I Dreamt Ishqbaaz Like This – Part 1

This starts with the promo where Pinky & Tia accuse Sahil for theft.


Pinky : Shivaay, throw out this thieves from this house.
Anika : What r u saying aunty?
Tia : Don’t act smart Anika. Ur brother have stolen my necklace.
Anika : What???? R u out of ur nuts Tia? He can’t do something like that.
Pinky : Then hows this necklace wents his room Anika? By walkings?
Sahil : Didi I didn’t steal it. U know na I can’t do such things. (He hugs Anika & cries.)
Anika : Shivaay, My brother can’t do something like that. I’m sure somene has deliberantly kept it here so that Sahil gets caught.
Om : Choty ma, I think u all have mistaken. Sahil can’t do something like that.
Pinky : Shivaay, Now for what proof ur waiting for? Throw them out.
Shivaay : Sahil, Say sorry..

This shocks Omru & Dadi as well as Anika. Anika feels betrayed by Shivaay words.

Anika (angrily) : When he hasn’t done anything wrong he won’t say sorry Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay : Anika…..
Sahil : SSO, I didn’t do anything. This cheapde lady baba has done that. I’m sure.
Tia : You….

Tia drags Sahil while raising her hand to slap him. Because of Tia sudden act Sahil loses his balance & roll down from the staircase. All get shocked.

Anika : Sahil……
Shivomru : Sahil………

Anika runs down the staircase & takes Sahils head to her lap who was lying unconciously in a pool of blood. All rushes to Sahil.

Anika : Sahil….. Get up Sahil….. Sahil plz open ur eyes….. Sahil……..
Shivaay : Sahil….. Rudra, bring the car.

Rudra runs out while Shivaay takes Sahil in his arms & runs to the vehical. Om holds Anika & follows Shivaay with her. Rudra is ready with the car @ the entrance. Anika gets in & takes Sahil to her lap. Shivaay gets in front & Rudra flies to the hospital. Om & others follow them in another car. Anika is crying & asking Sahil to get up all the while.


As soon as they reach Sahil is taken into the OT. Anika breaks down while Rudra holds her. Anika cries badly holding Rudra. Shivaay looks on teary eyed.

Rudra : Sh… Bhabhi enough. Stop crying plz.
Anika : I don’t have any one other than him Rudra. He is my life..
Rudra : He will be perfectly fine bhabhi. Nothing will happen to him.
Anika : I can’t live without him. If anything happens to him I won’t be alive.
Rudra : Sh……. No Bhabhi….. Stop crying plz….

This full conversation was witnessed by Om & others who just arrived there. Dadi comes to Anika & touched head where Anika hugs dadi tightly. Just then doctor comes out from the OT & family rushed to him.

Shivaay : Doctor how’s Sahil?
Doctor : Look Mr. Oberoi, I can’t lie to u. His condition is very critical. The wound is very deep & there less chances to survive.

This gives a huge shock to Oberoi family specially Anika.

Shivaay : What do u mean by that? I don’t know anything Sahil should be fine. Otherwise u don’t know what can I do. I’ll destroy this hospital.
Doctor : Look Mr. Oberoi. Nothing going to change because of ur anger. We r doing our best. We have called one of the best neurologist to attend this patient. He is on the way. U guys just pray for him.

Doctor leave the place. Tears r rolling down from everyone’s eyes. Anika gets flashes of sahil’s antics & their siblings moments. Doctor’s words reverberating in her mind. Her sight gets blured. She fainted.

Shivaay : Anika…..

Shivaay runs to Anika & hold her before her fall.

Om : Anika….. Doctor….
Shivaay : Anika …… Get up…. Open ur eyes.

Another doctor comes to there & ask Shivaay to bring Anika to the beside room. Shivaay picks Anika to his hands & brings to the bed in the room.

Shivaay : Anika……. Open ur eyes Anika… Plz…
Nurse : Mr. Oberoi plz… Wait outside…

Shivaay goes out & looks @ Anika through the glass. Tears are rolling down through Shivaay’s eyes while Omru trying to console him.


Doctor comes out from the Anika’s room. Shivaay hurried to him.

Shivaay : Doctor, How’s she?
Doctor : Mr. Oberoi. She’s perfectly fine. Because of the stress she fainted. She needs rest.
Shivaay : Thank you Doctor. Can we meet her?
Doctor : No Mr. Oberoi. I have given her an injetion to sleep. She’s sleeping now. Plz let her rest.

Saying this Doctor leave from there. All sigh in relief.

Dadi : Thank u god. Anika’s fine. But still her life is fighting with death. Plz mzke him fine also. Otherwise I won’t be able to face her. Plz god….

Everyone look on sadly. Time is going on. Anika is shown lying on the bed unconciuosly. Shivaay is continuesly staring her through the glass. Sahil’s operation is going on. Everyone pray for sahil. Sahil’s cute antics haunting in everyone’s mind. Tears rolling from everyone’s eyes.
Sahil’s naughty, cute antics are shown. Anika-Sahil’s sibling moments are shown & finally Sahil’s accident is shown. Anika gets up with a jerk. Doctor’s words haunts in her mind. She gets down from the bed & go away from the room like a dead body. Nobody see her leaving the room.


All r worried about Sahil.

Saumya : Rudra, I just go to Anika di & come. May be she has awaken now.

Rudra nod his head in agreement. Saumya walks to Anika’s room & open the door. She gets shocked to see Anika’s bed empty. She comes in & checks washroom but find Anika nowhere.

Saumya : Anika di…

Saumya runs out.

Saumya : Bade bhayya… Rudra….
Shivaay : Saumya What happen????
Rudra : Sumo why r u shouting????
Saumya : Bhayyya, Anika di is not in her room. I search everywhere. she’s not there.

Everyone get shocked hearing this especially Shivaay. Shivaay runs to Anika’s room so as others.

Shivaay : Anika…..
Om : Shivaay, She’s not here. Let’s check outside. She should be somewhere near.

Shivomru & saumya run out to search Anika. While Shivom Search inside Rumya go out to search out side. All r running everywhere & searching for Anika but noone get a single clue. Rumya search for Anika outside the hospital then they see a temple & go to search there. Rumya enters to the temple & search for Anika. Saumya saw something & point it out to Rudra. Both of them sigh in relief as Anika is there in front of god praying him. Rudra take out his 4n & calls someone. After couple of minutes shivom arrive there. Rudra shows Anika to them. Shivaay angrily comes to Anika.

Precap : Anika’s confrontation…..

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