Dreams will come true (Episode 68)


~A glorious sunshine~

The rays of light stunned upon the pulchtridinous girl hidden on his chest with ruffled hair…. She was circled tightly in his arms…She open an eye and chuckled after glancing her man sleeping peacefully because once in a blue moon she woke up earlier than him…. Anyhow, she can’t wait to start the most awaited and essential day of their lives….She is struggling in his captivity and unintentionally she made him cognize. Both smiled at each other….. Viren pecked her forehead and placed a soft kiss on her lips “Good Morning!” Akshara chortled and whispers “Finally, God has blessed us because a part of our dreams will come true today baby….” Viren smiled and Akshara gasped “Now let me go because I have to get ready.” He laughed and covered himself with quilt again….

Akshara gets freshen up and her mind juggled up in how she should be dressed up….. She wants to be simple yet elegant and most importantly she needs to be attractive in the eyes of her prince charming…. Akshara gets her head into the wardrobe and after dozens of rejections she decided to wear chiffon light rose pink ready made saree gifted by Viren long time ago…She picturised herself on the reflection and enhance the beauty with light makeover and sophisticated accessories….. She feels a warm touch on her waist and Viren smooches her. She tangled her fingers with him and they both pass on a curve on their lips to compliment each other…. Akshara never fails to be stunned as admiration upon her man is unstoppable especially after glancing over him when he is all chiseled in black tuxedo overcoats his light blue shirt and matte black pants. The perfectly made for each other couple is all groomed up ravishingly……
~The Convocation~

The honourable guests and all the graduands along their families made their way to be assembled in the guest hall of the university…The students are now proudly putting on the dark blue graduation gown along with the mortar board… The toothy smiles are visible on their faces because their hope for the past four years to let their dreams brings them to the corner of their smiles with highest recognition after battling with only oneself to complete the remarkable student career turned out to be real…Some are capturing this moments through the lens of their camera…Some are perambulating around with their loved ones…Some are just sitting and tapping the phone screen…..

Admist of the chaos surrounded in the hall, Akshara and Viren finds a little time for enjoy each others companionship…. Akshara is adjusting the mortar board for Viren and in return he playfully pulled her nose and tickling her earlobes…She chuckled over his antics but purposely she punched his robust abs….He curled his arms around his abs and dramatize as if it was painful punch….. Akshara regretted her action and starts chanting ‘sorry’ for infinite times while caressing his abs….Viren gasped and winked at her…

She pursed her lips so Viren open his arms and they ended with a warm hug….. Vira’s proximity is always been a blessed to watch by their respective families . The celebration begins with the dignified speech of the principal and it followed by give away ceremony of the priceless certificate from the honourable chief guest….Akshara and Viren are twinkling in satisfaction and pride upon holding the certificate together that gives them recognition for their applauded hard work…. Akshara grins beautifully with watery-eyed of happiness and gazes at Viren…He brushed his lips on her knuckles genuinely to sooth the nervousness within her as she had one more ceremony to go…….

The university keeps the last for the best as gold medals are given for the rank holders at last for their achievement of passing out the all examinations with distinction…..After rounds of achievers’ name being called, finally Akshara’s name is utter out by the emcee of the ceremony.. Akshara walks up to the stage with dignity and class…..She is awarded with a gold medal for her achievement of completing the bachelor of chemical engineering with distinction….She proved that no matter how much people try to floored her down with their envious curse, she will only bounce back with her immeasurable overpowering success because she has the biggest support system of life gifted by the God…….Her first and everlasting love, her husband comes lifetime best friend……

All the guests cheered her with their applauses and Kiran together with Tesha whistled for her excitedly…. Yet, Viren remain calm and composed admiring his lady love….She only remain devoted herself to the dreamy brown eyes of his…Her eyes speak volumes about what’s in her heart…..She is grateful for him till the last breath of life for giving such space in succeeding in her education for a good career ahead….She is having the gold medal adorning her neck because of the struggles he went through managing his time for studies and work to be sure that she achieve what she wants with all pleasures…..

The shared eyelock with each other as she approaches him….She bows down to him for being the man that looked her up beyond her capabilities and gives the best for her…Viren is spell bounded as she bows down and Akshara folds her hands “I don’t have to say much because you know who you are but I have to say Thank You so much for making the best out of me with your genuine love …I am truly indebted to you all my life!” Viren is touched with her words because she is appreciating him from the bottom of her heart..Viren open his arms to welcome her into him and she crushed into him tightly….She squealed “I love you so much Viren!” She freed her arms to pulsating euphoric vibrant and Viren lifted her in his arms…..He swirled her and they look onto each other….She kissed his forehead making him smile. Before they could lengthen their moments, Viren’s grandma huffed puffed to bring them conscious…She laughed and both of them gets the blessings of elders family…….. Lastly, all the graduands throws the mortar boards to the sky to end the celebrations of all the bittersweet memories in past and begin more big dreams for the future…..
~ Work Hard and Party Harder~

The man behind Thakur’s empire throws the party to celebrate the convocation of his loveable son and daughter in law…The party isn’t luxurious and lavishing party but an unsophisticated party only with close associates…..Viren were tossing glasses of whisky with Kiran and many other male friends…. Viren passed more than a sip uncountably…Akshara wonders whether Viren is drinking as a token of celebrating their respective achievements or got other reason behind it…She couldn’t go near him as he was surrounded with other mens…

She try to catch his attention but unfortunately she failed to do so…..She is badly interrupted by the relatives and her sisters also bugged her with their talks… Akshara gives all her ears listening to their stories but her eyes was thoroughly scanning her husband…..There were group of dancers invited to give their performances to make the party worth a night…..The dancers shake legs to the zippy Bollywood songs and party songs of English hitz….The clarion music made some gentlemen to tap their feets with the exquisite female dancers… Some of the man including Akshara’s loving husband was keenly watching the dance performances…..She couldn’t bear anymore so she went up to Viren forgetting the barriers created by all the men there.

She pulled Viren away from the so called group of friends and pinned him to the wall…. Viren arched her eyebrow “What the hell you’re doing now?” Akshara stared at him furiously “Don’t you dare to drink anymore and what took a toll on you that are you being too addicted to drink?????!!” Viren frowned “Nothing!!I am just enjoying the party…..Akshara rolled her eyes ”You sure or you have something hidden in your heart baby?” Viren nods “Okay fine!! I was only hesitated to give the gift behalf of me for your success and now here you go!!!” Akshara pulled the envelope from him and she is shocked to see an interview called for her from International Company in Australia attached with an airplane ticket!

Akshara bites her lips and wrap her arms around her “What kind of gift you are giving me now?! You are just sick!” Viren snorted “I am giving something you deserve …. By the way it was your wish to work in overseas and I fulfilled it for you so why are you fuming in rage now?” Akshara puffed “Yes! It was my wish before our marriage but not anymore…I knew you get to know all this from my diary but it was years ago….. Now everything changes, I have other responsibility as well baby!!!” She cups his face and he holds her “Nothing changed! We were too close all these years yet far and you know I give importance to all your wishes so take this gift…Live your life the way you wished with freedom and happiness!!” Akshara had tears and she sighed “Ok fine! I will live my life the way I wish to and you can’t stop me from doing so! She walked away from the party with tears but she knows what has to be done now in a right way…… As a part of her life, he can’t just throw away from his mind that she have written about her wish to work in overseas after the completion of undergraduate programme……. He is left behind all alone suppressing his emotion because he is doing something he don’t even wish to but he is succumbed to the duty to fulfil the wishes of his wife….

To be continued?

Hello….Finally I am done with my exams and all the hectic assignments…I really hope my sweet readers liked it and sorry I couldn’t post anything last week since I was busy in the preparation of my exams…Thank you so much for reading and yes this time no changes but the next will be updated on Friday night and I guess its going to be “romantic episode”…I will try my best and much love to all??

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  3. Awesome episode. ..my dashni….i missed u sooo muchhh…. I’m very glad to know that your exams went well…I hope you’ll get very awesome grades…the epi was mind blowing. ..ViRa’s unconditional love. ..I’m totally addicted to it. ….the lovely morning moments n convocation ceremony was incredible. …viren n akshara’s achievements..very encouraging. ..n akshu won Gold medal. ..wowwww. ..so amazing. …but viren found this abroad job for akshara…viren is really an precious gem…n I know akshara won’t leave him…I don’t know…but my heart says that she will find a way to stay close to viren n fulfill dreams of both of them……so sorry honeyyy for late comment. …it’ll go and read next episode now…..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling Dashni ♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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