Dreams will come true (Episode 64)


Viren demanded   for the answer  but what he gets   in return   is to watch the sobbing   of Simran continously…It truly   irked him but  unrealizingly    she confesses  the truth as stress overtakes   her mind…She purged out “All my  dreams are shattered after Akshara’s presence…. She is the reason I am restricted  to reach   out  in living  my biggest dream…..To be the daughter-in-law of Thakur and proudly   presents   myself as a Mr . Right’s wife..I lose the  fame…money…happiness   I yearns  all these years..Till now I hate Akshara even if I had repentance   for committing  a crime….. It is unbearable to know that you are not mine…I  was supposed to be the perfect match for you but you went   behind her..Why she has to come in our love saga??? ”

Viren  clapped and she paused with confusion crawling over her face recalling her words… Viren in harsh tone   “Wow you never  wish to be loved and love genuinely… Your self-centrism and obsssesion for materialism   is the  damn reason   you ain’t    deserved to be   my better half…Don’t say you repent   after  hatred is still dwelling   in your   mind.”  Realization hits Simran unconcious mind…. She  bites her lowered lips in anxiety  for bursting   out her  deep-lying intentions…Should she cursed   herself   for her sins or laughed   for not winning   his   heart even now ???? Neither  mercy nor love is in his eyes????She looks on to understand   the situation   she messed up by gazing   at the intense eyes….. Her heart aches…. She thought ” Why???….Why  can’t  he at least  show up a care on me ???”
She needed him to understand  her love even though   it’s   one sided but his stern reply is only a disgusted  look… Simran’s  mind then keep chanting to give up as her dreams can never overpowers   their love and the way he is treating   her   proves that she can   never   be His…

She huffed puffed “I give up…I don’t need you anymore as I never been acknowledged… I am sorry for giving   hardships in Akshara’s life  but   now I swear that  I don’t  want   to be a part   of your   life too…. I will go away   from your life… I will move on….Please freed me from this hell….I am suffocating  in such filthy   environment…” She gazed  at the floor with lowered eyes and folded hands…. Kiran snorted   “You are venomous…Viren I am sure she is lying   that she will be  unaffected   in your    happiness …Impossible… She just loved you for   her benefits and  may go to  any extent  to secure  it..The unvanishing  jealousy in her   will provoke   to harm Akshu again….” Simran shakes   her head in negativity   to oppose Kiran’s thoughts   and   Sakshi interrupts “We don’t  give a damn on this wild man’s life anymore ..He wanna marry Akshara or not?!!! It’s   his problem…. But,  for now let us go…..” Kiran  with much sarcasm “Hey you shut your   filthy   mouth….You are most cheapest spy  in the  college…..Hmmm Noo…. A foolish busybody   that intrudes  in others’  personal lives.  Sakshi rolled her eyes and Viren gasped   “Okay cut the crap! Simran I will give   you a chance…You will leave you very soon   but  you   should   return   to London without   giving   a turn here…You don’t   have to  bullshit anymore  that you are finding your future here and don’t   you  dared to contact   Maa again….”

Simran looks on and Kiran snapped his fingers “You understand   or not?” He accessed to his mobile by tapping his fingers   on it
” Watch the  dead  corpse paying   for his heeds…He  is  punctuate to be served as a paralysed man by Us…..” Simran eyes widens in shocked   and  fingers   trembled   in fear…. Sakshi is blanked and her body shivers to know   they are not easy-going men as judged but deeply   a roughshod….. Instantly,  she folded her  hands   and pleaded “Sorry for whatever  I did… I vow that   I will  not be  existent   in your  life anymore…I won’t  even speak to Akshara..I won’t   look up   to you guys… Please don’t   do anything  wrong   to us” Simran nodded “As I said, I won’t   cross in your ways Vir. You may live happily   and please let us live… ” Viren sighed “Mark your words and I have nothing   to do by keeping   you   here yet wait till all  arranged for you  to  return London then Sakshi will also be released…Don’t   you forget   that you can never utter whatever   we did to you because   you  will end up behind bars  for planning   out a rape case…My henchmens already   recorded   the confession  of the goon and your   names are in… Apart all,Simran if you have any plans running   in mind   to enact   all your   past deeds   dreaming   you are safe….Better   erase it….. Many  eyes are over   on   you.. Kiran laughed “They  will hunt you till  you reach   London…Remember,  Viren is not informing  but warning you!!!! Better don’t dream to come into  the hell again….” Simran and Sakshi nodded  as no more loop holes to go against them as their threats itself  made   them  choking..

The doctor   are examining  Akshara’s figure…As per doctor’s medical observation , a physiotherapist is needed for Akshara’s   muscle weaknesses  to easily overcome her limping …A woman physiotherapist also comes in and Akshara is kept under her treatment to resume into her  normal running mode….The Ussain Bolt within her that   always   been   chasing   Viren…. However, it’s   been almost   half a day and Akshara  is bemused without his return…. She keep eyeing   the glass door to meet him….She knew she had her family around now and they are truly   taking   care   of her with compassionate   love  but her heart   demanded   her companion…..It’s   a misery   without   him and soon exhausation take a toll on her…. She was   told to rest but Akshara nagged  to Tesha “Baby where is Viren? He forget   me naaa…I am waiting   for him too long but still he is not here??Where he went?? I must  not be essential   for him that’s   why  he is not around naa..” Tesha   pecked her forehead “No dear…He was with   you  all night   and he must be tired  … I am sure   he will   come very soon as he also can’t   be without   you ..” Akshara is only    convinced a little believing   that   he is fagged but her mind is entangled about other possibilities   of his whereabouts … Deeply,only she understood  the lifelessness  without   Viren for   a long time is stabbing   her heart…..Yet,  Akshara just  pretends to be calmed   and  soon the eyelids fall as Akshara’s mum carresing her hair lovingly… Perhaps, she wants   to have a glimpse   of her Jammy in her dream….

Completely after many hours, Viren showed up to the hospital   but to his dismay  as he was told not to disturb her… He is riled also for not getting a time to spend with   her..Tesha nudged his shoulder “Viren your wife misses you too much…she might sulk at you  for not being with her…Better   do something   to pacify   her…” Viren smiles as he knows that  a plain-white dull room is not her kind…. She loves to be surrounded   in euphoric vibes  like how she fulfilled  his life with picturesque  colors…  Kiran teasingly “No doubt, his mind is going to  plan out   a surprise for  her..What say ??? ” Viren nodded and he shares up his idea with them….

Akshara slowly twitched   her fingers  after the deep slumber..She open her eyes slowly but everything   remain  black….. She wondered   why   there is not any sign of light   and murmured  “Where’s Maa and Tesha?!” She rubbed her eyes and called out “Maaaaa…Babeee…Where   you’ll??Maa…..” Viren lit up the candle on the a piece of moist chocolate cake and the  yellow light fire ignites  virtually on their faces..The white  light  shines out and rose petals showered   upon her..Akshara welcomed the touch of red of petals upon her delicate skin.. A curve set on her lips to see the room is very beautiful with sweet pink and white balloons….Her favourite colors…..Her favourite dessert…Her favourite flower soothing her skin… It turned out to be completely unexpected…. She is overwhelmed with his amazing little surprise…. Viren goes to her …He tugged her hair and planted a soft kiss on her cheeks…She hides her face on his chest and circled him around her arms tightly…He feed her the piece of cake and she takes her bite with a widest smile.. Akshara made him to have it too.. She arched her eyebrow “You knows the bond I shares with chocolate so you want divulge my mind in it naa..” .Viren smiles sheepishly and Akshara caress his face “Where you went?? I missed you so much dear…” Viren rubbed her back “I want you to miss me so that we can have a little celebration then…” Akshara whispers “Only I knew how much hard to be without you! ”

Tesha and Kiran happily   watched their   togetherness…They left   together  and Tesha iniatied her first move    towards the spark of attraction  bloomed out between them…She tangled her  fingers with him  and followed his path….Tesha is comfortable around him now as they are spending time frequently in either real or calls…..Although, they did not share any eyelocks, the little gestures could explained the rhythmic  music of   love in their heart..  Kiran feels euphoric as his hopes are getting higher that she will reciprocate   his love soon….Maybe it’s   just a matter of time   as everything needs a perfect time to sets everything perfect ….
Vira are now  embracing   each others   in their arms and Viren is brushing his lips on her smooth   hair….Akshara leans on his chest and hugged him more tightly..

Akshara spoken out the bottled up emotions she had today ” Viren I can feel that I am being incosiderate now but I want to be with you approximately 24/7…I understands that you have a family as well but I truly feel incomplete when you aren’t beside me dear…..I know it’s wrong to be demanding your time and commitments but still I couldn’t resist myself from asking you..I shouldn’t have such expecations but I don’t really wanna be without you for long hours…..When I am restricted only to the bed…bandages….injection…observations… I really pushed into depression to have such fate and it burdens more when I was not molly coddled by you…Your arms are the reason of my strength and secureness…I am not stopping you from going anywhere but please return as early as possible naa…”

Viren cups her face “I am sorry for leaving you here but had some things to sort out for our own goodness baby….Trust me baby…Soon, all the miseries are vanishing in our life as if a new happy chapter begins… I also promise you now that I will be with you all the time except during my shower since you won’t preferably follow me…” Akshara laughs at his nonsensical thoughts and Viren smiles mischievously…Viren kissed her forehead “Shhhhhh…Now let’s enjoy these romantic   moments  sweetheart.”
Akshara puzzledly “But just hugging  is not called romantic at all ……
Viren smirks “May be……. Now I can’t show you the the definition of romanticism baby. ..Yet, we can have a glance of it…..Akshara turns crimson… Due to their proximity, Viren slowly shared his lips with hers…… It always fitted each other… He thought to be soft but as she reciprocates more…. Their tongues started to taste each other even deeper……She lost her fingers in his hair as the heat and desire pulling them closer…..It lasted quite a long time . …. As oxygen plays it’s part,they give access for it…They begin to their night with stars and moon by sharing each other’s warmness…. A night can never be completed without a fondly squeeze with your loved ones……

To be continued☺
Next is on Monday and sorry for being irregular?….Neither had mood nor time to write out.?. No proof reading so excuse my mistakes if any..Lots of love ???

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  1. Nice episode yaar:-)

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    Hi dear..!! Wonderful one ??? u r really an amazing writer sweetheart..!! U gave life to these imaginary characters ! Loving ViRa to the core.. and dear y no mood? Is everything k? Tc dashu

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  7. Dashni. ..sorry honeyyy for late comment. ..now only I could read this unique marvellous episode. …I missed you sooooo muchhhhh…the epi was mind blowing. ..viren n kiran threatened simran n sakshi very nicely. ..I hope they never return back in vira’s life once they released. ….loved viren’s lil surprise for akshu…ViRa lovey dovey moments were superbbbb. ..keep it up honeyyy love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

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