“”A DREAM””:::SWASAN SS by Kakali part 15


Hii ev1,, here m with d 15th part..
Thnk u all for ur amazing response on previous parts.. thnk u to all silent readers also..once again sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors.. :0 😀

Guyzz story has come to an end… just 3 more episodes to go….. sooo silent readers plz comment… !!!

Today also “NO PROOF READ”… i write it in hurry….

So Let’s go inside d DREAM,,,

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Recap-Sanskar’s dream to kiss Swara… !!!!

Here we gooo,,,,,,,

Next day at college in classroom ::::

SwaMin is waiting for Swayam n Laksh… but today both r late…

“Shona !! Today what happened to SwaLak? Why so late? “Asks Simin in a very curious tone…

“Waaa!! How will i know? Waise u r asking about both na? I mean Swwaayaamm tooooooooooo? ” says this Swara giggles…

“Of course about Swayam only”says in flow but realises what she said n try to divert d topic…

“Baas kar Simmu !!! I know everything… what’s going between u n Swayam
..huhhh !!!”

“Nothing no..thing like that Shona !!” Says Simin n blush….

“Omgggg Simmu why u blushing so hard..??. God !! tough competitor for Lucky… bapree both bro-dis r same…”

“Shut up Shona !! Don’t tease me ok !!.. BDW i have some work in library.. need to complete today itself… soo byee meet u at lunch..” saying this Simin bids bye n goes for her work…

“Haa !! Byee !!”

After sometime :::::

Swayam n Lucky comes to class where Swara is completing her assignment…

Swayam-Heyy Shona !!!

Swara-Hii Swayam !! Hii Lucky…

Lucky-Hi Shona !!(says in a low tone)

Swara-Arrey Lucky what happened?? U sounding so Low today… !! Anything wrong?

(Lucky’s face is soo pale today… he is disturbed for something… let’s see for what?)

Lucky(takes a deep breath)-Shona !! M leaving … !!

Swara-Huh !! Pagal rit now u have come n again going… but why?

Swayam-Shona he is leaving for Indonesia after 3 days… his parents r going to settle there permanently….

Swara looks shockingly at Swayam n then avert her gaze to Lucky who is looking down…”What do u mean by that Swayam?”(to Lucky)Hippo what’s Swayam is saying? Is it true?”

Lucky(still looking down)-Haa Shona we r moving… !!

Swara is so shocked with his sudden news but before she could react Lucky’s phone rings n it’s from his Papa…”Guyzz papa is calling … excuse me ” n goes …

Without saying anything Swara left d classroom…

Swayam can understand her situation so didn’t say anything…

Swara is walking through d corridor thinking something very deeply n bump with someone…. she looks at d person n he ia none other then her so call father Shekher Gadodia….

She is sooo happy thinking her Papa come college to meet her n asks in joyfull tone”Papa u here.. what a pleasant surprise!! U come to meet me na ?? M sooo happy… did u forgive me…papa? N is about to hug him but ….. stops n at a moment her smile fades away…

“Stay away u girl… !! Don’t call me Papa… m not ur father… !! N for ur kind information m not here to meet u… ur principlal called me as he need my signature on some of urs forms… n i had to come… !!! Don’t hope much !! I can never accept u… infect no one can accept a curse like u…don’t know why God is punishing me… !!! Now i have to address myself as ur Father… it’s better to die even… ” he taunts n move leaving a heart broken n teary eyed Swara….. who is struggling hard to stop her tears but this time tears also betrayed flowing continuously through her red cheeks…..n murmurs “Noo Papa… !! God is with u… he will always bless u…. Infect he is punishing me !!!”

She wipes her tears n again makes a way back to her classroom…

At classroom ::::

Swara enters n looks at Swayam who is busy in his mobile ….

Swara-Swayam where is Lucky ?(asks with an emotionless face)

Swayam-He is still talking with Uncle or u can arguing with him… waise where were u? R u okk Shona? (Asks in concern)


Swayam sence her mood n tries to change it “Shonaa can i say u one thing? Afrer not getting any reply he says ” Shona i must say yesterday Sanskar was soo jealous of me … ”

On d other hand Sanskar is also coming to class.. he seems to be very veryyy angry n frustrated…. all night he couldn’t sleep thinking about SwaSwa’s closeness n Swara’s behaviour towards him…. he is soo damn irritated….. (*destruction starts)… He is about to enter but overhears SwaSwa convo…

Swara(shock)-Why would be Sanskar jealous of u?

Swayam-Oo ooo ooooo my innocent Shona !!! U r tooo cute(pulls her cheeks)… U seriously didn’t notice Sanskar yesterday…. if not then let me tell u…. He was mad at u… !!!

Swara-Tell me clearly.!!!.. m not getting u…(asks with a blank face)

Swayam-I mean ur avoidance is effecting him… U R EFFECTING HIM….

n my trick is showing it’s effect….(says under breath which is only audible to Swara)

Swara-Trick !! What trick… !!!?

Swayam-Nothing Shona !!! It’s just i was acting to be close with u… n was making Sanskar jealous… now loook my trick works !!! He is bothered with our friendship…. HE LIKES U SHONA… !!! SANSKAR LIKES U…. (says n twirls her)

Swara is dumbstruck by his words ………. ,,,

Swayam- n i think … (Lucky interrupts him)

“Man !!! What’s wrong with papa ?? Why can’t he understand me?? Damn n bangs his fist on bench.”..

Swayam-Again what Happen Lucky?

Lucky-Yarr i don’t want to gooo… !!! How can i yarr !!! My college,,, my friends, my family members all r here…. how can i leave n go?? I can’t do this….. says with a crying face….

Swayam-But u can convince uncle…!!!

Lucky-I tried Swayam … i tried… but Papa is not ready to listen…. how could he take such an important decision without my consist….. !!! Everytime he does according to him.. i don’t know what to do…..sometimes i think it’s better if i didn’t have papa… . (Again his phone rings) damn !!! Again papa…

(To SwaSwa)-Guyz m learning for home… says n left d room….

Hearing his last lines Swara remembers her Papa’s words n says with a shaken n broken voice “U know Swayam !! I wish i could be an orphan….. Sometimes even i think it’s better to not to have father like …… but before completes she feels a burning sensation on cheeks …..

“””””THUDDDD!! “”””

SwaSwa looks on shocked…… !!!

Swara holds her cheeks n looks at Sanskar with teary eyed… !!!!

“SOO THIS IS U,, THE REAL SWARA GADODIA,,, !!!! SUCH A CHEAP N DISGUSTING GIRL”…. says Sanskar giving her a disgusting look…

“Look man !!! Nothing like u ” (Sanskar cuts off showing his hand to him)

“Stay out of this metter !!! M talking with her ,, it’s better not to interfere…. otherwise … … …. ……. “says with blood shoot eyed…

“Otherwise what !!? What ??? ” Swara nods her head telling him not to react n let him say….

“Clap clap clapppp !!!! Wowwww !!! Mr.Swayam Sekhawat has become a puppet now !!! (To Swara)- M impressed with u !! M totally impressed ….. ”

“U know what Swara !!! I was feeling guilty that i broke our friendship… i was guilty thinking did i do anything wrong with u… !!!! ”

But i did rit…. i was correct….

“N U THINK I LIKE U,,, HAAA !!! U THINK I WAS JEALOUS OF UR N URS SOO CALLED PUPPET’S CLOSENESS !!!! u r wrong Swara !!! U r wrong…. !!! Anyway forgot about me n u …..

” what u said ,,, it’s better not to have a father rit?? But what will u know how it feels being ur father not with u…. u can never understand…. coz u have everything n every realtion in ur life….!!

Ur Papa,ur Hero is with u,,,,soo ucan never understand his importance…. ”

“Ask me or ask any children who has lost their father !! They will say how it feels ,,, !! … but u can never understand our pain Swara… !! NEVER… coz ur Mom Dad is always with u in every situation…. ” says n cries

“Never mind (wipes his tears)after all this M DISGUST WITH U SWARA!!! I FEEL DISGUST WITH MYSELF THAT I THINK U AS MY FRIEND……

OKKKK !!! UUU N HEE(points to Swayam)THINK I LIKE U… BUT I HATE U SWARA !!! I HATE U TO D CORE… i wish ,,, i wishhh i could never see ur face”

Swara’s world froze at d moment n she rooted on d same spot !!! (*Her condition can’t described in words !!! )

She looks at him with blank expression n says

“Yes Sanskar i can’t understand ur pain… i can’t understand how it feels when u r with ur Mom Dad…
when ur Papa calls u beta…
when u sleep in ur parent’s embrace…. when ur Papa blesses u…
when ur mom kiss ur forehead u with love….
smiles with pain….

Anyway ,,, (holding her tears)
THNK U SOOO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING SANSKAR…. ” says painfully n moves …
Swayam tries to stop her

“Shona listen !! ”

“I need some time,, plzzzzzz”….

“But Shona ,,”

“Plzzzzz ” n walks aimlessly……..

Swayam(To Sanskar)-U will regret Sanskar,, u’ll regret….

Sanskar looks on shocked…..




Precap-Doctor how many days i have more..??

Phewwww done with d part ….. how was it ??? M ready with bullet proof jacket,Sword n Helmet…..

Thnk u sooo much for reading….
God bless u alll…. <3 <3…

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  1. Anisha


    What is it? I heard you are leaving?? What happened?? Anything serious?? Well I don’t visit TU much but today just saw a post!!..

    What’s the matter??.. ????

    I’m missing you… ??
    Anyways!!.. Come back soon even if you are going….

    Miss You ??

    1. Kakali

      Anisha !! what a pleasant surprise dear !!!
      Yooo u heard rit…leaving in 10 days or soo…
      waa nothing serious… it’s just my High Secondary exams or u can say 12th final is gonna start soon… sooo need to leave…
      Haaa dear i’ll back soon… just 5 months… will b back April or at last of March…
      Miss u tooo dear !!! Rock with ur FFs…
      God bless u… ;-*

    2. Anisha


      I’ll miss you ?????

      Very bad. Waise i gave my 12th exams last year.. Hectic Year…. ????

      Now it’s your turn!! Enjoy ??

      See you soon…

      Waiting Waiting ????

      Wanting Wanting ??????

      1. Kakali

        Haaa Anishaaa !!! m still in college rit now !!! my tests r going onnn !! huhhhh hectic schedule dear !!!! my couse is eating me alive …. puuut puuuuttt !!! enjoy*paralysed…
        will miss u tooo…

  2. Awesome bt i hate sanskar now

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Aniiii !!!
      waaa dear don’t hate Sanskar … !!! everything will b all rit !!! just a little patience… !!! ;-*
      happy to see u commenting dear !!!

  3. Ohh swara is suffering from deadly disease and she will die, everything she wants in her life remain a dream for her

    1. Kakali

      Awwww Thnk u sooo much Swasan !!! u r almost correct but not completely dear !!!! just trust me..everything will b all rit,,,*hope sooo (i know it’s hard to believe seeing my previous works).. ;-*

  4. Loved it love it so much dear. Sometimes we love someone souch that it consumes us but that person can’t even reciprocate one percent of that k

    1. Kakali

      Waaaa Ria !!! Thnk u soooo much dear !!! m sooo glad u loved it !!!
      yes dear u r sooo rit ,,, sometime it happens but it’s more blissful u know getting ur love after some hard time n struggle,,, sooo i just hope Swara also gets her Love ,,,, ;-*

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Kummuuuu !!! ;-*

  5. Scooby

    Kakali y ru vry eager ti make me emotional and cry always… this time really im going to kill u.. better count ur days… my shona is she gonna die :'( 🙁 :'( :'(
    Sanskar ur short tempered not good for health…
    ready with tomato knife broomstick bucket crackers chilly powder electric shock… huuhhhhhh….

    1. Kakali

      Waaaaa Naviii n emotional !!!! *my last birth sin seeing u crying….

      puuuut puuut !!!
      My days r already over dear !!! i also have counted my day.,,, huahhh haa haaa !!!
      thnk God u forgot about ur tooth ?.. huhhh !!!
      Thnk u soooo much dear !!!

  6. Hemanshi

    Kakuuu it was just awesome…..loved it to the core …….bechari swara…… feeling sad for her….she has gone through this much…….but let sanskar realise his mistake then I know he will hide all her sadness and turn it into happiness


    Love uuuuuuuuu????

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Hemanshiii Diii !!!
      m sooo glad that u loved it !!!
      haa Dii Swara has bear more !! hope Sanskar does everything rit !! *hope soo !!!!
      Waaa love u toooo !! ;-*

  7. Alku

    Yaar y this much pain to Swara… I am literally crying here ?

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Alku Diiii,,
      waaa dun cry*wipe ur tears !!
      take my fav hanky.. !! :3

  8. My Darling… How are you dude….How are your Studies Going On…N how’s your health nowadays…I hope you are fine…
    Episode was Awesome Dude N what’s happening BTW SwaSan Unite them soon
    ..N the ptecao Gosh Scaring me Luke hell N madam you have promised me in your last FF that you will write a Ff with a happy ending.. But here things ate working Opposite..Anyways..
    You didn’t replied my comment in the last Episode..*Weeping*…N you too haven’t Answered About my Proposal.. I you don’t know about it than check Hemanshi’s Work N Os which she dedicated to you..Check my comment there Which I have posted two times for you*silly me*…N answer me soon..bcz my Exams are starting next week…N Exam fever is Catching me too…I don’t understand how the Fevers Gets the way to my home..who might have given the Address..*Deep thinking.. Lol*..N I am leaving the Sight from Wednesday Forever or might be I will be back on July 2017 Maybe… Agar zinda rahi…
    I hope I am the first to comment..
    Take care..N May Allah Bless You N shower all The Blessing Over you N your Family…N keeps You under his Protection..Ameen

    1. Kakali

      My Lady Gabbar !!! huhhh i know r not there to see my reply… ;'(
      U know i never broke my promises !!! n i’ll do whatever i said to u.. !!! but m sad u r nit here to support me…
      I replied sweety…!! in ur OS…
      Haaah me2 will come back in that time or sooo…
      God bless u n ur family dear !!! Love u…
      BYEEE !! WILL MISS U.. ;-*

  9. Kaynatk01

    kakali where are you leaving i heard you are leaving somewhere tell me yr where are you leaving and suddenly plz do rply

    1. Kakali

      Haaa Kaynat !!! m leaving in 10 days or soooo… n will b back in April or at last of March… actually my Final Exams r gonna start soon sooo need full concentration on study…. isliyeee !!! not suddenly dear.. it’s well planed… ev1 knows about it… ;-*
      Thnk u sooo much dear !!! ;-*

  10. Heyyy…!! Wear many more things…!! Those things won’t be sufficient to save you…!! You are making swara suffer soo much…!! I don’t know…But didn’t like this sanky..who gets does everything listening half of the things…!! With what right, he has bet swara??!! She should have given back the slap…!!If at all I am in her place with all those tauntings from childhood…I will run away… or commit susicide I feel…!!

    1. Chanu

      Hey!!! Chandu..u scared me 2 hell by ur cmnt.. fufufu..
      Suside and run away is nt a answer 4 anythng.. all these thing do nly by cowards.. bt our swaraI soo brave..

      Bt bt..
      yaaa chandu dr.im agree with u..
      kaku.. be ready 4 da battle. 😉

    2. Chanu

      Huuuhh!!!! Chandu!!?? :-/
      U sceard me 2 hell by dis cmnt…
      those 2 options r nly 4 cowards. Bt our swara is brave.. soo she cn face all da probs.. thats y I lv her..

      Heee heee… ya chandu.. lets attack kaku 2getr..
      kaku be ready!! Buuuhaahahaaa..
      😉 🙂

      Lv ya

      1. Chanu

        I thought my cmnt is nt uplod.. soo write it again..
        banging my head with pillow.

      2. Kakali

        Chanuuuuu u r scared thinking about his 2 options… but m just laughing imagining her angry face with a cuteee face !!!
        waaa !!! u r rit our Swara is so brave.. !!
        hahhh u changed team !!! goshhh !! *run

      3. Kakali

        Chanuuuuuu close ur eyes !! huhhh i’ll not melt seeing ur those cutee n beautiful eyes… *close my eyes…
        *hide behind u… ;-*

    3. Kakali

      Chanduuu dun scare me okkk…!! waaa i too dun like this Sanskar… but what to do.. ev1 is not same.. !! u know he is short tempered.. !!! huhuhu !!!
      haaa that’s why MY SWARA IS STRONG THEN ANYBODY !!!
      Thank u soooo much dear !!!
      hope u’ll like d further parts.. !! *hug

      1. Chanu

        Hee hee yaa I gt scared!!! 🙂 🙂
        and yaaa.. I think its da first tym im seeing chandus angry face ! 🙂 she look cute in it too.. 😉 🙂
        I dnnt change team… hawwww.. 😉 😛
        bt if u gv sad ending na!!
        Then u r finish kaku…
        nt nly me and chandu.. many more will attack you.. 😉
        soo nly hpy ending!!
        Plzzzz…… with puppy dog eyes. @[email protected]

      2. Chanu

        I also want hug!! 🙁 🙁
        Soo group hug!!
        🙂 😀

      3. Chanu

        Sooo rude kaku!!
        🙁 🙁 huhuhhh..
        ill cry nw..
        wt Hpn 2 my kaku.. oh god!! Tell me!! Tell me!! Tell me.. 😉 (in dramas evry1 use 1 wrd thrice na)
        4m when my kakus heart bcm soo hard like a rock!! *dramatically
        Shes nt like dis b4.. I think its all bz f her exam.. bz f exam heat.. 108 .. her lil brain and heart ddnt wrk..
        wt will I do nw..
        *singing a sad song.. me lut gai ha….

    4. Ooh Teri…!!!! Thank god I felt like checking your episode today..!! You people are playing hide and seek…!! One behind pillow…and other behind chanu…!! Uff…!! Both of you open your eyes..and see my comment..!!
      Swara had a veryyyyyyyyyyyy big heart to tolerate…!!! She is soo much depressed…!! All these… one day finally leads to suicide only…!! I would never stay in place…where people don’t like to see me or taunt me..even though I try to adjust with them..!!
      If I am swara…being a brave girl…I would give back that slap…even though he is my lover…!!Or else I will tie him to chair…close his mouth and make him listen complete convo…!! It’s ok…!! She is KAKU’S Swara…!! 😛 See my ff swara…!! Played football with sanky on first night…!! 😛 😛

      I will be full on blast…until sanky asks her forgiveness…!! Just because she spoke of not having a father…he slapped…!! I am full angry on him…!! I became soo emotional seeing her broken condition…!!
      And finally I am not at all cute…!! I am scary..!! Now fear for me..and give a happy ending…!!! Don’t again dare to close your eyes and hide…!!

      And yaah…!!Kaku.. How are you now??!!! I hope I didn’t rise your fever and head ache scaring you…!! 😉 😀

      Chanu… “oyaata adareyi…!!” 😀 I learned those words…!! 😀 I am soo happy…you finally created an account…!! I am having end sem exams right now…!! As soon as they get completed…I will open my account and message you…!!

      1. Kakali

        Chanduuuuuu !!! *pull ur red nose !!!
        Goshhhhh U r rit.. every normal people will do something if all this happens with them…. but u know some people r really exists…. they always try to make ev1 happy hiding their sorrow !!! n some people love their love ones immensely n we dun realise it… but when they goes away we get to know their velue !!! huhhhh seee what m blabbering… *mad me…
        hehhhh i m taking 2 2 disprins now a days to control my head ache… haaaa !!! it pains like helll… !!! even m wearing spects !!! 😉

      2. Chanu

        Hee hee…
        chandu drl!!
        Im laughing like a mad after reading ur rply.. soo cute.. haahahahaaha..
        see I open my eyes and read ur cmnt.. obvio hw cn I ntreadmy sisos cmnt.. :-*
        Ur reactions r better than da suicide idea dr.. soo its ok!! Do those things.. I dnt care.. lols..
        heeh hee..
        u knw chandu when u act 2 be scary.. then also u looks soo cute.. *pull ur cheeks and run.

        ya chandu im also hpy bz I hv an acc here.. aww.. u learn those wrds.. soo sweet..
        u knw even kaku also learn those wrds.. ots ok dr… I already send u r msg.. After exams.. rply me..

        and KAKU….
        wt hpn 2 u!!! I think its all bz f ur headache. Lols.. dnt take much stress dr..bz f dat nly
        U ll hv dis headaches dr.. and dont take soo much pills.. it will affect 2 ur body!! U knw side effects and more.. an take proper sleep and foods.. oh ya.. dnt take too much chocos..bz chocos increase da headache!! 🙂 🙂 take care dr.

        hee hee yaa kaku go and see da chandus ff.. in here poor swara na.. bt there poor sanky.. do u remember wt swara did 2 my sanky in their wed night!!? Lols.. 😉 😉

        “Oyala dennatama godaak adarey” (I lv u both soo much)
        Do ur exams well and make ur sis I mean me proud!! 🙂 🙂 😉 :-*

  11. Jessie

    Gotcha!!!! Kakali…I got u !! Will read this story frm1 first n comment…TC.dear….

    1. Kakali

      Jessieeee !!! Finally u find me !!!
      waa !! i was under bed talking with my mosquitoes…
      anyway Thnk u soooo much dear !! ;-*

  12. Amazing

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Ashnoor !!! ;-*

  13. Vyshu10

    ?????????Very very very very emotional……aansun rukhne ka naam nahin le rahe hain. itna kyun rulate ho yaar

    Kaku….sad ending mat dena plz

    1. Kakali

      Vyshuuuu !!! plzz stop crying dear !!! our water level is decreasing… huhh !!!
      Love to make u emotional…
      waaa Thnk u soooo much dear !!!
      No sad ending… *hope sooo.. !!! ;-*

  14. Nagamanasa

    First of all I am sorry kaku for calling di because today only I realised that you r younger than me and u r preparing for 12th exams and i am doing my 3rd yr of graduation…I know very well that 12th std is very imp part of students life as it is going to decide our future so All the very best for ur studies kaku…plan ur future and shape it well

    Now coming to the part I really want to kill that sanskar how can he tell about swara like that stupid and back to back shots to u with ur pimpom ball for this part…Now update next part soon..Love u and gonna miss u a lottt????

    1. Kakali

      Manasaaa Diii,,, elders don’t say sorry to younger one’s…. okkk !!! u r my Diii…!! *hug.. Thnk u for ur wish n advice di..it means a lot.. !!
      waaa Dontw kill that Sanskar i’ll become bidhwa(widow) !! *mad me..
      love u tooooo… n next part today evening..*hope sooo…
      will miss u toooo…
      Once again thnk u sooo much… ;-*

      1. Nagamanasa

        Kaku u only told me that i am ur sister and u r thanking me this is so bad sissy..as a sister I adviced u *Hug for u..Love u???And ha read my reply for ur comment on my yesterday’s part

  15. SNY

    Kaku sis ur ff is so amazing…
    Flng bad for shona…..
    I hope sanky will get to know everything vry soon…

    all the best for ur exam in advance…In tu when will u come back again…I am eagerly waiting for ur ff…
    I rly miz u sis……..
    Tc of urself……
    ??????????????????miz uuuuuuu????

    1. Kakali

      SNY !! My cutee sis.. will miss u tooo dear !! i’ll be back in March or April …. bdw may i know ur name??
      Waa everything will b at place.. just a little patience…
      N thnk u soooo much dear for ur wish b blessings….u2 TC … ;-*

  16. Shashi

    firstly i want to thank u for wishng my birthday. when i heard ur too writting a ff i felt very happy cause i fund a new friend and as well as i can read her ff too. as i’m so busy i can’t read more ffs. there many ffs its difficult to choose . finally found ur ff. but it’s going end . i’m sad about it. i read all epis. it’s awesome. i love the consept. it’s soo emotional. i heard ur a champion to give sad end. but my friend this is not real world. This is only a imaginary world. so pls don’t give sad ending breaking readers heart. one more thing do u plan to leave us. don’t do that yaar. we miss u. i’m so excited about next epi. pls upload fast yaar. can’t wait for it. love u bye!

    1. Shashi

      All the best for your exams kakali. I: sure you will rock it. Take care bye!

    2. Kakali

      Sashiiiiii !!!! Waaaaa such a cute surprise dear !!! Thnk u sooo much dear !! m sooo happy to see u here.. !!! u r my new frnd !!! yeiiii !!!
      awww it’s going to end naa !!!
      omgggg i m n champion in giving sad ending !!! it’s seriously a new discovery dear !!!
      but honestly this time no sad ending…*hope sooo.. !!!

      m really sorry Sashiii for late reply… actually my test is going on..so hardly getting time to peep in TU…
      m bleesed to have a new frnd like u…
      once again Thnk u very much for ur love n wish dear !!! it means a lot….
      next part tomorrow pucca !!
      Love u tooo dear !!!
      God bless u…
      Byee !! ;-* ?

  17. Deeksha

    Kaku uuuu……!!!!!! What was that….????that bullet proof jacket and swords would not be enough….!!!!!! U need to get something else…..!!!!!! I will surely kill you if you didn’t give a happy ending….!!!!!! And after that I will see how will u write ur exams….!!!!!!! Mind u babe…. Kabarilal….!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kakali

      Deeekshuuuuu u seriously become lady don… goshhhh !!! i will give u ending dear… but happy ya sad… i dun know.. !!! may b happy*hope soo…
      BDW Thnk u sooo much dear !!! ;-*

  18. Chanu

    Huhhuhu kaku!!?????
    Wt ws dat!!???
    Is gd dat u r wearing jacket and helmet or else wld hw murdered u!!
    my poor swara… r u angry with her ah?? Y u gvng soo much pain 4 her.. 🙁 🙁 :'(
    Oh god!! After gvng soo much pain 4 me… u r gvng a bigggggg heart attack 4 me by precap…?!!
    Hey kaku..its my warning!! I dnt need a sad ending here! Gt dat!! *with sniper , bomb ect ect in hnd.. :-/

    Urrrggg.. is sanky na.. dr.. easy dr easy… hwww.. bt I lv when u r angry. Cz u looks soo cute in it.. :-* hayee.
    bt bt u slap swara.. dats rlp bad.. im angry with u.. huhuh.. soo I wnt choco 4m u.. cz dis dys my kaku is nt shearing her choco with me.. hawww..

    ohh hooo soo simin and swayam… hmmhmmmm.. 😉 😉 😉
    Congo simin dr.. nw u also hv a partner. 😉 😉
    oh god u and ur bro.. Both r blushing. Im sure u look soo cute. Pinch ur nose.

    Hey luky.. be hpy dr.. cz ur micu dr I mean ur bee is in dat country. Lols.. 😉 😛

    keep writing dr..
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    1. Kakali

      Thnk u soooo much Arshaaa for asking d question.. !!!
      i was thinking to clear everything in next part…
      yesss dearr !!! there is no need of slapping Swara !!
      but at that time Sanskar’s state of mind was something else.
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