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It was another beautiful day in plesant month of February. We could see a girl sitting in a rolling chair her room painted green with a table where the books were neatly arranged. We could see that girl flipping some pages it was a book she was reading it when someone called her.she rushed it was her mom she said what were u doing she said Maa reading her Maa said see keep in ur mind I want u to become a doctor so go n read u have many responsibilities hereafter don’t waste time always watching TV or doing something useless okk see how ur father is working hard go that girl went to her room n locked the brown n sandal mixed door.she was feeling suffocating tears rolled up in her eyes the wind blew wiping her tears from her open window she shut her window n sat on her blue chair she started to learn biology she was reading about nervous coordination she is a topper in her 10 quiet girl jovial but never expressed she has taken bio maths as her main course as to become a doctor. Becoming doctor was her aim may not her all said her to become a doctor while she was young later she was inspired so she aimed to bcom a doc medicine became her passion she wanted to help poor people she wondered what would she have selected if they gave her choice.she shut her thoughts as many things were haunting her.she remembered her mom once saying that all have their beliefs on her she has to become a doctor n how her uncle bought from someone meet books worth 2,00,000. She has to become doc fr prestige she said i m keeping u as u read well .another memory flashed in her eyes her mom was lovely daily she’ll leave her on her school gate n kiss her cheeks n go she loved her mom very much.
She wrote in her diary
Dear lucky ( diary nick name)

You know I have many wishes to fulfill.I want to live my life by myself like my aim my efforts my wish my opinion needs space my dreams too lucky why do they influence their decisions on me I feel frustrated why don’t I have right to have wishes or I’m not supposed to have wishes my mom she hates me being second once in tenth exams I got low marks she scolded me so bad .now. I’m second topper of my half yearly exams but still not enough.but sometimes she is my solace how can i say her I miss my mom who loves me just bcos of what I am n my pa who loves his beti I’m tired lucky don’t worry I wont end my life as none has right to die life is once na so let me enjoy …bye good night lucky bye Dr……

After sometime that girl was reading a book labelled destination freedom where she read
A time to be born,and a time to die, a time to plant,and a time to pluck what is planted,a time to kill,and a time to heal,a time to break down,and a time to build up, a. Time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn ,and a time to dance,a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones, a time to embrace ,and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to gain, and a time to lose,a time to keep ,and a time to throw away,a time to tear, and a time to sew,a time to keep silence ,and a time to spark a time to love,and a time to hate,a time of war ,and a time of peace by king Solomon.

She made up her mind to achieve her long lost dream of becoming a doc
She slept with thought of a bright future
That girl is pragya pragya arora now a best cardiologist in whole world.she even changed her parents thoughts.

Many of them die due to stress of their parents influence but only some survive so parents don’t force ur child let them as their wish as its their life not urs n don’t feed ur long lost desire on them …not all r successful like pragya in even changing their parents even achieving their guys don’t lose hope on life read king Solomon saying once again n live ur life n enjoy
Comment if u like n see u all with another update busy pu**y so only
Maya di sad u ended ff but it was awesome my confusing beauty di it was a wonderful end di .
Prathi di missing ur ff n kaisa yeah ishq gain aditi di so nice n accidental love too I love all ffs but no time yo comments n new writers welcome all I’m ttoo now in stress like this pragya .bye everyone

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  1. Nice dear….gud msg

  2. Prathi

    Take care princess.. Lovely and thought provoking OS…!

  3. Hi krisha sis it is really a heart touching story dear….nice one and motivational too…. write many like this dear….waiting for you other works…..

  4. waaaw there she comes with a mind blowing one again love uuuuuu

  5. superb os with good message

  6. Don’t get stress too much sis! Take care and try to talk or share anything stress that u feel to ur friends or sisters like us…dont take it to heart as stress is something very dangerous!! Take care again and awesome OS with a very gd msg. Thanks for liking the ending

  7. SamyuSam

    suprbbbbb dear…. keep rocking……… take care……….

  8. lovely os really great writing

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