yeah,Durga. And don’t you dare call me ‘’babes’’
SP was too shocked to respond to that
SP:Your name is Durga? From where are you from?
Durga: Why? What do you want? Listen, I’ve to go, don’t waste my time.
She began walking to her class when SP stopped her by holding her hand.Durga stopped shocked. She turned and looked at her hand being hold by SP. She raised her eyes and glared at him
Durga: Leave my hand
SP:Not so soon
Durga shook his hand off.
Durga:(pointing her finger) Don’t you dare touch me again
SP: Excuse me! I’m Sanjay Prince, and nobody can stop me
Durga stopped dead
Durga: What? Sanjay Prince?
SP:Yeah, why shocked? You must have heard my name
Durga lowered her finger and remembered what she never wanted to remember. His friend SP not trusting him. Fear and shock flooded over her face.
SP came closer to her
SP: Tell me, from where are you
Durga :(in mind) No Durga, don’t panic
SP:I asked you something
Durga:(trying to control her emotions) Why should I tell? You are not my boss. And nr my friend
SP: You live in Bhiwani?
Durga: I’m from Chandigarh
SP(shocked):What? Stop lying. You are Durga Chaudhary, right?
Durga(thinking):Oh no. He recognized me
SP: Excuse me?
Durga(realizing SP is still there): Am..er..ab..dekho S-I mean Sanjay, mujhe pareshan mat karo-
SP:Hey, call me SP, ok! Aur jhut toh mujhse bolo hi mat-
Durga:Main jhut nahi bol rahi-
SP:Mujhe pata hai tum-
Durga: SP tum dekho-
Both together:Okay Shut up!
Both of them took a heavy breath.
Durga:Listen SP, I don’t give any interviews, sorry.
SP: You are from Chandigarh then why did you come here?
Durga:To study-
SP:But Chandigarh has better colleges-
Durga: But I want to study here. I like here.Infact I love. No worries for you.
Bye. Not at all nice meeting you.
She left frustrated.At the same time, she was shocked.
SP:No, she isn’t Durga. Durga couldn’t have that strength to talk to me such smartly and bravely after what she had done
Durga: I will never tell SP that who I am. I don’t wanna get in any issues. I just wanna study, and fulfill my dreams. No, I will never remember my past.
Tears rolled down her soft cheeks.

Thank you sooooo much guys for the love. And most specially the Kriyammites. I really miss Kriyam alot❤ Okay guys I will continue my Kriyam:An Unnamed Relationship ff. I will try to update every weekend. Really guys, I never knew my ff was liked so much by you all…I love you all yaar..
Do comment about this epi. It will be updated next week.
Guys follow me on instagram- @meri_durga ..Updates will be faster there..

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      Will try my best to continue it dii..And thank you so much for the feedback

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