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Drenched (Swasan OS) by Mona


Swara stared at her husband as he was engrossed in his work. She studies all his actions with a stupid smile on her face.

“Sanskar, you said 5 minutes. Now it’s been since 15 minutes. So stop your work now.” Swara complained.

“Well, how can I work when my beautiful wife is drooling over me.” said Sanskar grinning.

“I was not drooling.” Swara said keeping theg her lips in a thin line.

“Of course.” Sanskar teased and went back to his work.

She observed him as he bite the end of pencil and his eyebrows furrowed. ‘So cute.’ She thought.

“How many times I have told you not to call me that?” Sanskar said annoyed. His face turning red with embarrassment. ‘Did I say it out loud?’ She thought.

“Yes you did.” He said.

“Well, I never told you that I will not call you cute.” Swara smirked at him.

“Don’t say that word.” Sanskar said, his face turning more red.

“Oh Sanskar you are so cute when you are angry.” She said pinching his cheeks.

“Stop calling me that c word.” He cried.

“Really? What will you do?” Swara dared dramatically.

“You don’t want to know.” He smirked and launched forward to catch her. But she was too fast and she escaped from him. She ran from him laughing.

“Cute cute cute..” Swara sang as he continued to chase her. She moved from one corner to another dodging things and throwing pillows at Sanskar who barely managed to dodge all those.

At last Sanskar stopped tired and he started to breathe heavily. She stopped seeing it and she got worried. She ran towards him.

“Sanskar are you ok-”

“Caught you.” Sanskar said swiping her off from the floor and carrying her over his shoulder.

“What the hell Sanskar?” Swara screamed.

“I told you not to call me that. Now you are going to get your punishment.” He smirked.

“Leave me.” Swara cried beating his back.

“Oh don’t worry, I will.” He laughed.

Swara gasped in horror as he carry her to the bathroom and then towards the tub.

“No no yo-you can’t do tha-that.” She stuttered as he filled it with water.

“Yes I can.” He said.

“Please Sanskar. I will do anything but don’t do this.” She begged pouting forgetting he can’t see her face.

“You will do anything?” He asked.


“Then say sorry.” He shot.

“Why will I say sorry?” She argued.

“For calling me the c-word.” He stated.

“No, I will not because I am not sorry about and I was telling the tru- Sanskaaaar!!”

There was a loud splash and then Swara was lying in tub fully drenched. Sanskar laughed uncontrollably seeing her.

“This-is-not-funny.” Said Swara angrily emphasising each word.

“Yes it is. Really.” He said laughing holding his stomach which made Swara’s face turn red like a tomato with anger.

Swara tried to get up but she slipped and fall in the water again which made Sanskar laugh more.

“I hate you.” She said grinding her teeth.

“I love you too.” He laughed.

Swara frowned at him and proceed to launch at him like a lioness the next second. Sanskar was caught off guard and he fall backwards.

He caught hold of the shower tap which turned on. His other hand wrapped around her, the water fall all over them.

His eyes locked with hers and they refused to move away. Swara hold his shirt and laid her eyes on his as if they were the windows to his soul.

The water poured drenching both of them but that moment was meant for them.

He looked away for a second and started to observe her face. There were water droplets everywhere. He gulped when she bit her rosy lip as the water wetted it. Her damp hair was coming out from the bun and falling on her face. She tried to remove it rubbing the side of her face on her shoulder but became unsuccessful.

He leaned in touched her nose with his’. She closed her eyes and her lips parted a little. He trapped the lock of hair with his forehead and slowly moved it towards the rest of hair. It gets sticked in there as it is damp. He leaned back for a moment to see Swara blushing like a tomato. He smirked at what his closeness do to her.

She opened her eyes frowning at the loss of contact to find that he was observing her again. It made her self conscious and she tried to cover up her clothes which were almost transparent. She saw a smirk forming on his face as she did it.

He removed his hand from the shower tap and pulled her closer(as if it is possible) using both. She gasped as their bodies came into such close contact. His hand moved and it slipped under her damp clothes. She felt electricity passing through her as he touched her navel. He slowly traced circles over her it. She hid her face in his chest wrapping her hands around his neck.

“Sanskaar.” She moaned as his fingers trailed lower.

“Don’t you think we are wasting water?”

A sound question breaked her out of the trance and she raised her head from his chest in confusion.

“What??” She asked.

Sanskar proceeded to close the shower taking his hands off her and her face fall in disappointment and anger at the loss of intimacy. He quickly got a towel and went out of the bathroom leaving her.

Swara didn’t move a step as she could still feel good touch. She was too caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice someone coming back and leaning in towards her ear.

“Don’t worry. We’ll continue that in the bed.”


I know this is short but hope you like it.

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