Dreams will come true (Episode 8)


Akshara seeks blessing from Durga ma for her first day job in the cafe and pray nothing should goes wrong in this project.
She reach  the class earlier and before she sits in her place, she heard Viren calling her name. She smiles at him and asks why you call me? He says come and sit beside me got place here since we need to discuss about the project before class starts.
She nods and sit beside him
Akshara: Okay! Let me tell you something that I can’t discuss about this project after class since I got work to do .Is it okay for you?
Viren:Work? What work now? Praying or annoying someone ? I feel that you will be good at both.
Akshara:How rude? As if you know me well, you just simply say your perception. I need to work in restaurant . Understand now ?
Viren:Restaurant? Why are you working there ?
Akshara: What else if not for pay my expenses. Okay tell me fast when we should do our discussion rather than evening ?
Viren: During break hours.When else it can be?
Akshara : Ya, that’s better!
Then Rahul and Sakshi enters the class.She was shocked to see Akshara sitting beside Viren. She approaches Akshara and pretend to be sweet by asking her why are you not sitting in front and hope you’re in pink of health since you didn’t come yesterday. Akshara smiles and says no I am perfectly fine and I am discussing about the computer programming project. Sakshi couldn’t believe her ears and asks Akshara how she knows about it very fast? Akshara says Viren told and I am doing with him . Sakshi smiles and greets Viren. He just ignores her without replying. Sakshi feels embarrassed and leave their place.
Akshara feels angry and started asking Viren for his rude behaviour and Viren scolds her saying she don’t need to teach him on what to do and how to talk. He says I know everything and stop advising like a grandma . Akshara gives him a stare and says some people will never change their attitude. It will be a waste of time If I try to change them.Viren smiles and he says that’s very good if she don’t interfere in anyone’s life by trying to change them. She doesn’t reply him and looks away. Their engineering mathematics class started.

In the end of class, Sakshi started cursing Akshara to Rahul.
Sakshi:How the hell Viren is talking to her ? What magic she done on him? He don’t really talk to any girls before this? I feel like slapping the idiot .
Rahul:Okay why are you tensed now ?How you know about Viren this much?
Sakshi : Of course I know. He is the son for Mr.Thakur -the business tycoon that owns AsiaDulux Paint company. I meet him so many times in business party with his dad but Viren always ignores the girls there including me.He is arrogant.
Rahul : Okay chill babe! ! Don’t bother about him naa.It is good for us since you said he is arrogant . Don’t you think it will be too difficult for Akshara to cope up with him. So now you can smile babe?Their project will be a biggest flop
Sakshi : Hahaha hopefully , but I still can’t accept the fact he is talking to this cheap girl. Akshara must have known he is rich so trying to attract him.
Rahul : Okay let’s forget about her and I don’t think she is good at attracting someone. She is plain as a white paper.
They both laughs.

Here Viren and Akshara is heading towards the canteen with their bags.
Viren : Wanna go for lunch first or discuss about it first ?
Akshara:Let’s eat first . I got bring aloo tikka from home
Viren:Aloo tikka ? What’s it ? Okay I also brought oats from home.
Akshara : You don’t know aloo tikka.Your an Indian or a British guy. Come I give you one . Try it then you surely will like it.
Viren : It’s okay you have your food .I prefer eating oats.
Akshara : You have any sickness ? ? Eating oats all like a old man.
She laughs and Viren get annoyed with her.
Viren : Just shut up.I am health conscious not like you anyways!
They both start eating. Viren looks at the way Akshara enjoying the food and smiles. He thinks in her heart. She eats like a child happy eating a chocolate.
Akshara:Any idea about this project in your mind?
Viren:Let’s put an clock inside a cube? So it can be used by any age people to challenge themselves in completing the cube according to the time.
Akshara : A good idea but but we need to come up with an unique and more advanced technology.I am not offending your idea.
Viren : In a very nice way you rejected my idea right. So now you have to think something. I don’t have any other idea.
Akshara: Okay chill .I will brainstorm and will let you know soon if have any idea.
They both goes to their physics class and sits together again.
She says class ended and I wanna go to my work now. See you tomorrow okay. As she walks Viren calls her and says be careful when you’re working and be safe and sound .Return home in time and don’t talk with unknown strangers .Akshara says somebody is very caring now and starts advising like a grandfather. I am not a small girl okay.He gives her a tough look and says you better leave before I start scolding you. She says okay and runs off .Viren smiles eventually.
Akshara writes every order from the customer carefully and be very polite to them.She feels tired but manage to glow her face with a smile. She was happy when the owner says he is satisfied with her work in the end.

To be continued.
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