Dreams will come true (Episode 66)

~Sangeet Party~

Rituals are always not mainstream of dullness but a pathway to creates hustling bustling of craziness with euphoric vibes filled in each air…….The bridegroom’s family are not siding any rituals in the knit of time…..Each and every loved ones proved their presence in the marriage not only with gifts to the couple but contributes a better role by helping the family to completes the beautiful marriage of a love birds successfully….. The sangeet function took place after the lavishing engagement……May be the sangeet adorned with simplicity but there is no boundary to hapiness and excitement with the tapping of each feet and grooving for every sound of drums played….

Akshara wears a navy blue sheath lace floor length prom dress…..Her hands were exquisitely gorgeous in a delicate thin lines of a scattered pattern in the colour of dark maroon…… The Arabic henna design is in vogue because it made her more hands bold and beautiful….. Viren is groomed well in white blazer over a light blue shirt and navy blue pants……. The arrival of bride and groom is welcomed by the family where comes in the form of partners with hand in hand…..From little girls to the old women is out of their comfort zone to shake the legs happily to match the steps with their mates as the couples walks in together… Viren and Akshara are relishing the enthusiasm of the close associates… They never advert their eyes off to get glimpse of all the hidden dancers in every heart that bombed out to the tunes…

The light had deficiency and melanize the eye lens of all……..It left with wonders in their mind for the reason light shines off from the grandeur chandelier….The song “A Thousand Years” started with its euphonius tune and light illuminates on an angel as she twirls her dress. Viren’s angel…….. She shows her flexibility in a graceful and rhythmical way to a contemporary dance…… Akshara truly dwells in the flow of the lyrics as her facial expressions is the reflection of the words she never spoken…. The curves on her lips and her figure rifling consequently pushes him in the passage of love again on her…….
I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

One step closer
One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Viren feels fulgorous as it’s unexpected for him to know that she is gifting him a solo performance and Akshara the girl whom always bugged him to listen to the bunch of Indian songs is now twiddling for a English song…He is mesmerised by the dignified elegance that hooked his eyes on her………. Realization hits him when everyone are cheering and whistling for her short and sweet attempt…. Akshara’s smokey blue with gold shadowed eyes meets the dreamy eyes of him and she winked at him …She then shows the sign of I ? you to her Viren………In a blink seconds, he replied her with a flying kiss….

Everyone admired the way the share their moments forgetting the world….. Viren’s heart is totally fluttered with her unconditional love….Although, she suffered badly to overcome her deteriorated health but the love he owned for eternity never let go of an opportunity to make him feel special….. …..The sangeet did not ends there as the trio sisters pulls their partners to the dance floor…..They danced without any inhibitions to the zippy Bollywood songs…..The loudness and madness sums it up to a perfect chaotic sangeet with the perfectly perfect romantic hug of Vira ?

Vira’s Wedding
The wedding venue is in soignee garden that is blissfully peaceful and sophisticated…The hidden sculptures, set-up fountain and an exquisite colourful ‘mandap’ featuring shabby red and white roses in a green environment worths the beauty….. Besides, a small lake is customised specially with candles floating around it…The trunk of trees have some sign poses such as “Viren weds Akshara” “This Way to the Wedding” and “Save this Beautiful Date”……. Not only that, fairy lights also shimmers the plain wood of the tree that spreads radiance of happiness…. The guests are welcomed to give out their wishes by penning it down on customised little cards and tie it to the tree branches….All the tables arranged for the guests had pastel colours cloth above it with tiny lights circled around the red rose petals………..

A marriage in a garden is a choice made by Viren because he thought to cracked out a different idea…The setting had to be elegance and remains classy with Western style combines with a beautiful touch of Indian culture where colors and rituals are pulsating in the wedding air…….. Nevertheless, the outcome of the wedding venue is hard work of both the families to completely picturised as a setting of a fairytale love story…… The garden perfectly gives out a perfect backdrop for photographs that will be stored in every hearts as a beautiful memory…….

The dashing groom Viren chiseled in white ethnic wedding sherwani with beige dhoti made his entry to the garden…… He walks along the fabric carpet to the ‘mandap’ with his family…. However, he need to be calm because he must wait for the presence of his ladylove…… In the meantime, he tooks the blessing of his Maa because whatever may be the circumstances, she is always been and will be essential in his life….The acceptance isn’t in her heart for the marriage but slowly the wedding preparations overtakes the negativity in her heart because she may not love Akshara but she had a genuine love for Viren…After all, it’s a delight to watch his million dollar smile and she is getting the priceless gift at infinite times after the announcement of his marriage with Akshara. ..She shared a warm hug with Viren and blesssed him….

The moment finally arrives, Viren is stunned to watch his lady love walking in with her bridesmaids none other than her wonderful sisters….All the ladies were sparkling in their native beauty with their lehengas and saree as they accompanied the bride…… However, Akshara outshines them with her comely smile and her wedding dress just made her ‘Queen’…….The embellished with white stones on lehenga in the mixture of pastel pink and ivory….. Tiny flowers embroidered over the border of lehenga in duck egg blue and other pastel shades …. Akshara is also decked with jewellery especially her white with silver bangels were tinkling around…. Akshara’s makeover is exquisite especially the smokey pink shades over her smouldered chestnut eyes…..She also made a good attempt to be beautifully different as her soft-hair is tied in a bun and covered with a gergeotte stole matching her floor length lehenga……Viren is spellbound with her beauty until Kiran snaps his finger to cognize him….

Viren chuckled and Akshara is too queasy so she never wanna have eye contact with any of them….The priest started the rituals when the bride and groom tangled their fingers as one…Viren whispered in her ears “You looks stunning!”Akshara pinches his hand and winked at him when he yelled “Ouch!” Akshara closed her eyes and gives her thankful prayers to her Durga Maa while Viren admires her…Tesha ties the stole and his sherwani’s the scarf to tangled them as one. The priest recites the mantras and Vira exhanges the garland as a mutual approval to be married……It was quite tough for Akshara as Viren move behind as she approaches and purposely upraised himself..Everyone laughed and Akshara pouted to win his sympathy…Viren gives in to her tactics and bow down…She put the garland on him and coyed ….. When it was her turn,Kaushal and Akshara’s maternal uncles carried her…Viren got peeved but never let go his determination to win her ….She gives a sardonic laughed at situation… ……… His relative lifted him and estaticly he passed the garland on her ……

Then, Akshara’s parents does the “giving away ceremony ” which is the noblest act they will perform in their lifetime as it symbolisez the continuity of life where the family’s heritage is passed out to the current generation… Akshara’s mother pours holy water on her husband’s palm, which flows into Viren and then into Akshara’s palm….The priest gives the ‘mangalsutra’ to Viren and Akshara shed tears of happiness in her eyes because her biggest dream came true…. She tilted her head and Viren adorned her neck with ‘mangalsutra’ necklace that strengthens their bond with limitless love, luck and friendship…… All showered the couples with rose petals as a sign of blessing…..

Viren then put on the vermiliion on her head as she bow down to him..Akshara closed her eyes as it’s unbelievable that she got the biggest gift of her life…..A wife for her grumpy Viren…No one can separate them….. Her dream man is now existing in her real life….Viren came into her black and white life and coloured her as a woman in this society because he proved to the world that only she has the capability to be his wife. ….They took the rounds around the sacred fire as the starting point to walk together forever in this long lasting marriage journey….

Finally, Vira takes seven steps together to reiterate their aspirations of their married life and most importantly a promise made in each other’s heart to stay together with endless love even if they face the storm…….Akshara reminisces all their romantic moments…arguments …misunderstandings…. She knew it is worth a wait to fall in love to the prince charming she yearning all these years……He is irreplaceable in her life as the immeasurable love between them keeps them more intact ….Perhaps, this big day happened is meant to let her understand that she is luckiest woman in the universe….The lucky girl to get Viren because only she gets the opportunity to meet benevolent heart underneath the camouflaged tough arrogant man and marked herself as his……. They completed their vows and officially Vira become a husband and wife after passing through all the hurdles…obstacles…jealousy…..hatred….

Akshara shared an eyelock with him and whispers “Thank you for coming into my life….. I love you so much…..” Viren chortled and cups her face….He brushed his lips on her forehead and she quickly rested her head on his chest…She wraps her arms around him that glooms his face………Venisha huffed puffed “Hey newly-married you can have your romance later…We are hungry now……” Kiran in roguish laugh “Ya…Quickly complete the last ritual!” Akshara hushes them and Vira walks down the aisle…..They gets the blessing of the elders…All blessed this couple for a felicity long life……

Night arrives with blackness as a thick velvet spread the sky surrounded with shining stars and moon…Akshara is doleful and couldn’t stop sobbing because she is going to adjust a new life without her sisters…..her parents……. A complete new life cycle awaits her as marriage happened in blink of seconds……There is no boundary for the happiness bounded in her heart but she unable to bottled up the lubrigousness…..She crushed into Venisha and her sister patted her back with love…Her family consoled Akshara’s family are all afflicted ad Akshara is leaving them but they convinced themselves that she is happily married now …Viren persuaded her not to break down and consoled her with all the means he can…

Akshara is all alone in the balcony of her new home and gazing at the stars….She is lost in her own thoughts …… Viren wraps his arm around her and kissed her earlobe….Akshara smiles and grasps his hand tightly….Viren sense the sudden nervousness vibrating on her figure…
Viren tugged her hair “Why you are being too impassive dear?!”Akshara stutters and frowned”I…I…I was just thinking…I mean I don’t know….Nothing….” Viren understood the reason behind it and had a wicked plan in his mind ” OK …come let’s go and complete our incomplete desires…I can’t hold back my emotions anymore…This is our night…..”

Akshara pursed her lips and widens her eyes “That means we??! We are like seriously gonna……” She paused and Viren nods then comes forward her… Akshara moved few steps behind and Viren folded his arms with arched eyebrow “Standstill or else I will carry you!!!!” Akshara’s hearbeat increases and clutches her night gown tightly….Viren puts his arm around her and carry her to their bed…She is totally blanked and wonders how to stop him…. Viren placed her on the bed and blow gently on her face….He whispers “You are sizzling hot in this gown…Too enticing…… I can’t control anymore…..” Akshara nictate in anxiety and Viren burst into laugh…Akshara gives a vacous stare “Why are you laughing now?!”Viren pulled her cheeks…Your thinking is way too much baby…I know you’re not ready but I thought to prank on my adorable wife.. “Akshara hits him with pillow and hugged him “You freaked me out for god sake!”

She hugged him tightly and whispers “Yes…I am sorry but I am not ready ….I don’t want to bring our relationship to next level till I achieved something…..At least complete my degree…I know am being selfish for forcing you to control your s*xual arousal but Viren I am not ready….Viren glared and purposely jerked her “OK then I will find another wife….” Akshara is hostile with his response “Fine!!!! Go and find other girls……I also don’t want a disloyal husband……”Viren pulled her closer and she come over him…He ticked her cheeks as she glowered ….Viren pulled her nose “Again you believed my prevarication…My wife is too naive…You know that I will never leave you at any cost and definitely I can wait many more years for you…Just for you……Don’t pressurise yourself just because we are husband and wife…. Consummation shouldn’t be forced….. I already told you that you can always be the way you want…..Your choices are my command……”

Akshara smiled and kissed his forehead “This is why I love you so much…..You are World’s Best Husband!” Viren carress her “It’s not even 24 hours I become your husband and rapidly you awarded me this kind of title….” Akshara jeeringly ” Don’t overreact….It’s because you married to the World’s Best Wife!” He nodded and she adjusted herself on the bed……She snogs on his chest and hide herself in it …Viren whispers “At least talk something……” Akshara excitedly started to narrate all the incidents happened between her sisters from childhood days……She is recollecting all the memories that still vivid in her mind……….She talks without a break and he just be a good listener…….Soon her eyelids fall as exhaustion take a toll and Viren kissed his woman before he gets into a deep slumber….
A true love story remains incomplete without obstacles…..Once a soul has become one after two little hearts are connected then nothing essential except passionate love ……..?

To be continued

I am 1000X times sorry for the regular readers of mine but I swear I didn’t get a time to write because back to back celebrations from Navarathiri to Diwali additional with my classes amd assignments …My belated wishes to all and may god bless you all..Don’t worry the last chapter would be episode 70?Just give me some time …Again I am sorry and I missed all of you?

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  1. My sweetheart i missed you so much and it’s okay we can wait for our favourite story..!! ?? And coming to update u know where I am while reading this?? I am present in that Sangeeth enjoying myself seeing those dances and went to Marriage along with ViRa and witnessed all their love..!! ??? U just took us to the world of ViRa..!! It’s my dream wedding now..! Hope u will come with another story after taking a break(a small one ok?) Will miss ViRa and u too..! Love u and tc Dashu..!

    1. D.Dashni

      Awwww thank you so much babe…You know i was there watching the beautiful couple with you my fav gorgeous bestie…I love you so much yaaar and yes i miss you…Let’s hope i have time to come up with a good story soon ????

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    It is amazing

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      Thank you siddhi?

  3. Sweetie

    Just awesome yaar,can’t say more than this..Enjoyed every ritual and the bidaai is tear jerking.. 🙁 Lovely bond of Vira.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

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      Diiiiiiiiiiiii….Thank you so much….You are the sweetest woman I ever meet in my life and I am grateful for it…Your genuine appreciation is the reason I always try to write something better and you knew it well ….I swear I am gonna miss these token of love you have been giving me all these months…You always be dwelling in my heart with so much love and respect . …..I wanna cherish this friendship forever You better know I always love you to the infinite dii and miss you so much??Hugs and kisses?

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