Dreams will come true (Episode 65)


A haste  decision but it  has a wise   reasons behind it……. Viren comes up with   the marriage   proposal   in his family…Viren’s Dad was taken aback about   the precipitation   in stepping   into marriage   and warned Viren  not to have such ideas…..He has to marry Simran following   his grandma’s choice….It gets   into Viren’s nerve as he wasn’t  ready  to encounter any  rejection…..Yet, Viren did not wants to humiliate Simran by bursting   out her real intentions   and all the attempts she did to separate Akshara from him…… Viren decided   to tackle his dad  by speaking   out the suppressed   emotions in  him ” I wish   you accept Akshara in this family…. It’s   unimaginable   for me to live even a second without her…I am sure that Akshara  wants   to be the part   of the family  with the acceptance   of all……I  knows   it’s   too early   to speak about    marriage   but I left with no choice   as for now I wants to stop anyone including   my own family   creating   mess in my love   story by bringing  any another   girls in my life…….

I want   to complete my love story and grow old together  only with Akshara…She lit up my world with felicity and it will only continue with her existent ….In the attempt  of wait, I don’t  want   to lose my Akshara  as I almost   lose her that fateful day when I failed to be her protector…….She survived to complete my dreams to make her mine …… My world can    be a better place only in her arms……….  Viren’s Dad  listened to all his talk and  unknowingly he smiles….. Viren proved love can change anyone….From the Viren whom always hated girls transformed completely since   he is standing out for the love of his life…..

However, Viren’s Dad  remain silent as he sucked his teeth    ” I never     turned   out to be a ‘Superdad’ for Viren……  I presented emptiness and loneliness   in Viren’s life with my remarriage ….Viren never had acceptance for his stepmother that he build a wall in his heart until he barely shares a fondness  with me…….Viren still fails to address  me as ‘Papa’ despite   of all the trials to show a dad’s priceless love to  Viren…..Amazingly, Viren still  grew up  independently  and was responsibility at a young age in the guidance   of Maa……. Viren  is the pride  of the family since   he gave a huge   contribution in our  empire   to be remarked success….. However, till date Viren hardly   asks him anything   for himself and never abuse   the material   wealth of the   family … It’s  a first   time  that   Viren   asked  for something   with   respect   and hope without   denying dad’s  opinion…..Above   all,   a delight   to watch  will be Viren’s happiness and he can never   be wrong   that  it will happen only in the presence   of his lady love….” Viren’s Dad sighed and grins “Your determination is my admiration……. As a dad, I  don’t   hold any reasons to oppose this marriage  but  welcomes   my daughter-in-law with open arms so that you   can complete   your love story…… ” Viren is over the top now as it was totally   unexpected  for his dad to agree…….In excitement, Viren  shares a hug with his dad after many years …. Viren’s Dad happily  announced the family to start the preparations of Vira’s wedding after   discussing   with Akshara’s family   with proper rituals……

Two weeks passed in split seconds  and Akshara is still confined  to hospital but her health   were improving   better… Most of the wounds   heals  but left with darks   scars…She  truly hates  it yet  she did not   overreact   as Viren always  gaves her heart   the support   she needs and  made her  beauty   through   his  love……. Luckily, these two weeks were Vira’s special moments  treasured in the small room  as their days   and nights   were too romantic at times   and some   days they   had cute  little fights…… However,Akshara’s mind popped out with the question   why her family   hardly   visits   her including   Tesha and Kiran?? She  always wondered why and nagged   Viren about   it???? He couldn’t   handled   his BugBug’s  question  but he managed to beat   around   the bush   by explaining her  that their   daily   routines is quite   tough and hardly   get time …

He even   says   they  didn’t   want   to intrude their   privacy….. Akshara   was well persuaded   by Viren’s words   as she lay a belief  that  only   truth   is spoken   by him….Honesty   is indeed his reflection   but sometimes   he has to bent down when it comes   to surprises …..He didn’t   want   to utter any word    about   the engagement  party   arranged   for   them conjuction   with wedding?…… In real,  everyone is busy in the preparations   as everything  has to be perfect   for the perfect   couple….Viren also engaged  himself   in the preparation whenever   Akshara lives in deep slumber since he always  strives for perfectionism but now he changed his mindset that happiness   is the most precious posssesion..He knows a little   gestures if made with love can set a curve on her lips….

In these two weeks , Maa  always pressurised or try to brainwash   Mr.Thakur to called off this marriage without  Viren’s knowledge…..She try to frame Akshara many times as a girl greeds on their wealth…She also gave some   illogical reasons  that Akshara’s horoscope   isn’t   a perfect match   for Viren …..However, her energy are totally   dumped as waste because he did not buy her words….He remain deaf to her nonsensical   talks as he wants to  be a pillar  of support for Viren’s marriage …… However, Maa feared   to talk about  Simran as per   Viren’s threat. … She hide  out Simran’s w

hereabouts  to Viren’s Dad by saying   that she went   on holidays   with her friends and she is happy with  Viren’s marriage since she decided to move on in her life….Viren’s father  planning to celebrate it into grandeur wedding  and he finds it auspicious  since they don’t   face any  obstacles till now ….. Grandma cursed herself for helplessness   in stopping the marriage  as she wished  it never happens………However, she gives importance   to Viren’s   preferences  and also  Simran’s life so she tries to takes part in all the rituals  so that nothing  done wrongly…..
Akshara  had no bounds   for her felicity after heard the animous word ‘discharged’….The doctor advised her not to strain   emotionally   or physically but Akshara jumping   in joy…. She could feel the energy   in her body is boosted up to infinite… She had no more strugglings   on bed to walk… She can perambulate anywhere   with her companion without   encountering any stress….Her wish finally  reaches the God’s  ears  as she wanted to be freed from  these passage soon… She kissed Viren’s   chest and crushed his bone   when he circled her in his arms….Finally, Akshara realises    how   much she matters to him  and the depth of their love because    their togetherness   remain unchanged even   after   the incident…..

She understands  her  destiny was too tough  for a reason…It only impacted   her to fight any obstacles with strength till death because   she   is  privileged   to survive even storms…….Viren silently   admires   her antics of non- stop pulling his leg  and cracking out jokes….He also  can’t be patience   since he planned  to bring   her to their new home as surprise awaiting there….He named the home as Akshara’s Villa…..He invested   the   money of all his savings   on  this house  to gift   Akshara   when they   are married….He planned   it for future   but ultimately  it  was used  now…….

~The Engagement   Day~

A beginning  to attach the two souls as one for eternity when rings   are exchanged……  The ring symbolises the unending   circle of love with unity in a marriage   relationship   and reminds each other   the vows they have taken …. Akshara’s   Villa are surrounded   with both families of bridegrooms’ with the presence   of   close relatives   and friends…… Intensifying  aura of joy   and excitement at home……The tinkling  bangles and giggles  of  woman… The loud music of drum attracting  people   to groove  and tap their feet……. Vira are on the way home after settled all payments in the hospital….. Akshara blankly   stares at Viren when Viren’s car welcomed by the security guard “Why are we here Jammy? You should   send   me home   right?! ” Viren gasped “Do you trust   my decision?” Akshara is dumbfounded on  the need of that question suddenly?? She nodded and he smiled   over her response… He parked the car at the  porch of a banglo that tinseled with poms-poms  and colourful lights  sparkling everywhere….Many colourful flowers adorned the huge pillars…..

It is  lavish and extravagant………Akshara had a glimpes of the surrounding   and she notices  the eyes of uncles and aunties over   the car….It’s   quite a strange   look in her opinion ……She pursed her lips   wondering   why she   has to come   over here? She tightens   her grip over Viren “Why are we here?Is it a party going on?? Don’t expect    me to come   here  with a plain pink   midi dress…Don’t   be obstinate  in attending  this event Vir…Please be aware that everyone  are watching over your car ” Viren hushed   her  “Baby be   calm…You   still look pretty! We have to go inside now…” Akshara frowned when he fails to understands  the awkward   situation  so shakes her head in negativity to refuse..  Viren pecked her  forehead and leaves…He spread  his arms in the air to welcome her as he open the car   door…Akshara bug out and cursed herself in her heart “I shouldnt have follow him….Unbelievable…..He expect me to come to a party without groomed well?!”  Viren  snorted and gives his   hand…. Unwillingly she holds it..

Akshara is dumbfounded about attending  the event   she unaware   of but decided  to follow  his footsteps with lowered eyes..When she heard her  familiar   voice greeting cheerfully “We are happy to welcome  both  of you!” Akshara looks up and saw her parents having wide toothy smiles accompanied by Viren’s family …All of them are groomed  in  poised Indian style……..Akshara is stunned   to see them all and she is  also baffled …..She crushed   her brain to understand    what’s   going on but the impulse of her brain is totally   numb…… Viren holds  her hand softly   to calm her down… As   reverence to the elders , Akshara seeks the blessings of the family….. Before Akshara could walks in, Viren covered her eyes with his fingers…..She paused….Everything seems to be black out  for her yet   she grins beautifully  …She confirms with his gestures  that   he made another   surprise   for her now but what could it be…The anticipation are hardly   resisting   within her…Viren took away   the fingers and she sees a  stage intricated with  colourful curtains on the wall…..A huge chandelier and fairy   lights   creating an attractive   shimmer….Two huge  golden chairs add a pure decadence  in between a beautiful statue  Durga Maa which is Viren’s first gift for Akshu reminds the start of their friendship and shines out divinity…..A giant of white and red roses framed the  beautiful   names as a welcome  to their engagement 

Akshara is astonished   and bemused  digesting   their names together…It   was unexpected   surprise to make her  go  high as a  princess in fairytales….She couldn’t   stop smiling   as her happiness   is beyond paradise…Viren sidehugged her with hands around her waist   and she lost   in his deep brown eyes….Kiran huffed puffed “Vir……” Everyone giggled so they give distance to each other …. Venisha pulls Akshara   towards her and make a move… Yet,  Akshara  still locked herself with his  gaze as she realise that the handsome man is her true love…….. Akshara goes   to  the bedroom  and Sha sisters   squealed “Akshu…….Getting   married” Akshara  chuckled   and reminiscences  their   moments ..It’s   nostalgic….He  seems to be bored but  he is the only one can amaze her…

Flashmob….Proposal…..Surprise   engagement ……Unrealisingly she gasped, “What he stored more?” Tesha laughed “Wedding!What else?!” Venisha nudged her shoulder”Look at your engagement   dress” Akshara smiled “Anymore surprises dii??” Tesha  laughed ”  The biggest surprise is…… Your   wedding bells ring exactly  after two days…..” Venisha taps   her   shoulder ” Now you get ready   for your engagement   now….All are waiting   for  you especially   your prince charming” Akshara  panting “I am nervous! I need to know   what’s  the  reason of sudden plan?” Venisha caressed   her cheeks “He loves   you and want   to be with you without   any tantrums   of both families  ..It can only   be done   if you both   are officially   married”  Tesha interrupts “You know that   he don’t   believe   in any rituals but still he planned Indian Wedding for   you…..He loves you more than anyone   would do” Akshara grins “I knew it…I swear   I can’t   love him as much as he do but still I will try…… But dii how he managed   to pacify both families  to agree our  marriage?…..” Tesha laughed  ” You can ask him all these on your first night…Now get ready before we miss the auspicious  time….Akshara pouted and notices some other women  in the room too…

Akshara curled her lips “Who are they??” Venisha smiled “Bride-to-be you have the established make-up and hair stylists personally   appointed by your Viren….Their magic touch will  transform   you as a Diva…. Akshara looks at the exclusive  outfit “This also must be his choice naa…White with red lehenga…..” Venisha whispers “You don’t   like  is it??” Tesha pulls Akshara’s ears “You totally  forget that your sister is a designer……” Akshara squealed” Diiiiii…..You designed it   for me…It’s   just a wow factor dii….You know my taste well that whatever   comes with white colours   are my most   of favourite… ….Thank you so much diii….. She hugged  her   sister “I love you diii…” Akshara’s mum is shocked   to see them still chatting   around so she screeches   “Stop wasting   the time  …Everyone   is waiting for  Akshara…Better come down fast”

It   isn’t   effortless  but  they managed to   doll up the bride stunningly  beautiful…The combination   of white and red colour  signifies   the traditional charm like a classic tale in modern age…. …The handiwork   is too exquisite especially after bejeweled  golden  stones   that shines as a crystal and beaded with ravishing   embroidery… Akshara requested   for a natural   make up that well-favoured  her skin tone….The alluring   jewellery adorned   her neck and ears  but couldn’t   match up to the elegance of hands because   of bangles……. Akshara followed the beautiful   bridesmaids that are gorgeous  in  red sarees to the stage….. Viren stood on the stage with his family   waiting    for her to walk in….He couldn’t   advert   his eyes from her as she is brought   to the stage…He expected   her to at least   look up at him but Akshara just gazes at the  floor….

She  can’t   stop from blushing   as she is cognizant   with   the eyes of everyone   on  her……..She  was brought  by her family  to sit   with  Viren……Viren’s stepmother   passed on the ring to him…He winked at Akshara when he holds her hand……. Everyone laughed…. Akshara knew   he  just try to embarrass   her……In return, she closed her fingers and smirk at him…Their   families  are giggling   with their antics…… So, Viren stroke her cheeks and Akshara   eyes widens…She blushes   and unrealizingly let  go her fingers. … He quickly   slid the ring on her ring finger…Akshara  chortled   admiring   his   smartness…….. Her brother, Kaushal passed  the ring to Akshara…..Akshara just pulled Viren’s finger and tightens her grip beforehand to slid the ring   into his  finger easily……Viren grins over her alertness…. Everyone   clapped….. Pictures  are clicked with family   and  friends as the couple   posed……. Akshara and her sisters  had their mandatory wefies  ignoring   their partners ……..The music turn on the energy of the guests  and the dance floor opens  as everyone   were happily   dancing…..

Akshara begins to dance  but she felt grip on her   hand…..Viren  pulled her out of the crowd and brought   her to a room…Viren switches on the light   and she sees the the room  themed in  black and white colour….It was very simple   and tidy   but what caught   her eyes is the sketch of her family picture above the gigantic   bed..It consists   of Viren and Akshara included with  both families   besides Tesha and Kiran too …..She had happy tears in her eyes and whispered Our family Vir. Who made a picturesque   sketch Vir?” Viren smooches from behind “I did it long time ago after   you accepted   me but I plan to gift   you after   our marriage……” Akshara smiled ” How sweet….Never knew you have this hidden talent…”Viren sighed “I stopped many years ago but I thought to do it for you..Do you like our room???” Akshara is even dazed more and kissed his hands  “I like it Vir and only two of us will stay here???? Viren nodded ” Yes and don’t   worry I won’t   eat you baby….”Akshara hits his hand”No  baby…I ask since we will miss our family naa.” Viren kissed her hair” Don’t   worry! You can stay with them anytime you want….” Akshara chuckled  I am indebted  to Durga Maa for giving unimaginable   happiness in my life……”  Viren glared  “You always give credits   to  your Maa but it was all my efforts…..” Akshara turn around and pulled his nose “OK thank you too  my sweetheart for  such amazing surprises…” Viren  pulled her closer  to his figure “Shouldn’t   be this way!!!” Akshara pinches his hand “Enough of romances…I am happy   we are getting married   soon so that I can be with   you all the time and eat you up with   my questions….” Viren pecked her  “I know   you’re happy   but you also fear that your   ambitions  will just be a dream right????”

Akshara tangled her fingers in his “No Jammy…..I trust   you ……You know   what   is best   for me….” Viren snorted and carried her towards the bed to make her sit….. He sit on his knees ” I wanted  this marriage   to happen  because   I don’t want  other   girls  especially   Simran to dream that I will marry her….. After the incident, I  don’t   want   to take a risk of  losing you Akshu ……. Yet, I will promise now  that I never   stop you from reaching   your success ….Your dream to work in overseas shall be fulfilled…..We will begin the husband and wife   relationship accordance  to your wish even after this marriage……”    Akshara wraps her arms around   his shoulder  ” I love you Vir but not as much as you do…..Your would   be wife don’t  need any explanations because   she trust   her life partner   than herself….She also promise that she will be by your side in your happiness as well as hardships….. But now  she only demands for a  kiss ….”  Viren grins and rolled over her   on the bed “Really??” Akshara chuckled and nodded positively….

Viren whispers in her ears “Your beauty mesmerised  me”  Akshara turns crimson and hugged him tightly….. He snogs on her chin as she tilted her head……….. They were enjoy snuggling  on bed forgetting   their   guests behind…… Viren osculate the underlip…  Akshara succumbed   her lips to him with closed eyes….It turn on him to be more wild…… Realisation hits Akshara so  she jerked Viren  a little…He got back into his sense and they moved apart…….A deep kiss  made them celebrate their engagement  way better…….

To be continued☺

I thought  I will  post on Monday but   couldn’t   since I really spend a lot of time in this episode ? I hope I write the engagement part well   and match up to your expecations but it’s really    hard for  a teen to write out  such a big event? Hope you all like it ….Lots of love?

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  7. Dashni my dearrrrr. ..it’s lavishly beautiful. ..superrrrrrbbb. ..narration. ..you nailed it my honeyyy. …mind blowing episode. ..all the surprises by viren are astonishing. ..akshu’s is the luckiest girl to have him as his life parter n true love….the engagement, her dress, makeup all were amazing. ..n specially the family portrait sketched by viren was really incredible. ….n his words for her dreams purely outstandingly…keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for vira’s marriage….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart. ..take care ♡♡♡ 😉

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