Dulha MIL Gaya -shot 3

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~~~~~~~~~Dulha Mil Gaya shot -3~•~~~~~~~~~
Swara was tossing in her room here and there.. Thinking any idea she never wanted to do this arrange marriage and now she literally fell in a dig!!!

Just then one call comes from random number…
On call..
Swara – hello??
Person – I love you!!
Swara – what the hell!!!
Person – are you deaf??? I said I love you..
Swara – what the hell!! Who the hell did you think of your self.. You fool.. How dare you to say this to me…
Person angry – keep your what the hell aside and I said I love you!!
Swara – you know whom you are talking Swara Gadodia!!!
Person – so what?? I am Sanskar Maheshwari and I said I love you!!! Realising what he said she immediately cut the phone..
Swara whisper – Sanskar??? One who was in flight but I remember perfectly I didn’t give him my number and.. Another one that Maheshwari guy.. He also don’t have my this number only my office staff know not even Laksh… Don’t think too much Swara this type you will get at every point!!

On the other side 20minutes before..
Sanskar, Laksh and Arjun met with each other after a long time…
Arjun – How is your life going on??
Sanskar – just worse as you can imagine my hell bent to make me marry with any Gadodia girl!!!
Laksh and Arjun suddenly look at each other with what’s going on..
Sanskar – oh sorry Arjun your surname is also gadodia right..!!
Arjun – that’s fine.. So tell us about her??
Sanskar – I don’t know anything and I don’t care to… I have many important work rather than knowing this girl I just one thing about her that she’s Gadodia and a daughter of Gadodias industrial… That’s it… And even I am not going to ask anyone…
Laksh and Arjun was looking at him shockingly….Laksh was going to say anything but Arjun pinch him to stop…
Sanskar – so tell me about you guys I get to know Arjun your sister is going congrats ……
Arjun smile sheepily – thanks “‘thinking… Now he is congratulating for his own marriage… Not bad!! He was mentally laughing at Sanskar “‘
Love was keeping hard to control his laugh.. Just then he get one idea..
Laksh – it’s so much time let’s play truth or dare!!
Arjun – I am in. …..
Sanskar – bring it on!!
Laksh spin the bottle and it stopped at Arjun..
Arjun – truth!!
Sanskar – well tell me you love any one???
Arjun – yes I have worlds best girlfriend…
Laksh smile..
Sanskar – what’s her name??
Arjun – one time one question!!
Arjun spin the bottle and it stopped at Sanskar..
Laksh – truth or dare..
Sanskar – dare!!!
Laksh grin in naughty and said – you have to call any random number and said I love you to that person…
Arjun was laughing …Sanskar was looking at him angrily…
Sanskar thinks and started dialling one random number 9..3…5..641374…and call connected…
Person accept that call..
Person – hello??
Sanskar took a deep breath – I love you.. (Laksh and Arjun was controlling hard on laughing.. Laksh taken the mobile and keep on speaker)
Person – What the hell!!!
(Laksh and Arjun was now shocked they recognize the voice )
Sanskar – Are you deaf?? I said I love you!!
Person – what the hell!! Who the hell did you think of yourself dare to say this to me…
Sanskar angry – keep your What the hell aside!! I said I love you …
Person – do you know whom you are talking Swara Gadodia!!
Sanskar – so what?? I am Sanskar Maheshwari and I said I love you.. But then he realized he said his name so he immediately cuts the call…
Arjun and Laksh was in horror how can even possible on earth.. He is the same who don’t want to marry and he is the same person who said her I love.. And then they understand god had made their Jodi!!
Arjun and Laksh together said looking at Sanskar who was fuming in anger -Dulha Mil Gaya!!
Sanskar – What???
Laksh – nothing..

After some time they all left… Sanskar was in his way then he thought something and call on same number ……

Swara look at the number angrily… But accept the call..

On phone
Swara – hello!!
Sanskar – hey I am Sanskar.. …I am sorry for what I spoke before it was just the game ..
Swara – what the he-…
Sanskar -don’t you know anything against your famous “What the hell ”
Swara – What..
Sanskar – don’t you dare to say “What the hell “again.. Then they both burst into laughter…
Sanskar – will you forgive me …?
Swara smile – only when you will become my friend..
Sanskar smile – I love to be your friend…

Days were passing like nothing… In this because of some rituals problem their engagement was postponed and they both were literally thanking panditji… With their heart they still dint look each nighter no their name inspite of surname which they love to say…. And cherry on the top is that after that game phone call they both started talking each other but they didn’t tell their details.. Only they know their names but they love to talk each other and chat each other…
Laksh and Arjun came to know about it but they remained silent… Where on the other side Aarohi and Arjun were lost in their love world …..and in this Laksh who always stare Ragini with intense gaze.. Become her friends… As their families meeting.. But in this never situation came that Sanskar and Swara meet each other or their families.. They always make any excuses and left the place… And more over Arjun and Laksh make them to excuse so that they dont know each other before as they are seeing they are falling in love by talking each other but little they both know if they see each other then volcano eruption is fixed!!!

Precap – Engagement…. And New fight

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