“Dur Desh se Aaya Hai Mera Shehzada” FS (INTRO) SHOT 1


A girl is chatting with another on social media app.
Hii…. Tu arahii hai Fiza?? You are coming na Fiza??
Fiza: Ayesha I really don’t know pata nahii Yaar Abu ijazat denge yaa nhii?? Fiza I really don’t know dad permits me or not??
Ayesha: listen Fiza tu khamkhwan dar rahii hai yahn Pakistan main koi khatra nahii hai it is safe and secure place you can come here freely we Pakistani loves and respect Indians…. okay??
Fiza: no Ayesha nothing like that I also want to come here to see how is Pakistan??
Ayesha: then what the problem??
Fiza: But humare Abujaan.
Ayesha: Look fiza do as you want… don’t think much about it. Okay bye
Fiza nods and they finishes their convo.
Fiza went to her Abu’s room where her jawed saeed was reading newspaper. She came near him and was very nervous.
Jawed sahib sees her and ask Ap ko kiya chahiye humarii shehzaadi??
Fiza: Abu Humarii salgirah (B’day) aany walii hai.
Mr. Jawed smiles Jee Humarii shehzadii Boliye ap ko kiya chahiye??
Fiza: Abu Hum ap se jo maange woh App humen denge??
Mr. Jawed: koi shaq hai app ko??
Fiza: No Abu jaan says with childish expression.
Mr. Jawed: shezaadii ap jan’tii hai ap humarii Iklotii aulaad hain hum ne app kii koi bhi jaiz khuwaish poori kabhii der kii hai??
Fiza: NO Abu Jaan you are best father in the world.. She hugged him.
Mr. Jawed: Axha axha Ab Bas bhi kijye says with smile.
Fiza: Okay… Abu hum apnii salgirah (B’day) ke mauke par taufe (Gift) main app humen Pakistan jaane kii ijaazat de deeje… she said so politely.
Mr. Jawed thinks about two seconds… then utters Pakistan jaana chahtii hai aap??
Fiza: Jee Abu.
Mr. Jawed: But beta Pakistan main jayegii kis ke yahn?? App toh jan’tii hain na humara ab wahn koi nahii rehta.
Fiza: Abu humarii ek dost hai Ayesha who Karachi main rehtii hain who humen kaafi arsey(Time) se bularahin hain who khud bhii ayengii yahn but Abuu humen Pakistann jaane ka bahut shoq hai Abu kiya hum ja sakty hain??
Mr. Jawed: but beta aap toh jan’tii hain na Pakistan ke haalaat wahn jaana khtra hosakta hum Indians ke liye. Wahaan ke logon ka kiya pata kaise honge??
Fiza: Abu aap aise hi fikar (tension) ker rahen hai wahn ke log bhi humare jaise hain who bhi dono mulkon ke beach aman aur shanti chahty Abuu aam log donon mulkon ke ache aur amanpasand hoty jaise hum pakistanuin se mohabbat krty hain waise woh log bhi hum se mohbbat karty hain Abu pleassssseee. She pleads him.
Just then her mother shahista comes in room with cups of tea in the tray she overhears their talks and says to them.
Shahista: Dekhiye app kii betii toh nadaan main apnii iktolii bachii ko perdes nahii bhejungii sun leejy app says while putting tray on the table.
Mr. jawed takes a cup of tea… Dekh leejey shehzaadi ap kii Ammii jaan bhii mana kar rahiin hain..
Fiza gets angry and leaves from there Jawed and shahista looks on.
On the day of her b’day Mr. jawed gives her tickets of Pakistan’s flight. She gets really happy and hugs his father… Abuu Thank you so so so much you are really really best Abu in the world.
Mr. jawed: not only me your ammi is also best in world… she looks at Shahista and holds her ears I’m so sorry Ammii jaan hum ne ap ko boht tang kiya na?? Hum boht burii hain. Humen Mauaff kar deeje please Ammi Jaan.
Shahista: Umm thinks about two seconds and she laughs he he Aiye meri shezaadii gale lag jaayie.
She calls to Ayesha
Fiza: Guess what Ayesha???
Ayesha: Okay let guess to see your smile I think you are coming to Pakistan… Right??
Fiza: with big laugh…. Yaar Ayesha tu humen kita samajhtii hai yarr Ayesha how much you know me… Yes hum aarahen Pakistan theek do din baad humarii flight hai.. Okay bye humen boht saari tyarian karnii hai.
Ayesha: Okay bye.


FIZA reached at Jinnah Airport Pakistan where Ayesha comes to pick her home.
Ayesha tells her about her cousin brother Ehteshaam who is coming from America.


Fiza saeed: Main Female lead of the story… she is from India. She is very beautiful simple girl… Only one daughter of his parents.
Ehteshaam Ali: Main Male lead of the story He is most handsome yet serious boy he is doctor by profession he came to Pakistan in the search of someone.
Jawed saeed: he is Fiza’s father.. He is businessman loves his daughter very much he is very kindhearted person.
Shahista Jawed saeed: Fiza’s Mother.. She is house wife but very support mother.
Ayesha: fiza’s best friend from Pakistan… she is cousin of Ehteshaam… she is very bubbly and naughty girl.
Further character will be introduced as per story demand…

So hope you understand friends… this is my first attempt to write any story on Muslim background.
I hope I won’t disappoint anyone in future…
If you like this one then please press the like button… and also please give your review about the story…. And if you have any suggestion about the story then write in the comment section.
Till then bye tc
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  1. Riana

    Nice episode anee 😘…Fiza and ehteshaam makes a good couple…😙…Ehteshaam name is too rare i never heard off ! 😛…Updt soon 😚😚

    1. Anee

      Thanks Riana Finally you commented I was waiting for it…. And yeah dear Ehteshaam is my very unique name… and it is one of my classmate’s name and I like this name very much so i thought to put this name in my story. I’m really happy that you liked Fiza and Ehteshaam.

  2. Nice concept & beautiful story…. waiting for the next update !! Love the sweet convk btw father & daughter…..
    Lots of love Bitoli 😈6

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