I Dreamt Ishqbaaz Like This – Part 2

So guys this is Dini again with another epi. Thank u for ur wonderfull comments. Let’s peep to 2day’s epi.

Anika (looking @ god idol) : Why???? Why???? Why everything to me???? What I did that u always punish me like this???

Hearing Anika’s words Shivaay stops behind & listen to Anika with others.

Anika (crying to God) : When I was 6 u snatched my mummy pappa from us. U made me & chutki orphan. Then u were silent when those devils were torturing us in dark rooms of the orphanage. After that u snatched my chutki also from me. But I didn’t say anything cause I believe in u. When I was 8 I got results for my believe by Sahil’s parents. They took me to their home & treated me as their own daughter. Then Sahil came to this world. We were happy & I was full content with my life although I missed my sister. My believe on u became more stronger. But u didn’t like my happiness. U brought haricane in my life by bringing my real family in front of me. Because of those greedy people we lost our parents. They were killed in front of my eyes & I couldn’t do anything. Sahil lost his walking ability cause of me. Do u know??? Whenever I saw Sahil with cluches I die 1000 times in guilt. But still I believed u. Today U didn’t do right…… No it’s not right……

Hearing Anika’s confrontation Shivomru & Saumya is shocked. All r crying. Shivaay is dumbstuck remembering his behaviour towards her from the starting. He is angry on him hence of his rude behaviour towards his ladylove. He just want to hug her & assure her that everything will be fine.

Anika : Enough is enough ur drama now. I need Sahil. I can’t live without him. Do u hear that???? If anything happen to him I will believe that u just a rock, u don’t have any power. So show ur power if u want me to believe u again. Did u get that???? I need him….. I need my Sahil…… Sahil…..

Shivaay can’t take it anymore. He just ran to Anika & hugged her tightly. Omru also come to her & hug her. Tears r rolling down in everyone’s eyes. Anika cries hardly holding shivaay. While crying Anika again faints in Shivaay’s arms.

Shivaay : Anika….. Anika…..

Shivaay takes Anika in his arms & rushs to hospital. Om & Rumya follow him.


Anika is lying on the bed. Shivaay is sitting beside her holding her hand. His eyes are wet in tears. He remembers all his moments with Anika & her confrontation.

Shivaay (caring Anika’s face) : I’m sry…. I’m really really sry…. U have seen a lot in ur life but still I hurted u more. I’m really really sry Anika. It was my weakness to behave like that with u & sahil. But no more. I’ll tell u everything (about Mrs. Kapoor’s blackmailing) & we will face it together. For that I need ur help. U are my power system. I’m really really sry.

Shivaay kisses Anika’s forhead. Omru & Dadi look on through the window & smile.


Doctor comes out. All rush to doctor (Shivaay is not here as he is with Anika).

Om : Doctor, How’s Sahil now?
Doctor : Mr. Oberoi we have done dressing to his wound. But his neuro system is somewhat affected. So to treat for that we called one of the best neurologist here. He’s on his way. Now we r transering patient to ICU after that u can see him. I’ll inform u when neurologist arrive.
Rudra : Thank you Doctor.

All get somewhat reliefed.

Rudra : I’ll inform Shivaay bro & come. (Rudra leaves.)
Om : Dadi, U plz go home. We’ll be here with Anika & Sahil. Saumya, Go home with Dadi.
Saumya : Okay bade bhalwale bhayya. If there’s anything inform me.
Om : Okay.
Dadi : Take care of everyone.


Still Anika is unconcious & Shivaay is taking care of her. Rudra comes in.

Rudra : Bhayya, How’s Anika di???
Shivaay : Sleeping now because of the medicine given. How’s Sahil???
Rudra : He has been shifted to ICU after dressing the wound. Doctors say that his neuro system is damaged. So….. (cut between by Shivaay)
Shivaay : Then ask them to bring best neurologist here to treat Sahil. I need Sahil back fit & fine.
Rudra : Yaeh Bhayya. They have already asked someone to come & he’s on the way. They will inform us when he comes.
Shivaay : Okay…

Nurse comes in.

Nurse : Mr. Oberoi, Neurologist has came & he wants to meet u.
Shivaay : I’m coming. Rudra, Stay with Anika.
Rudra : Okay Bhayya….

Shivaay leaves the room with nurse.


A guy is shown reading a file. A knock in the door.

Guy : Come in.

Nurse & Shivaay come inside.

Nurse : Hello doctor.
Guy : Hello..
Nurse : Sir, This is Mr. Oberoi. That patient’s guardian.
Mr. Oberoi this is the neurologist who’s going to treat Sahil.
Guy : Sahil….. (Remembers a little child who’s playing & a sad smile appears in his face.)
Shivaay : Hi, I’m Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Guy : Hi, Thevin Mehra.

Precap : Who’s this Thevin Mehra?????

So this my episode. Hope u will like it.
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