Durgaprasad Ke karam!


Yes! the title exactly means what the content contains. Beginning from Sanskar, sabse pehla criminal on the show and a Maheshwari too. Though he might not be Dp’s son yet his motto behind being evil was purely to take badla from our deary Dp. That taklu has always been biased from the beginning, first he used to always prefer adarsh for beind adarsh wadi. Hated Love marriage as if it were some allergy especially intercaste. But when swara helped his family his lookout changed so much so that he got alliance for swara and laksh but didn’t think of ragini even once. At that time he didn’t even repent for sanskar and kavita. Sanskar changed and swasan happened. Then next laksh became a villain this time his own son did mistakes threw a person who loved him like anything did everything for him. He broke everyone’s trust and yet he was forgiven at the end. Why? Because he was being used by kavya. Ragini forgave laksh and married him so easily the worst patchup ever. i love ragini and laksh but this wasn’t supposed to be the patchup I expected atleast not after what he did to her, nOt after he slapped her FATHER! Anyways we are here for Dp right! then pari also changed became villain. I was all like why always the bahu’s become villain and play vamps but this serial changed my mindset by turning a girl like ragini into villain and then back again santhwadi and dumb. Why do you do this to our Teja writers! why??

Oho sorry then next was the epic one Adarsh!! while most of us were confused and angry when the fake posts and news said laksh turned into villain again, I had a doubt that it might be the untouched maheshwari this time and finally it was him! Adarsh turning into villain was epic but wished he could have slapped our dp a tight one. So that his brain comes back to 21st century. Adarsh’s yesterdays dialogue made me cringe because there was a time when he hated laksh for defaming his family’s name too but then yeah he was right Dp is biased! At many times and points of the serial he was. Heard the taklu’s getting a heart attack in the serial, there’s a ff writer on telly DAFSI her ff for raglak the name is a bit big so couldn’t recollect but hope the future for swaragini and the couples become like her ff’s story line. Do read it specially raglak fans and even swasan fans would agree to me. Haters stay away
Just a funpost wrote after a long time!
Do comment I won’t mind replying to a few hate comments but reminding once again just a FUNPOST!

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  1. absolutely right

  2. I hate CVS for ruining ragini character. beginning so innocent but middle she is completely changed fully negative character now she is positive so many members till now ragini characters are not acceptable because of CVS I hate u cvs

  3. Zain……look

  4. Agree with u….starting i love swaragini equally….but after ragini turning negative i cant accept her now in -ve or +ve….they ruined her character….when she is in -ve she has so much intelligence but when she turned to positive they make her like dumb character

    1. Nidhi

      Exactly ! hope cvs give this good ragini some brains like swara why should she always be sherlock homes alone πŸ˜‰

  5. Dafsi

    Thank you so much for mentioning my name and comparing it to a pannel of writers it is and honour for me…many have personally told it but none compared so openly and I’m really happy but these praise is credited to many other behind me…Firstly Nisha Malik for inspiring me to write ffs and she is a great writer toi where now she is my best buddy….Thank you so much Nidhi for making my day and special thanks for those crazy friends of mine for their unconditional support Sanju, Ganga Di, Padma, Athira, Tiana, Anees and Rinoza who encourages me alot thanks again love you nd keep miling

    1. Dafsi

      Not to forget my best best best buddy Rabia who supports me along with others and Devi who is a silent support love you guys and yeah thanked alott for all my readrs ???

    2. Nidhi

      And here my works done Thanq so much for commenting Dafsi
      I have been your silent reader since ages and love rahul and lavanya’s ff of raglak
      I have been writing here i guess that time you weren’t writing here whenI stopped writing missed many of my friends here but after reading your ff it was the only thing I used to wait for on telly everyday
      awesome work dear
      keep writing πŸ™‚

  6. True dear
    I really love dafsi s fanfiction

  7. u r came back how r u

    1. Nidhi

      Yup I am back and a bit sick and thanks to which i took leave from colg and got time to right πŸ™‚
      Hows you J ???

  8. Mica

    don’t forget, that DP forgiven every Ragini single bad deed towatd his family…
    i think they are equal….
    Laksh slapped ragini’s father ? it’s kinda payback for everything humiliation of ragini ever deed toward maheswary….
    Sanlakrag those time..hmmm… maybe you should rerun the early episode of swaragini….
    you can’t blame DP for ragini’s one side love, even raglak alliance already broken.
    the raglak first alliance, they broke it and laksh thrown out from MM.
    Dadi blackmailed Dp too…
    sorry i don’t read Dafsi ff, but my opinion based the real serial of swaragini.

    1. Mica

      i mean *swalakrag

    2. Nidhi

      Oh you totally took it on raglak Mica don’t do that because this post is specially for Dp as a character in the serial many times he has been biased and even for swara he was red the post fully dear I haven’t said he was biased only for ragini

      1. i do commenting as your statement.. maybe you should reread your statement. as mostly your statement was about raglak…
        -He thrown out sanskar, he ever thrown out Laksh too
        (don’t say that he was happy with his decision, almost every father drown in pain for hurting their children, but DP wasn’t just a father, he was a head of society)
        -about swalak aliance andd ragini, raglak alliance had broken already, and you can’t blame DP about ragini’s feeling.
        _he didn’t repent for sanskar and kavita, , he thrown out Sanskar as head oh society, once he changed, he retired of being head of society, it’s kinda redemption
        and even he done nothing to cavita but tried to help her.
        -Laksh done crime (kidnapped Ragini ). Did you ever think why Laksh did that ?
        How your feeling if someone forced you to accept a criminal as your partner of life that too she is your love ? and your partner again created drama ?
        DP’s feeling to accept criminal as bahu. He is a father cum husband Nidhi… Laskh forgiven as it was about anandpura heatlh, even he should give his property to Ragini, rite ? He lost everything those time.
        Laksh slapped Shekar but DP forgive him ? how about Shekar’s daughter done toward his family ? Shekar himself wasn’t good father. He even can’t teach his daughter to behave toward elder. DP forgave both Ragini and Laksh, rite ?
        DP himself who teach all of his family about FORGIVENESS… fp drama, he asked anandpura to forgive ragini, in Parineetha matter, he is the one who forgive parineetha..
        He tried to doing Justice to all of his family.

  9. Meher

    Okay I agree with that RagLak’s patch-up thing.. how come a girl forgive a man who has raised hand on her dad..

    All thanks to cvs they should show ragini a self sufficient women.. n laksh to seek forgiveness from her….

    Dp’s character had been made to show that a person can change with time if yrour ffortss are genuine…

    When laksh wanted to marry swara dp himself threw him out.. lateron his heart changed cz of swara..

    Now the swalak alliance.. when ragini herself didn’t have any issue with swalak why would dp or anybody else poke their nose in that though she was pretending …

    M sorry for saying this but I feel like after reading ur view that.. u r literally blaming dp for everyone’s deeds.. if adarsh or laksh is negative or on wring path.. dp has to do nothing with that.. it’s like typical mindset that if child does something wrong patents are solely responsible for the.. bt m sorry they aren’t..

    Itz whole comment is based on my view..

    1. Mica

      how come a girl forgive a man who has raised hand on her dad..
      but there was something funny Meher Di !!
      they were demanding Laksh to forgive ragini, the girl who insulted his parent (asked anadpura down on knee, cleaned ragini’s saree, almost give black paint on anadpura’s face, thrown water to anadpura, blackmailed DP, humiliated DP in front of society, almost send DP to jail).
      they said that DP is bias..
      but they didn’t notice that they did the same thing

      1. Meher

        U know I never thought dp is biased at any point.. yeah he was backward indeed.. but never biased..

    2. Mica

      i know that Meher Di!.. that why i said “THEY”…
      it just kinda sarcasm… hehehe

      1. Nidhi

        Life without sarcasm would become a Kind of Boring Mica πŸ™‚

      2. Mica

        Yeah.. it’s true.. especially for me *wink πŸ˜›

    3. Nidhi

      And that’s the mindset what I wanted to show wanted to see someone who could point that out Meher and you did. Mine is a funpost as concluded at the end, every fan in the world is in a world war for swara and ragini currently but ignoring that I’m not in for blaming Dp at all Even my title seemed funny but then sorry If I hurt didn’t thought there might be someone to take dp’s side too
      Just kidding don’t hate me for that now thanks for your opinion liked your view girl πŸ˜‰

      1. Meher

        Wooo hoo.. why would I hate you,?

    4. Nidhi

      Because I said something against Dp maybe because that’s what people aree doing right?
      Say against swara and swara fans pop up with hate you and then ragini and the samthing happens again :p

      1. Meher

        Lol!! Don’t worry I am not like that..yeyy!! You are safe!!!


      2. Nidhi

        hmm thanks for assuring I’m comforted now Pheww! πŸ˜‰

  10. agree with you….Anyway love my angel teju very much❀❀❀???????????

    1. Nidhi

      Thank you and there’s always Love for teja forever <3 she's awesome πŸ˜‰

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    Sorry but what I am going to say that can hurt u …. but this is not all bcoz of DP …. but this is bcoz of parvati gadodiya means dadi …. I mean see she only brain washed ragini against swara . But we should thank her to do this or today the couples would be swalak and ragsan …

    1. Nidhi

      Yup dear and It’s not a post blaming Dp first of all you din’t hurt me at all it’s the fact that can never change just Parvati or Dadi can never change and second thing read the title I just said it’s a funpost at the end Dp might not be bad but whatever he did at the start like dadi did for samaj and whatnot but now where’s the samaj for him??
      No offence dadi was is and will forever be evil because if all become good won’t people get bored of the serial?? πŸ˜‰

  12. I dnt wanna say nythng about dp…bt i jst wannna say about cvs….see m a veryyy biggg vale fan of tejaswi(my rupunzel)…? ?? bt cvsjst ruined her charecter drasticallly….i dnt know y dey hve done it(maybe for trp)???bt i reallly hate dem for doing dis….now nthng cn b correcteddd!!!rags is positive now bt still many people jst cnt forget her bad deeds…many people got a chance to bash her…she is d person who has beeen bashedddd lyk helll ,n being a fan i litterely cry readng dose stupid n harsh comments upon her….even now also cvs r nt gvng her good role n nly makng her cry cry n cry!!!!y cvs y r u dng dis????? Hope someday i”ll get my answer….till den tejas i”ll never stop lovng u dear…u r my one n nly priencesssss…always stay blessed my superstar…keep rockng…???
    N #cvs dis show is about 2 sisterssss n nt about one evil n one angel…if swara can sacrifice den y nt ragini???bt dere is no use of tellng dis now…bt jst a request for u guyzzz plz make rags charecter a bit more confident…n raglak r also leadng pairs soo plz show dem lyk dat!!!n gve proper dialogue to sanlak also!!!!waitng for d day wen i cn b satisfied wid my rags charecter☺ u have a golden charm in ur hand plz dnt waste her lyk dat…plz utilise her properlyyy cvs…god plz gve cvs some brain….
    N #nidhi thnku so much for dis article n i reallly laughed readng dat taklu part hehehehhe???? …keeep rockng grl?☺??

    1. Nidhi

      Finally someone noticed that #Taklu πŸ˜‰ tahnks girl and keep supporting Teja she’s our rockstar πŸ˜‰

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