Dulha MIL Gaya -shot 4


~~~~~~~~~~~Dulha Mil Gaya ~~~~~~~~~
Engagement Day..
Swara was still sleeping.. Sharmistha came tried to wake up.. But no use.. Lastly Arjun comes there throw bucket of water on her..
Swara with jerk open her eyes -Sanskarrrr!!!
Arjun was shocked listening the name.. But smile..
Swara turned and looked at him -What the hell !!!! Bhai.. Can’t you wake me up like normal human being!!!!
Arjun laugh – but you are a machine.. Not human..
Swara- what the hell!!! Bhaiiii!!!
Arjun laugh continually and said – it’s your engagement.. Saying this he left from there leaving tensed Swara
Swara thinks “oh shit.. Talking with sanskar I totally forgot about this Maheshwari guy!! What I do now….””just then Sanskar’s call comes but she switched off the mobile.. She was really panicked.. And tensed..

Sanskar was devastated first this engagement and Now Swara was ignoring him… He was not in mood to talk to anyone only fire will come out from his mouth… He was panicking… Just then he got idea and thinking ” when they will take me for engagement then I will escape in another car too airport but for that I have to get some help.. Oh yeah Arjun and Laksh!!! Only can do anything for me!!!! ” Now he have to talk.. Only with them but little he knows he is going fall in his own grave by telling them…

Ragini Ragini call Ap..
Ragini – yes Mom??
Ap – listen you have to go give this bangles t your would be Bhabhi..
Ragini – but Mom.. This..
Ap – this is a ritual.. In engagement girls wear bangles from her mother in law..
Ragini nodded and takes it moved to car..

Laksh – look this flower is not here properly.. Just do it immediately… Shouted..

Arjun – no no.. Mr Khurana you are best catered but I want everything perfect it’s my sister engagement… I want that sweet only… Yea..

Sharmistha – girls where are Swara’s dress.. Asked some of her relationship..

Shekhar on phone – yes Mr Dixit it is really a big day for our family I want you and your family come.. No I don’t want any execution…

Ragini and Aarohi smile looking at them and feels good by going to be in their families..

Arjun looks at them- Arrey Aarohi.. You here..
Everyone look at them..
Ragini greeted them – actually uncle has send these bangles for Bhabhi it’s a ritual…

Sharmistha – oh… Then go give your Bhabhi by your self..
Ragini smile and take Aarohi to swara room..

In Swara’s room
Swara on phone – yes I want tickets for New York flight.. Immediately.. I don’t care what cost it takes… Yes it would be evening flight.. Yes it’s Swara Gadodia!!! Do it… I will be at airport at 3pm….

But this was heard Ragini and Aarohi who were shocked..

In downstairs..
Arjun get the call of sanskar..
Arjun- hey what’s up!!
Sanskar – Arjun I want your help …listen its my engagement today I have told you right I want you and Laksh come to my house and give me company to that gadodia mansion… In front of mom.. So that I can escape to airport… Please man do it..!!!
Arjun was shocked..
Sanskar heard some sound he cuts the call..

Ragini silently knocked the door.. Swara look at her shocked..
Ragini smile – Bhabhi.. I came to give you these Bangles …has sent..
Swara signed up relief..
Swara fake smile – oh thanks.. I will wear it..
Ragini and Aarohi left from there.. While going down Aaarohi bump with Arjun.. They both look at each other… They both are tensed!!!
Aarohi – I want to talk to you!!
Arjun nodded.. He takes both of them to his room.. Laksh who look these also goes behind them..

PRECAP – rocking face off…… And Arjun trick

Credit to: Aryna

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