Dreams will come true (Episode 9)


Akshara missed her train after her work. It is almost late night so she feels the best thing she can do for herself is to walk back home.She starts praying in heart and walk as speed as lightning despite being exhausted. Akshara’s house is very far and it takes almost one and half hour to reach home.When she get into her street, she can see her parents are standing out of their house . When her parents sees Akshara from far, a relief smile is visible on their face. As Akshara approaches them, before Akshara could say anything, her mom slaps her.

Akshara is in shock with the slap and starts stammering. She asks what wrong have  I done? Why you slap me Maa ? Her both parents start shouting to her that she said her work finish by 8 but turn up at 10.30p.m. Her parents asks her with who she was roaming and how dare she did not answer any of their calls???! Her parents taunts that did she went dating with boys and lies to them that she is working after college . The parents says she is actually a girl full of lies and irresponsible. Akshara’s heart shattered into million of pieces hearing it from her parents. She asks her parents if they don’t have any trust on her and how they can downgrade their daughter’s attitude? She just runs off to her room and burst into tears. She cries all day long without sleeping and the next morning after  her shower .She sees that her eyes becomes swollen and there also a scratch on her face. She thinks to herself that the scratch might  be from her mother’s nail  When she wants to leave her house, her mom demands again for an answer on asking where she wents yesterday. Akshara says after her work I missed the train so I walk home but you all accused me without knowing the truth. Before the mother says something, Akshara leaves her home.

The parents taunts is playing on her mind and she sits in her classroom with lost in her own thoughts . Viren sits beside her and talks to her but she did not responds to him. Viren thinks what befalls her and thinks may be she is day dreaming. Then he observes the marks on her face and see her eyes is swollen. He feels that something wrong have happened and he can’t concentrate as he sees her silent. Akshara did not even write any notes during her lecture. Viren  feels that is unbearable to see her sitting like a lifeless body. He then again asks her what happened and she fails to reply. He feels frustrated and starts to write his notes. In the end of class, Viren asks her what’s going on and why are you giving me a silent treatment ?

Then, he feels may be he needs to comfort  her and he says that she can share any of her problem as here is to listen.  As he holds her hand, tears run down Akshara’s cheek. He asks her is it too personal that she couldn’t share with him. Akshara hugs him and starts crying saying that why my parents talk ill about me without knowing that I was just work harder to support them financially. Why every time my parents scold and raise hands on me? Why don’t I deserve any happiness in my  life like others? He didn’t know how to respond to her hug. He just touches her hair .This brings Akshara to realisation and she breaks the hug. She then runs to washroom and washes her face.She feels awkward to face him but she still walk towards the class and finds that he is not there. She wonders where he wents and thinks may be for lunch. She says to herself that first time I feel someone is there for me and remembers their hug and tells herself that I must apologise for it.

She just keeps her head on the table as she feels headache. Suddenly there is a hand on her shoulder, it turns out to be Viren. She looks at him, he gives her aloo tikka and says eat this.You said its tasty so I bought for you. She nods no but he sits beside her and feeds her.She asks where you bought this from and says you also eat please.You actually bought a lot. He also eats and asks her is it  taste too bad until no smile on your face. She smiles and says thank you so much for it. He says wait I also bought chocolate for you and her face become delighted. Then he says you have cry so much and I am sure you feels headache so have this Panadol. She smiles and asks him where and how do you buy all these very fast? He says I ordered  the aloo tikka from a hotel and only drives to buy these things. She says sorry for the hug and thank you for everything. It means a lot. Then he says I got a last gift for you but you must give me a promise that you will not cry over petty issues. She nods and says be fast I want to see the gift. He gives her a small Durga amma statue and says I know you have faith in her so much as I see in your bag that you have a key chain of her picture and also in your files. She says the statue is too beautiful and asks him even you prays to her ? He nods no I don’t believe in existence of God and this is the first time I holding this kind of statues and I bought it also only for your happiness.

Akshara in shock with his words and asks him are you serious that you don’t have faith in God? He nods yes because only money will rule this world and even God knows it. Akshara says you can’t think in this way .It’s very wrong because without God’s blessing you won’t have any happiness and definitely money will not buy happiness in life. You have to think wisely before you speak. He says if you keep talking like this then surely I am gonna stop talking with you . You’re a grandma that preach so much. Then he says no you’re annoying tweety. Finally he says, I think you’re both at a time. Akshara stares at him and say okay Grandpa.She then asks him what you want as a return gift from me ? He says your smile.I don’t like people who cries.She smiles and asks him do you this because of humanity like the other day ?Viren replies a firm No. She asks then why you do? He says I don’t know but I just feel to do. Do you find any wrong in it? She says not at all.He says then SHUT UP!!

Sakshi was looking at their conversation after enters the class with jealousy burning in her eyes. She says in her heart I must do something to separate them forever .Even if Rahul is my boyfriend, he does not match up to Viren’s standards in money or looks. For my status, I deserve him more than this low class Akshara. I will win Viren’s heart in the end.
To be continued.

Thank you for reading and for all the appreciations given .Lots of love 🙂

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  1. Too gud yr…plzz post nxt part soon

    1. Thank you so much ya ♥

  2. aweesome episode just loved it love viren and akshara waiting for ur next episode with loads and loads of eager

    1. Thank you so much ya ♥

  3. As he is here to listen*

  4. Do you do this because of humanity *

  5. Awesome, this was lovely episode. ..ViRa…very cute pair. …looted viren’s efforts to pacify akshara…..i love this story very very muchhhhhh. …sakshi such a stupid n cheap girl…it hope she don’t get success in her evil plans….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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