Dulha MIL Gaya -shot 2


Shot 2
In Sydney..
Sanskar was standing at airport with his secretary Aarohi (role play by Sukriti) shooting daggers at her..
Aarohi with innocent face -am sorry SR don’t fired me it was just small mistake!!
Sanskar took deep breath -just shut up Aarohi.. Just because you are my friend it doesn’t mean I will always don’t say anything because of you I have to waiting for flight my private jet was in Capetown because of your nonsense guest…
Aarohi – looking SR they are not nonsense OK Mr Charles has his marriage anniversary and he can’t be late…
Sanskar – oh yeah you and your social services!!
Aarohi – don’t be rude SR and by the RAGINI has call me and said Mom is OK but she is in hospital underobservation… So just prey don’t be angry bird…
Sanskar – I don’t know what I will do their you,ragini,mom,mama,mami, all are going to be mad and I don’t know from where this mad family came…
Aarohi giggling – you are also part bhai!!
Sanskar – I know I know!!!
Sanskar – flight announcement has done let’s go…
In flight..
Sanskar and Aarohi got different seats..
Sanskar was seated beside Swara and Aarohi was five six seat behind beside Laksh (this is connected flight between New York Sydney and India… Don’t be confused)
Swara was reading magazine so her face was covered.. And sanskar was looking at his mobile..
Just then Air hostess came..
Lady (air hostess) to Sanskar – Sir anything you want??
Sanskar – one Red Wine!!
Lady nodded then to Swara – excuse me Mam..
But Swara was not giving any response..

Lady – Mam??
Sanskar look beside her.. And moved magazine slowly his eyes was stuck.. After removing whole magazine.. His heart beat started fast.. His breath was stop and mouth went dry..
Lady shook the Swara – Mam??
Swara in sleep mode – please lucky two minutes more please…
Sanskar smile and – you go when she will wake up she will call you..
Lady nodded and left…
Swara snuggling in her sleep and mistakly place her head on his shoulder..
Sanskar was looking at her…
Sanskar think ” so now dream come true like one Angel is beside me sleeping.. I don’t know what to do.. I just wanted to live this moment whole life… ”
After one hour.. Swara wake up from her beauty sleep and then she realized she is sleeping on someone shoulder she look at above… And her breath stop for sometime.. Sanskar was listening song on his headset.. Closing eyes.. Swara was staring at him with intense gaze.. Just then Sanskar open the eyes only to caught her staring at him.. His brownie eyes met her blackish eyes and then world was stopped.. …

Swara was first one to break eyelock…
Swara was embarrassed – actually.. I.. I don’t..
Sanskar smile after listening her angelic voice – it’s OK!
Swara look at him – no I am sorry I didn’t know how I sleep on your shoulder..
Sanskar – it’s OK.. By the way I am Sanskar.. (thinks from when you started introducing your first name where SR or Mr Maheshwari gone)
Swara smile – I am Swara….
Sanskar – nice to meet you Swara…
Swara smile – same here Sanskar..
Sanskar ( oh god she just said my name.. It’s sounds so good)
Just then air hostess came with food..
Swara – will you please bring one black coffee without Sugar..
Sanskar look at her…. But didn’t say anything..
Lady – sure Mam…
Sanskar – without Sugar..??
Swara – Actually I am diabetic.. So without sugar..
Sanskar – I also don’t love sweet…
Swara laugh and said – but I was joking..

Sanskar – so who said I was saying truth!
Swara smack his playfully – you are too much Sanskar..
Sanskar – well I know!
After some time
Swara was gone to washroom..
Aarohi came there… Looking for Sanskar..
Sanskar – hey I am here…
Aarohi – I wanted to inform you that Mr Charles has safely landed and your lovely private jet is ready for India…
Sanskar pouting – someone is angry with me!!
Aarohi – yeah, you know SR I got a good friend besides me..
Sanskar – so somebody taken my place in few hours.. No way Aaarohi I love you you can’t this to me..
Aarohi – stop your drama SR and no body can take your place.. And I think your mood is vary good…what’s the matter you got your true love in some hour..

Sanskar smile then composed himself – no my darling only you are true love..
Aarohi – I am going otherwise I don’t know about your mood swings..
Aaarohi started leaving Sanskar said – I love you..
Aarohi smile and return back to seat.. But last thing was heard by Swara..
Swara comes back to her seat with hurt face.. And avoid Sanskar completely..
Sanskar – hey Swara you didn’t tell me from where your family is settled in India??
Swara look at him arrogant – You are just a stranger so I think you should stay in your limit Mr Sanskar!!

Sanskar worried – hey what’s wrong..?
Swara angrily – are you deaf just stay away from me!
Sanskar was now in anger.. Swara avoid him and started reading magazines…
Sanskar order one more glass wine and started drinking accidently some wine fell on Swara dress upper dress..
Sanskar – I am sorry.. It’s just..
Swara angrily – you jerk how dare you.. To spoil my dress!!! I know you guys are just playboy only knows how to play with women..
Sanskar was also in anger – stop your tongue.. It’s just accident and if you are too much royal then you should have extra clothes right go and change it…
Swara stamp her foot and and started going but accidently she fell on Sanskar and her lips touch his cheeks.. Both were shocked Swara immediately stands and move from there leaving shocked Sanskar…
Swara come after some time and sit beside him carefully…

Both didn’t say anything… Their situation was awkward..
After two hours…
Sanskar was magazine where SR fashion design was shown in top.. It was Asia’s biggest fashion house.. Sanskar was smiling proudly.. He forget everything about Swara who was sitting beside him…
Swara was keeping the coffee mug she noticed him smiling looking at something she peep and get the page..
Swara arrogant – oh SR fashion house..
Sanskar – you say anything?
Swara arrogant – No.. It’s just that SR fashion house is going to take part New York fashion show after three months…
Sanskar was not in the mood to talk with her so he simply play ear plugs and listen the song…
Swara also avoid him…

Flight land… They both started going… Sanskar look back at her but then what she says to him he was hurt and angry so he moved from there..

In India..
Swara and Laksh was taking the lagguge..
Swara saw Sanskar and Aarohi with each other hand in hand laughing..
Swara was hurt she didn’t know why but she was hurt..
Laksh – Swara you go I will come after some time..
Swara – where you are going?
Laksh – Rathore Mansion.. After that I will be there with you OK!
Swara nodded and left from there..
Laksh was also going when he bump someone
Laksh – oh sorry… Sanskar!!
Sanskar look at him and happily hugged him Laksh!!! How are you man!!!
Laksh – I am good… Long time dude
Aarohi also come there..
Aarohi – hey Laksh you know Bhai!!
Sanskar – how you know him?

Aarohi – he is My new friend in flight!!
Sanskar – oh!!
Laksh – Aarohi you are Sanskar’s Sister I didn’t know… Well dude after six years I missed you!!
Sanskar – I missed you yaa and that college days..
Aarohi – so you two are best friends!!
Sanskar – not we two… We three me Laksh and Arjun.. We three were college king.. Hey where is Arjun long time..
Laksh – with me.. Hey give me your number tommorow we three should meet..
Sanskar – offcource man!!..

After exchanging their number they left to their mansions..

Credit to: Vishi

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