Dulha MIL Gaya -shot 1

~~~~~~~~~~~Dulha Mil Gaya ~~~~~~~~~~
Sanskar Maheshwari a bussiness tycoon in fashion world having biggest branch in Sydney.. Arrogant, Rude and Greek God… Girls drool over him but he don’t give them a damm.. He was always wanted a true love.. In his life his Mom Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari and his elder Sister Miss Ragini Maheshwari are his life after his father Durga Prasad Maheshwari death..few years before Now he was living in Sydney last five years he didn’t come to India generally but his Mom and Ragini don’t spare a chance to make him come to India

Sydney Australia..
SR office
Everyone was gossiping working in full swing ….
“SR is coming “one employee came running inside that’s it there was one big silence no body open their mouths only breathing sounds was their
A man black Armani suits come inside followed by his Pa and manager giving instructions and didn’t care to greet anyone as always like heartless…

Pa -SR London fashion week is going to take in one week they wanted to meet with you and Mr Charles has sign the contract for New Year fashion show with us..
Manager -SR …Ragini Mam had made call in morning when you were busy with Mr Henry deal..
SR stopped his track as the cabin has come he goes to his leaghter chair..
SR – you both go get Ready for London fashion week I want all design in evening..
Both nodded and left..
SR call to Ragini..

Ragini – hello who is this??
Sanskar shook his head – stop it Di..
Ragini – oh I am so sorry Sanskar I don’t know you have called me I thought your wife didn’t leave you to talk with us…
Sanskar shock – which wife??
Ragini angrily – your laptop!!!
Sanskar – Di why are you so angry with me??
Ragini – you Duffer SR.. Mom has gone heart attack!! And.. Hello hello
Call ended..
In India
Ragini smile and look at her Mom.. Thumb up…

Ap smile – Now he will be back in few hours
Ragini sadly – but you shouldn’t have to do this he would be so much tense ….
Ap – I know Ragini but he never listens us but this time he have to marry the girl whom I have chosen because nither he is choosing any girl nor let us choosing US…
Ragini nodded. – Mom let’s go we have to start the drama!!

Ragini Maheshwari a calm and sweet woman with genius mind loves her young brother and Mom too much a traditional girl but not too much taking care of SR office of India only one year elder than Sanskar…

Annapurna Maheshwari a charming personality with sweet voice she loves her kids too much and wanted them to settle in their lives and a stubborn too after all she is mother of SR… Know very well how to handle her kids…

Swara gadodia a great designer loves her job more than anything else a egoistic and stubborn person with s*xy and hot figure and beautiful face a modern culture girl but loves her tradition very much not so much interested in Gadodias bussiness…. Hate the boys who drools over her always waiting for a true love loves her Dad Shekhar Gadodia, Mom Sharmistha Gadodia and brother Arjun (role play by Vivien Dsena) Gadodia.. Having best friend Laksh Rathore who is famous photographer…Swara and Laksh lives in New York City loves this place and Swara very well know her family who always make her to come India for some random guy and marriage proposal… She works in Charles fashion house….

In New York City..
Swara was doing her work in cabin for upcoming New York fashion show.. Just then her office cabin opened with bang…

Laksh comes inside and taken the opposite seat..
Swara – what happened why are you disturbing me???
Laksh eyes was moist..
Swara look at him panic -Laksh what’s wrong??
Laksh painly -Dad got mild attack..
Swara shockingly -whatt..
Laksh -actually Arjun has called me in morning and tell.. I directly came from photoshoot.. And.. (he look at her but she was no where in cabin)
Laksh laugh and called Arjun..
Laksh – yoo bro work is accomplish !!!
Arjun – talented photographer… In few Swara will be here just go and accompany her but also don’t do your worst winning over acting!!

Laksh – stop it you rude bussiness guy!! Laksh Rathore is best!!
Arjun -ya ya I know…
Call ended..
Laksh -finally India (grinned widely)

Laksh Rathore fun loving nature and handsome man loves his job.. A orphan but his family has left their business for him which is taken care by him he stays in his mansion but mostly his entry would be in Gadodia mansion he loves Swara’s mom and dad… Arjun is his buddy.. And he takes care of Swara as a friend nothing more… He loves India because he loves someone their..
In India
Arjun turns to his…Dad
Arjun- dad seriously Swara is not going to leave us…
Dad – oh god.. Relax Arjun.. I am also good actor and this time Swara is going to marry and that’s final!!
Arjun – but why you two are so hurrying about her marriage she is just 25years…
Mom – beta she had taken her career freedom everything we didn’t say anything to her because we trust her even she didn’t love anyone so that we can marry her with that guy…
Arjun- but Mom I am also 28years and Laksh 27years so what’s the big deal and marriage is not everything!!! But it’s your wish but I am not going to convince Swara in anything.. Saying this he left..

Arjun Maheshwari a smart bussiness guy and handsome hunk with devilish face but don’t have to much belief in marriage and love… Loves his family and his best friend… Laksh.. A arrogant and angry man type… But not with his family..

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