Hello guys I know I must be here with my ff but what to do … It’s my KitKat’s birthday well my Kk …. aare Kritika’s birthday on the best day
Some people are blessed with a soul-deep friendship. Thank you for being my soul friend! I wish you a beautiful special day! Happy Birthday

Well this has some hot scenes well not so hot so you guys can read ….Hope you guys Like it …
Let’s start :

“And Infatuated be damned . He was near to being blinded by his attraction to her. He was in Love, damm it all . He disliked her, he resented her he disapproved of almost everything about her yet he was head over heels in love with her Like a foolish school boy He wondered Grimly what he was going to do about it He was not amused nor was he pleased about it “

Kunj’s POV

“God this girl would surely drive me crazy one day … Who asked her to drink 7 shots in a go Could she not loose ….Twinkle and her ego …. I actually cruse the time I even thought of taking her to the Valentines day party Letting her participate in the boys Vs Girls drinking competition was a even bigger mistake “I thought but it was too late now I could see wife walking in drunken manner Her sober state causes my blood pressure to rise her drunken one is literally driving me crazy Her childish behaviour is annoying the hell out of me …. Why could she not behave in a more mature manner “I thought holding her tight by placing one of my hands on her shoulder while the other on was on her waist She was giggling all the time smiling like an Idiot “Can you Just shout up and Walk “ I screamed But I guess she did not care “ Where the hell are all the Taxies today .. Our car broke down mid way and we are here in the middle of now where

Twinkle bursted out laughing seeing me in such a cranky mood A stern dance from me made her place her forefinger on her lips sealing it with a cute pout and saying “Shhh” She stifled her giggle while her dark hair falling gently on her face making it glow in the moonlight

A thundering could be heard after the lightening brightened the sky

“Saddu It going to rain “ she said or rather say announced “ Thanks for the weather forecast “ I said

giving my One Eyebrow up look She suddenly pinched my eyebrows or say rather pulled out my hair “ Your Look is so cute “ she said and again started giggling Her touch brought down shivers down my spine But I shook my head I need to get her back home safely I thought and focussed on Twinkle

Twinkle was already among those who spoke a lot straight forward you know and now she was actually speaking a great deal of nothing literally nothing

“Why are you always so Saddu “ she asked “ You should smile more often you know “ she continued without waiting for a reply poking her forefinger on my chest scolding me To stop her from talking I made her spin so that she could be distracted but I guess it was a wrong move this sudden misbalance made her fall on me I was lost in her big beautiful eyes She looked so cute her hair covering her face I slowly removed it clearing my view but God this girl don’t know what happened to her suddenly she stood up and ran into the middle of the road stood there getting completely drenched this Umbrella was certainly of no use now Her perfect figure was magnified by her wet Shifon saree that she was wearing making her look smokingly Hot and S*xy

Sudenly she held her head and before she could fall on the ground I caught hold of her I panicked seeing her faint I almost shouted her name patted her cheeks I was hell worried but then I saw her slowly opening her eyes and giggling

“How dare you get me drenched “ I screamed at her While she continued laughing as if I had cracked Laugh until you die jokes “How dare you fake illness “ I jerked her “Why do you care “ she replied her voice sounding husky My breathe almost stopped Good question why do I care … I thought I really had no answer or was I afraid of answering “Stop it Twinkle come lets go home I said standing up while she pulled me by my collar the collar button was broken and my Clavicle ( bio student it means collar bone ) could be seen through my shirt

“Lets dance” she said “ No music “ I replied while she tried imitating Shahrukh Khan and I must say she was fairly good at it Suddenly from no where I could hear Music My irritating arrange marriage wife Looked so cute I could not resist the moment her hands locked around my neck I really don’t know how my hands slide down her waist She looked hot her smooth skin and my hands …. I dipped her down and slowly pulled her back …. I could feel her breath rise her perfume … it smelled like heaven …. I slowly moves my hands on her belly to discover more of it …. we were so close to I could feel her warm breath which drives me more crazy I took out my coat … I moved close to her …. our lips only inches apart our lips meet my rough one on her cute rosy pulpy one … I licked her lips feeling it …. I slowly but her lips causing her to mourn that mourning of hers made me more crazy

Our tongues playing with each other I must say her mouth tasted like. … chocolate ice cream soon we broke the kiss “You taste yummy ” I said “Not me the chocolate ice cream we ate tasted good ” she said and giggled and walked away she kept mumbling something which I could hear faintly …. it was something like “That Alisha what does she think can’t take care of her husband and wanted to take care of my Kunj ” she said “Twinkle ” I called out “And you Kunj … why were you dancing so closely with that KK” (Not you KitKat) she said … “Kk? ” I asked ” Kuti Kamini….. Kunj how can I use bad words in front of my husband ” she said and kept the pallu of her Saree on her head “Twinkle” I said I felt like laughing on her cute jealousy She was jealous of Alisha my friend …. “Kunj why are you smiling like an idiot ” she said and tried giving a one eyebrow up look but failed completely at it …. no one can do it as I do ….

“Twinkle let’s go home ” I said trying to pull her “Kunj carry me na “she said throwing her arms up and down “Twinkle….” I said ” Please na ” she said and I could not resist her cute request I picked her up and she clapped like a kid who jumps in joy after getting his favourite chocolate “Kunj …. I love you” she said pulling my nose “Twinkle you are not in your senses ” I said and tried controlling my self from adoring her beautiful face ” But Kunj I really Love you ” she said moving her fingers in my face making small circles with it “Twinkle ….” I said stopping her but all my efforts went in vain we finally reached home and I took her to the room thank God all the family members were asleep or else what would they think about us. …. I thought mentally thanking God for saving me ….

We entered the room and I gently placed Twinkle in the bed she was all wet and so was I… I removed my shirt because it was wet I took a towel and decided to dry Twinkle’s hair first so I did it as I was drying her hands she started giggling “Kunj you are tickling me” she said I decided to enjoy this moment I made her feel ticklish …. finally I stopped it was time to dry her legs …. I felt a bit awkward but before I could say anything I saw Twinkle pulling her saree a bit up she was now sitting with her Saree almost pulled up to her hip …. her beautiful smooth long legs and my hands the only thing that was in between them was that towel ….

She looked at me a romantic hot eyelock between us She started coming close to me …. Took the towel and started drying my body my abs my armpit everything her Saree was loosely pined it fell showing her rising b**mbs which made me attracted towards her …. but she is drunk I thought …. while she said …. “Kunj do you think I can Get drunk with 7 shots ” she said and came close to me sitting on my lap putting her hands around my neck I was shocked She wasn’t drunk …. means she loves me “Saddu I really Love you and… and I want you to take our relation to the next level she said turning her back towards me indicating me to untie her blouse …. I could also not control myself …. we took our relation to the next level I kissed her all over her legs her belly and her nape Now this was it for her I guess I made the tigress in her come out she came on top of me and started kissing liking my body sometimes bitting it sometimes tickling it Now I took control I came on top making her caged in between my hands I started giving her love bites ….

“Happy Valentine’s night” she said and cuddled herself into me Our naked body touching each other we became one sole that day …sorry night …. “Well Twinkle we celebrated all the pre Valentines day today it self “…. I said making her blush “our Kiss and hug and dance and direct proposal and chocolate day … Our chocolate ice cream ? and Teddy day ?”she questioned” well I have the worlds s*xiest teddy” I said and placed my cold hand on her hot body making my grip tighter on her
Hope it was worth reading …
Love you guys ?

Keep smiling will Post my ff’s soon ?

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  1. SiyappaQUEEN

    Mili yaar tussi great ho what an os. Just out of words love it to the moon and back…???
    Love you to the core..
    Do write more. I am waiting.
    Aur romance was hotness over loaded. Twinkle drama of being drunk yaar. It was so cute sizzling romantic os. No words to say..

    1. SidMin

      Hey Thank you yaar 🙂
      Love you infinity +1 🙂

  2. Presha

    Hey milli awesome just loved it…
    It was hot as well as romantic

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂

  3. awsm..cute..os

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Sameera

    Hawwwww it’s sooo hot and cute yaar sidmin loved it soo cute kk ????? ..

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂

  5. nice os di..srry for short comment bzy hun…

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂

  6. Kritika14

    Aye thank you for this amazing OS! It was so cute and adorable! Moreover, that kk mention in b/w was so hilarious ? I couldn’t stop laughing! ? Do write more of these!

    Love you!

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
      I would definitely write more of these hilarious OS’s coz it gives me such a good break from the emotional ff’s I write
      Love you infinity +1 🙂

  7. SidMin23

    It was cute and drunk twinkle was ?? and twinj we’re super cute together always.

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂

  8. Sohi

    It was very romantic and hot
    Hey I can do one eyebrow up look even more better than sid
    Do continue

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂 And thats great … the one eyebrow up Is my favourite 🙂

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂

  10. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god mili it was too good…………☺
    soooo twinkle was nt drunk hahahahhaaaa………….♥
    srsly wow beautiful n romantic hot n s*xy……..
    osm marvalleous speechless………
    lods of love……….☺
    post ur ffs soon dea………☺

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
      Will Post my ff’s soon 🙂

  11. Simiyy

    It was super cute
    loads of love

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂 Love you too 🙂

  12. Paavu

    Mili it was super cute hot romaantic and really I loved everything kunjs povs twis antics and all pls post ur ff soon open up mysteries of twi bro

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂 Will post my ff’s soon 🙂

  13. Kruti

    Mili….that was amazing…..I legit loved it
    Sorry for d late comment….lately I am being a bit busy….sorry once again

    Loads of love

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
      And friendship meh no sorry no thank you 🙂
      Love you 🙂

  14. Awsm yaar so hot and intersting

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂

  15. Aanya_pandey

    This was really cute…

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂

  16. Ramya

    Awesome sidmin
    Love u keep smiling

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
      Love you too 🙂

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