Dreams will come true (Episode 69)


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~The only constant in life is changes~

Akshara just throw the interview letter and airplane ticket in the wardrobe because she is well aware of this letter can never decide for the selfless love spark between them…. ….She decided not to weep over their misunderstanding but solve it in a right manner because Akshara’s heart isn’t fragile anymore that would break easily and get herself hurt by perambulating upon the broken pieces….. The inevitable change in her attitude is based on every experience of life she have encountered which is from the euphoric moments to the unimaginable horrifying incident …. She watched the twinkling stars painted on the dark sky “I know that as a woman I am deserving what I have deserved….Forever, I am truly deserved to be mollycoddled in his arms and reaching out my eyes to adore the smile sets at the corner of his lips ….I can’t be parted from him whatever the circumstances may because the foundation of this relationship is only love….The love that has a great ability in changing an arrogant young man to the perfect dream man….I have witnessed the worth a change in him and I am sure I can easily change his decision to not let go of me easily….”

She snogs on her engagement ring
“All these years, he have been giving importance to every need of my life and giving space for my happiness but in return I knew he only putting his efforts to make him a part of his life … Ironically, he have the false perception that I can stay without him because these four years our relationship lack intimacy of a common husband wife because we have committed to our studies…Yet, I clearly know that our love have never decreased as each and every heartbeat of mine won’t risk a second of life without him….My intuition always says that he love me more than I do and am blessed to be loved by him because he have changed me completely to a different woman… From the girl who grew up classifying only education and career is essential in life have begin to realise that love…..marriage….family..friendship…….education….career…. are all for one and one for all to sustain continuity happiness in life….. After all, I know that any distance would not create a brigade in our love story yet I want to live with him in our home because the heart and mind of mine is succumbed to the thought of serving him till death set me apart from him… I wants to outshines unique and independent in my own way but I truly objects my relationship to dominate my career or vice versa…I have made my choice to be a successful wife at home and established woman in my career… For that, I only have instil the fact in him as soon as possible that I am capable to handle the two pivotal roles in my life because my only strength is him and I can never fall weak when we both hold on to each other… I wish I can make him understand that a woman’s dream is beyond his expectations’ and will be immeasurable that can never be concluded easily by man….”

~ Silence is the powerful scream~

After dwelling in million of thoughts, Akshara decided to snuggled to the edge of bed covered underneath of a gigantic comforter…. Akshara heard the footsteps of Viren when eloquent silence pulsating in the air….She firmly remains inattentive when Viren caressed her hair… Viren understood the position of her sleep is clearly visualising that she is sulking so he also sleep at the corner of bed…. Then, slowly Viren made his first move to start up a conversation with his better half but she don’t even wants to meet his gaze…..He was frustrated with the unbearable silent treatment so Viren try his best to justify that he did all this to bring her wish in real…However, it was all in vain because Akshara did not bother to entertain him when she just walked away….. He begins to be dejected for staying away from her when living under one roof… Their loveable cuddling session and laughs together which have spread to every wall of their home turned him nostalgic……He feels he is the loneliest man in the Universe without her so he stayed up in his company to give a chance to accentuate his mind in his work…. However, her silence has only pushed him deep down to awkward thought that she must have decided to go Australia….. He confirmed that it must be her decision when he finds out about her departure is not cancelled… Viren gets into a conclusion that she is staying away from him is to learn on how to get used to live without each other after she bids farewell….. In contrary, she becomes soundless doll towards him because her gestures genuinely meant to make him understand that it will be like walking on stones without keeping intact with each other….Meanwhile, she also planning a small surprise for the future of their relationship so she wants to avoid his disturbance and also remain the secrecy………..

~Love is an unconditional commitment~

After the most slowest rotation of Earth and the longest 72 hours, Akshara texted a message to Viren “We have to talk so please come home!” Viren become dumbfounded when he reads the message that he gets after ages…..The anticipation have nearly stabbed his heart because words are short to be explained how he wish she never goes to Australia! Love has confined him to a self centred person because these days have taught him that he will be lifeless to survive without her.. Yet, he decided not to create any fuss on her decision and he clearly wants to sort into mutual agreement because he believes that she have every right to make her own choices for herself…..

Viren opened the door of his home and the living room was calm and composed in a dim light… However, the huge fountain in his living room not only have the gushing water but shining out beautifully….. It was adorned with fairy lights and flowers…He approaches towards it and he smiled the moment he sees colourful chrysanthemums arranged in the form “I LOVE YOU VIREN” floating beautifully on the water…He saw a piece of mini card above the fountain and he read it “I am here! Turn behind!”…He quickly look around and saw Akshara kneeling down in royal blue with white velvet saree and loose hair….. He is way more stunned because it was an unexpected situation….Before Viren utters a word, Akshara hushed him …… “Wait ….Don’t think I am going to propose to you because I am not going to do it!” She sighed and Viren interrupted with a naughty grin “Perhaps you just did with the flowers” Akshara pursed her lips “Ok fine I did but I am not going to do again because I don’t have a rose but holding the gift you have given…. Viren frowned and Akshara continued “I am very pleased that my husband can go to any extent to make my wish comes true so what I have decided is…” Akshara paused and tear the interview letter then crumpled the airplane ticket……..

Viren is taken aback and she gasped “You are wrong this time ……. Totally wrong because I neither deserve it nor wants it…….You became blind that my wish closed your eyes but not my love I have for you…. Yes! I have wished of working in overseas when I was immature girl because that time I had no commitments or not engaged in a relationship but everything changed in my life after you came in… I can never put anything else before you not because you are my husband but I prioritised the love we have for each other…. You better know that your existent in my life always give me the strong feeling that all my ‘dreams will come true’ ….. I have dreamed of falling in love with a perfect man and it happened when you came in to my life…Then, I dreamed of marrying you with the blessings of our family and it happened because you stand up for our love…I dreamed of excelling in my studies and it happened because of your support…. I dreamed of reaching heights in my career and it will happen if you are in my side….Above all, now I dream to complete our family bearing your child and will it ever happen if you just letting me go?! Please have faith that your Akshara is capable in sustaining her family and career…..”

Akshara let her arms tendered in the air “ I thought not to say but I think I have to remind you again that I love you with all my heart Viren including your flaws….your mistakes…. your imperfections….I never want to live a moment if I am separated from you!!!” Viren is overwhelmed by her golden words and she made him fall in love again with her maturity to handle their relationship smoothly…. He approaches and circled her around his arms as they were longing for this moment… He kissed her temples “I am sorry dear…. I don’t want you to be regretted for marrying me early so I thought to let your wishes become real so that you will have felicitous life but I was wrong…..I should have asked about your opinion first before deciding your future …Will you forgive me for this?” Akshara kissed his hand “Why should I forgive when you never made a mistake … I know your intention was good but you have to know that I am your wife and you can’t let her go anywhere without you…She is tired of her independent life so she needs you all the time….She kissed his beard and pecks his nose “I have to say that actually I was just faking a rage!” Viren furrowed his eyebrow “What the??? You dare to do that…My world turned upside down without hearing your voice and it was all your drama! You deserve a punishment now, drama queen” Akshara chuckled “What punishment????I am ready for anything ….” Viren whispered in her ear “Marking you as mine!” Akshara blushes so she pushed him and goes to her room….

~Beautiful consummation born in a passionate love~

Viren comes to their room and he is flabbergasted to see a part of their room wall has been well utilised in these few days with gloriously shining portraits of their every moments from beginning of their friendship to marriage…. She sweetly reminded him to appreciate the unending love saga…… He couldn’t believe when he realise the centre of their bed is decorated beautifully with rose petals arranged in heart shape ….There are candle lights glossing under the dim violet light that filled the room with romantic vibes….. Her gestures speaks volumes and he glanced at his lady love holding the rail of the balcony…. Viren snogs on her earlobe and smooches her “I have to say you look incredibly beautiful in saree!” Akshara hummed as she is melting in his sensual touch….. He then whispers “I am way more surprised to know my wife is a romantic woman!” Akshara smiles and whispers “I have to do it since my husband is treating me like a baby!” Viren laughed “Okay madam! I will be unstoppable now in treating you as my wife!”

He carries Akshara in his arms and slowly she lost herself in the intense eyes urging her to gives in ….He placed her on their bed but as he comes closer she goes away to the door and locked it…..He comes there too and wraps his arm around her waist then brushed his lips on her collarbone….She moves away but he pulled her closer to him…They were facing each other with all desires and he gives love bites on her neck……Her fingers rushed to his hair and her mind is obeying him…..He slowly unpins the end of the saree and it falls from her top….She couldn’t control her shyness so she crushed into him tightly….His fingers moved up smoothly on her half bare back to open the knot of her blouse…..She then holds his the end of the shirt tightly in anticipation….He carried her again to bed and placed her gently….Her visible cleavage was a treat for his eyes but she clutches the bed sheet with her closed eyes….He throws away his clothes and came in top of over….His hands kneaded fully the area of bosom gently and she moans his name…..

Akshara’s seductive moans roused his lustful nature to go further……He removed the remaining barriers to devour her completely with his intense touch on everywhere of her figure…He chortled over her reaction and whispers in her ears “Don’t be nervous sweetheart!” Akshara opens her eyes then the soft and rough skin are synchronising against each other……Slowly, a long way kisses travelled on her from the top to her bellybutton….She feels it even more unbearable as he relished her delicate skin by nibbling….She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him again to meet his dreamy eyes……They gaze at each other lovingly and made their lips meet as it always fitted well……A passionate deep kiss sends chaotic vibration in him that led his finger to stroke upon her heated core….Without any high pace, he slowly entered her ….She is pleasured in extreme pain so he gives soft kisses over her figure to calms her down …As he thrust deeper, the room are amplified with her moans…..Finally, Vira reach the ultimate pleasure together and consummate their marriage…..

Viren truly marked her body and soul with his name in their love saga without any disturbance…barriers…limitations….
Viren rolled over to the corner of bed and pulled Akshara to fall in his arms….They begins to snuggle on the bed ……He pecked her lips “I love you my BugBug” Akshara grins with comfort to hear the nickname after a long time so she kissed the corner of his lips “I love you too my Jammy!” They shared a complete satisfaction grin to each other and embracing themselves in the fire of love hidden in lecherousness…….. The moon along with the stars are witnessing their love from the window and showering blessings on the couple to continue their foreplay infinitely with compassionate love…… Nevertheless, the two souls have completed each other, now their union begins with endless exploration of love that continues forever……

To be continued in the epilogue ?

Thank you for so much reading my lovely readers and also for giving the platform to write such a long fiction especially special gratitude to my regular readers …Love you all???? The epilogue will be posted next week ?Hugs and kisses??

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  1. Siddhi

    Amazing episode.After its end please start season 2 of it

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you for your love dear??If I ever write perhaps it will be swasan or shivika dear so no season 2 of Vira?

  2. Wowwww awesome marvellous outstanding episode. ..finally vira became one….I knew that akshara won’t leave viren n he tooo can’t live without her but still wanted her to aquire her dreams n make her wishes come true…but he was wrong this time as her priorities have changed with time n his companionship made her stronger n courageous that she can handle her career n family together. ..n way more better with his continuous n unstoppable love n support….which is energy boosters for her to keep going with her lovely dream life with her preciois dream man………..the way they changed each other’s life with their immense, deep, true, unconditional love…it’s really superbbbb. ..a perfect fit for each other…..akshara made viren a perfect man n viren made akshu a successful lady with all her wishes come true. …very lovely narration n dialogues very awesoooooome. .. 🙂

    wowwww Dashni you stole my heart with your flawless imagination n stupendous thinking and remarkable, excellent, marvellous, mind blowing narration….the way you’re wrote this amazingly awesoooooome story…no professional writer could do it…..I’m proud of you my sweetheart dashu….u nailed it my honeyyy to the ultimate perfection. …I bow down to thank you for continuing this beautiful story inspite of the less comments. …as I was always afraid that you may stop writing like others when they don’t see lots of appreciation….but you never gave importance to the quantity of the comments but the quality of our appreciation. …I’m very glad that whoever commented here, they were true admirer. …n you deserve immense love n respect for this….a very loud applause from me n lots of flying kisses n numerous hugs to you my sweeeeeetheart sissy dashni….that u gave us this precious treasure of gift….

    I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt. ….n thankssss for accepting me as your friend n I promise our relationship will never break n will be stronger with time….keep it up …I’ll be waiting for the epilogue of this incredible story. …n plz don’t stop here but continue with your flawless talent n enlighten this world with your amazing stories in other measures also….plzzzz upload this beautiful amazing story it in wattpad n I promise you. ..you will see soooo many readers you will gain with in few days….n keep writing lovelyyyyyy stories like this….as it will keep all of us connected in this spectacular world of words till infinity……..love you loads my sweeeeeetheart. ..muaaaaahhhhhh. ..tight bear hugssss…..♡♡♡♡♡♡ 🙂 😉 😀

    1. D.Dashni

      Wow diiiii?I am speechless after reading your comment…I mean I don’t even think my ‘thank you’ will match up to your appreciation diii….I always have say that I will smile whenever I read your comment but now I am truly in happy tears because of the immeasurable love you have given me…..I have never seen any criticism at all even if I made some careless mistakes here and there in every chapters…..I know that many ffs are getting appreciation more than this but I never stop writing because I know the sole reason it is fan fictions…Majority do great work but the quantity comments for some ff really don’t match up to the quality of writing and that’s why I never bother of the amount of comments ….I even have silent readers who never commented but personally demanded me to post the episodes fast…….I really learn that quantity never matters at all compared with quality ..My only wish is to always produce good quality of story and truly your words are my motivation to write better in every episodes……This ff happened when I want to spoke out of my dream and also improve myself on how to write……….I should bow down to you dii for giving immense love for this ff among the millions here…..Yes dii I plan to post it in wattpad and in TU as a swasan ff because I think sanskaar and swara are apt as Vira and I love swasan so much…. Yet, it will probably happen only if time permits…..I really hope to write more because my mind is unquiet and I have lots of ideas but to be truthful my college life is sucking up my blood with lots of assigments,tests and exams so I hardly have time even for myself….I just wish I write again to be connected with you and all…..Now time for me to swear that you are the sweetest person I ever met in my life…Your kind words always touched my heart dii..I am lucky to find you…This time I am not gonna give you a bear hug but I am gonna crush into you dii….Not forgetting to give virtual kisses…..Muahhhh???

  3. My babe..!!! I am so sorry for the delay, but u know the only thing in my mind till now is to read my Dashu’s story..!! And u always manage to amaze me with ur writing skills..!! At last my ViRa are one..!! Kisi ki nazar na lage ???? waiting for epilogue..!! 🙂

    1. D.Dashni

      Babe we decided not to say sorry and thank you to each other so why ssaying sorry now dear??Thank you dear for reading and loving Vira as always…Muaaah?

  4. Loved it to d core
    Waiting for epilogue

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you so much dear ?

  5. Wen u will update epilogue

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