Dreams will come true (Episode 67)


The story is continued about the lives of important characters after 4 years leap?
~Love in the Air~

In the dark  and lonely road there were two embodied souls walking together…. As they walked, the girl clutched the  hands of  the man tightly” I wish we don’t   walk anymore……I feel suffocating in this no light   street…”The guy chortled and gives a pleading smile”Just a little more we will definitely  can stroll around the beach!” She gasped   and nodded……She was terribly   cursing her bad time  for getting into his car and roamed around the streets like nobody cares…She is annoyed to be literally  drenched in sweat… Her eyes finally   got  glimpse of candle lights decorated in a straight   pathway  as a gesture   of welcome   to the beach ……. She pointed   her fingers   to him and chuckled “Wow…Such a romantic   gateway…..I am sure a couple    had a beach wedding  just now!”He laughed “Maybe   you are wrong!!!” She pursed her lips and he holds her hand….

He winked “Let’s   hop in there!” He pulled her towards the tiny little open-spaced  beach house that gives picturesque   view of the enormous blue sea… She is stunned  right now and had no clues crashing in her mind….. He kneeled  down in front of her “I know you are tired   right now but what I can say …I know you always best dressed and just the best  in everything   but I thought   to be a little   lucky to the  look at the smudged eyeliner   and gives an unexpected surprise for you” She couldn’t stop blushing yet manages to arched her eyebrows” What are you trying to do???!!

He sighed “Don’t  you know??I just wanna say I love you and going to shoot a question that will you marry me? You can take   your time if you wanna reject but  please know that my heart is still beating every minutes to be with you……I can’t   dream of leaving you   because   I don’t   know   when it happened…. How it happened??? I only know my little heart pumps  out rapidly to be  with you ever since I meet you …..You are too hard to handle but I wish I can cuddle you in my arms for the rest of my life……She is stunned and captured herself to the matte black eyes  of his…She could see the genuine love in his eyes…

She is awestrucked to know how lucky she was to be loved……Too dreamy…Too much fantasy….. She is struggling   on how to give a beautiful   response   to him…She  just kneeled down too and hugged him tightly ….He is over the top because her silence   spoke the golden words he awaited such a long   time….Yet,he whispered “Just say YES at least as it a worth a wait to hear it for four years… She grins over  his antics….. She huffed puffed for fun and finally bottled out her emotions   in a simple phrase  “Tesha only loves you Kiran…….” He cups her face and  give a little pecks on her nose…They are slowly   losing each other in the fire of love ignited in their eyes and the aura of love dwelling   in the air magnetize their  lips together….No rush…no hastiness….. Just a passionate liplock celebrating their love……..
~Love after marriage ~

Vira’s marriage life isn’t a bed of roses as they expected to be because both had their own responsibilities towards life…Viren had to work in his dad’s company as his father decided to retire and hand over the business to Viren…… Viren had no problem over taking the business but at the same time he had to manage his undergraduate course…….They weren’t living as they were in past like roaming around in cars…going for dinner….giving surprises to each other…….. However, they do not complain about the responsibility that lessen the intimacy of their marriage life as Akshara is cognize of the fact that Viren is working hard to fulfil all the necessities she needs in her life rather than throwing tantrums like other women who named it as a dilemma to stay in distance with their husband…….

In their marriage life, the missing part of each other was beyond boundaries that results in a mutual infinite…. Although, they hardly manage to spend time together and hanging out but the flame of their love is still shining brightly with little gestures………Every night Vira hold on to each other by tangling their fingers and sometimes Akshara would crushed into him if she ever felt being away from him…… Admist of the chaos in their life, Viren sometimes find a day to prepare breakfast for her to make her feel special and Akshara will find her time to spend quality time of hers to take good care of Viren’s family including his stepmother…….. Viren also never fails to be by her side in the preparations of any examinations as he knows she is a queasy woman….

She is truly dependent on his motivations to be more confident and in return his precocious wife will burn midnight oil to guide on the lectures he requested for….. The respective couples are handling their husband and wife relationship by supporting each other….. A ray of hope exists in their mind and heart to completes themselves as a family soon…. Their togetherness with love will definitely lead to a beautiful future as the stressful phase of their life shall be passed as passing clouds in the rotation of Earth… A successful marriage never born after making love but love born the moment trust…..companionship…responsibility towards each other indulged in the unbreakable bond………..

Akshara is accepted as a highly-skilled daughter in law in the eyes of Viren’s grandmum…The Sultan of Thakur’s family have realised her mistake to be a judgmental woman and blinded by the social differences as important source of life…She understands that Viren’s choice isn’t wrong to make her as a wife as Akshara do not go against her even if she taunts her for a little mistake…She also notices all the efforts taken by Akshara all alone to care her well when she gets bedridden…She feels blessed that her life of her grandson is in the hands of angelic woman….Akshara’s innocence and sensibility in behaving any kinds of situation proves that become a great lesson for the old woman that money can never define one’s attitude…..Akshara do not have golds and diamonds glittering around her figure but the heart of gold outshines her personality…..Viren’s grandma are now yearning to be accepted in the world as Thakur’s clan great grandmother….

Akshara’s elder sister, Venisha faced storms when her love with Arjun is opposed by Venisha’s family as his nativity is in Canada and she has to move in there with his family. Akshara’s parents did not want to take a risk if their daughter’s life as they won’t know whether her life will be in a safe hands……The talks about conducting this marriage goes for many months as Akshara’s parents don’t have any faith in Arjun as a best choice……However, Venisha stood up for her love adamantly and took a vow that she will live as a spinster is she is not married to Arjun….No choice left so Akshara parents let them tie knot only with half-hearted…Venisha and Arjun’s lavishing marriage was held in a famous temple with the presence of family and friends. The couple is now living happily in Canada and blessed with a baby girl named Asha….The way Arjun tooks care of his wife and his daughter with a stable income as an engineer creates a pathway to acceptance in heart of Akshara’s parents…..Parents happiness only lies with the happiness of their children is an ultimate truth of universal ?

Simran has been only partying wildly in bars all the night after returning to London…….She is free from Viren’s life but can never freed herself from greed of luxirous life…So, she hooked up with many popular filthy rich white mens and slept with even two to enjoy sumptuous living but the relationship did not lasted as they engaged in verbal arguments. She literally cared about all those break ups as she knews it’s all temporary happiness…In her perception, she is right in what she is doing as that’s what makes her life thrilling and happy a lifetime such as going for Blind Date…Clubbing…. Online Dating…It is all the pressure of lust…. Her families unable to change and bring her in their guidance so without understanding about her choice they just they kicked her out of the house…

Currently, Simran is in live in relationship with a Mexican businessman that owns textile company in Leeds, England…. She starts up her career as a freelance model to him and succesfully turned as the ‘Face of the Year’ for the company…… She don’t repent her deeds because still she feels that Akshara causes the destruction in her love saga with Viren…She might have moved on but her heart is succumbed to Viren as it was her dream to be his wife but may be she was not meant for him….The attraction sparkling between them may be soon will grew up into love……..

To be continued ?

Bonjour???? I knew I am only posting once in a month but I decided to finish of the story by next week and the next chap will be on this Saturday…Sorry guys but my commitment towards my undergraduate programme is too high and I miss you all…Love you so much guys????

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