Dreams will come true (Episode 63 )


Maa had no chance of refuting his condition   because   she solely   knows   he is strongheaded and for now all the  doors of his heart are  closed.
She gasped “I will do what   you   will say but your   dad needs to agree too and what if Akshara’s family rejected  you! Then,   will you willingly release Simran from your captivity? ”  Viren snorted “No, none of them holds a reason  for a rejection   upon Viren!! I mean like why would   they?!”  One more  thing,she can only return  home  after   my wedding…”    She looks on and tries instigate  him  to understands her emotional   strains “If  you loved Maa so much, at least   make me meet Simran once….I am afraid she feels   too unsafe  and her health is harmed since   she is our family’s   responsibility………. You can’t   be downgrading   your family’s dignity   for the sake of love. ”  Viren smiled  “Nothing comes before love…. I realised now  that Karma will hunts down someone for their sins  because it’s   eating up the over-dramatic Simran  for  drowning Akshara into turbulence  of trauma …” 

Maa holds the collar of his shirt “She is at fault may be but you can’t   act wild by abducting a girl…….. “Vengeance for another   vengeance is  an endless torment for all……” Viren nodded  “However, I turned a little barbarian to treat the barbarous creatures like them is acceptable   Maa!!!”  Grandma is shocked and widens   her eye “Them?Whom you meant?”  Viren chuckled  “Simran and Sakshi.. I guess Maa you’re  not well aware of their   true colours …… It’s   disgusting……  They don’t   mind  exhibiting inner maleficients in them until dared to harrass brutally another girl…… How can  you still  stood by their side and worrying   for that heartless   b*t*hes???….” Grandma shakes her head ; “I know she is wrong but forgiveness is needed to make a world a better place….” She cups his face “Trust me…You only have obsession  on Akshara and it might   be infatuation…It can’t   be named   love   so better  not to get marry hastily…..”   Viren jerked her hands  away from his shirt “I still respect you Maa but I seriously don’t   want to hear your nonsensical talks !! My condition is simple so wipe out your tears  and get ready  for whatever rituals   need to be done if you want to see your Simran safe…”

Viren left   the palace called home after be bumped   into Kiran.  Viren  had the sparkling  stars of satisfaction crawled   over his  face   when his body attached to the black seat of the car.. The unspoken  event then   vividly appeared on his mind that made him recollect   on how he lay the net for Simran to fall in the trap….


” Viren: Hello…Simran??…

  Simran: Oh yes!Vir….You called me…Unbelievable….

  Viren: Hmmmm….I thought   of  bringing   you up for a coffee as I am totally   bored  since Akshu is not well….

Simran : Coffee date with me???Oh my god…..Are you serious???I mean like with me?? Why suddenly??

Viren : I guess I told you that I am pretty   bored and I know you can  entertain   well with your insensible  talks….

Simran: Awwwww Vir….I am actually   dumbfounded since  you are calling   for out…

Viren : So you are coming   or I drop the plan??

Simran:Of course..I will come anywhere   for you Vir..Where’s   the place?

Viren: No… actually   I will fetch   you  at home….Just be ready…..

Simran: Surely…I will not make you wait….

When   Viren hanged   up the call, Kiran burst into laugh “You was too keen in going date with her…I wish it’s   for real”.   Viren was puzzled  and blanked for a while “Impossible!!!Date with a over dramatic   queen??? !And why the hell you want it to be a real date??? ” Kiran with a teasing smile “So that Akshara dance on you for ditching   her…”  Viren stared him “Ohh shut up idiot…Be serious for a while… You better   off to the place now and I will come with her… Kiran nodded and chortled leaving Viren irked for that stupid  thoughts. The sincere driver of Akshara actually was   forced to do his duty  literally   for that hammy woman,Simran… He managed to act out with  a petite smile to not let any suspicion   turn over him even though   the inner him feels like strangling   her and chopping  off that  dirty brain…. The first   thing she did when stepped on his car was passing on a hug  “Vir…I am totally   over the moon now..” He simpers “I just doing   my part in giving   you treat for whatever  you have done afar..Simran’s smile vanished for a moment  and she breaks the hug
“I didn’t   do anything wrong Vir??” Viren snorted “I didn’t   utter even a single word   that you did any wrong   so why are you fussing   it in too sudden ?” Simran wobbled “Voooh…Actually…What I thought….I mean I thought   to ask if I got do anything   wrong?? Viren smiles and shakes   his head refusingly…

They went   to a coffee cafe and ordered their drink…The waiter hired by Kiran to does his  given task….He  purposely spilled the coffee  on Simran’s dress..Simran is furious   and scolds the waiter who pretends to be apologetic….Viren calmed and  insisted her to  clean  up herself…She left to washroom with annoyance …..He smirks when he eyed her mobile on the table….After all, he just recreated the  same incident Simran and Sakshi did in attempt   to make Akshara gets expelled   from the college……He swipes the mobile’s  screen and it  unlock because   since she never use a pass code as security   requirements…He  opens the text message and scroll it down but all the messages  were strangers for Viren….He crushed his brain to find out the clue   whether   it’s   Sakshi involved with her too……His master brain strikes an idea upon him…He quickly  press the archived message..He glanced at the conversation between Sakshi and Simran….He thought   “I knew it she must   be involved too” Viren kept   her phone   on the table   then pretended to be calm and composed…When Simran came and sit, they had their coffees  as well…. Viren initiated softly  “Wanna go for a long drive??” She is in awestruck that he is asking her   for  a long drive….   She couldn’t   resist   the gloominess and hapiness dwelling   on her facial expression . ..She nodded excitedly   and followed   him without   knowing   the consequences…

Viren insist   her to follow him  to the abandoned   house …It can be picturised as   filthy with  the dry  leaves  scattered around and the white paint crushed into black with dirt…. Simran is dismayed “Why here Vir??” Viren grasps her hand and brings her in”Just follow me!” She questioned him again and feared to follow his steps…He pulled her hands and brings her in…It was dark as if black paint is splashed  in the surroundings as if  they were in a dungeon. A two muscular woman were there and Kiran locks the door from behind after switching on the dim  yellow light  ..Simran shivers in fear on what they are planning against   her….The two woman handcuffed Simran immediately and she screams for a help….Kiran closed her mouth  and she twitched   her legs constantly…Viren sushed her “Don’t   scream…If you want to be safe  then call Sakshi here..” Simran stared him with her red-eyed and Viren chuckled “Don’t  you dare to stare..Kiran remove your hands now….” Simran breathes heavily and Viren throws his mobile at her “Call the idiot and tell you want to meet her to discuss about Akshu’s matter…. If you alert her then you will face unbearable  pain…What say?? ”  Simran shakes her head and Viren threw his mobile to her lap “Do it or you stay here? ” Simran gives in and rings up to Sakshi…She manages to persuade   Sakshi to  meet her by hiding   the fright  in her voice in a possible way she could do … When Simran hanged up the call, Viren grabs  it and  shares the location with Sakshi..  Simran falls on his leg to let her  go but Viren remain unaffected   because   he knows that Akshara walks on   a path worst than a nightmare   because   of them…

Almost after an hour, Sakshi came up  there  and Kiran stands at the door..He opens the door’s lock… Viren whispered to Simran “Call her to come in if not you can’t   go?!” Simran wanted to safe herself   so she don’t   mind putting   Sakshi in trouble because   selfishness is her nature and Viren knew it…. Simran yells “Sakshi I am in…Please come inside….” Sakshi pushed the door and walked in unknowingly   she is ticketing  to hell…..She is shocked   to see Simran in handcuffed state and sitting on the floor… She turns around  to runaway and shocked to see Kiran blocked  her way…She panicked “What you all want??? ” Kiran smiled and pushed her to the floor “Nothing just punishment!” Sakshi blankedly “What???Punishment??? We never do thing” Viren is riled “Stop bullshitting! We knew everything  from the goon you hired…” Simran and Sakshi shocked to hear it…They bursted out their tears and begged  to release them…  Viren. ” Don’t make screaky noise if not your mouths will be plastered. ..Kiran hancuffed Sakshi after struggling   with her and commands the two women   “Two of you punish   them the way you   want but make sure   they don’t   die….” Simran looks on “I thought  you will release me” Kiran laughed “We thought  to fool you like how two of you cunningly    took advantage on Akshara’s kindness….” The woman in gravelly voice ” Sir we will take care of them…You may go….” Viren nodded and stared at Simran “Real men never raise hands on women so these lady guards  will decide on what to do with you all . ” Kiran and Viren  decided   to stay in the car since  Sakshi and Simran can outsmart anyone to find way to escape…..

Simran try to break her handcuff by hitting on the floor causing   one of the lady guard explodes in her rage… She  banged her forehead on the floor many times…. Sakshi is shocked to see it and screams that irked another woman so she kicked her hardly  on her stomach “Shut your mouth up…” She banged Sakshi on the wall… The two women took a long-brownish cane from a black bag…  They ripped off their skin Simran and Sakshi love flaunting out  in the name of s*xy all these years by flogging without a break…… They squawks in pain  as the blood oozed out of their skin as it were peeled out by the canes….. The lady guard wearing the heels stomped  her feet  on Sakshi’s fingers many times until her beautifully painted nails were cracked and  constantly kicked   Sakshi for jerking her legs……  However, Simran’s volume were uncontrollable where she   screams  for “Help!!!” So, the another lady  slapped  the well-toned cheeks of  Simran without  a pause and also punched her  hand when she tries to covers  her face…”If I hear your noise again than I will smack you more…” Two of them neither   had  the energy nor will power   to fight against  the gigantic ladies…. Simran and Sakshi  felt  pulse in their   throat and  soon the unbearable   pain of physical injuries took a toll on them …. Finally, they were swooned   on the floor…

Viren and Kiran went to check  out   on their condition..Although they were furious   on the girls for their ruthless evil plans, the moment   they saw them lying   on the floor…They truly  felt sympathetic….After all, they isn’t roughshod    to watch over someone’s   pain even though it was repentance  for their sins….  Viren  immediately   warned the lady guards not to trounce  them anymore at any cost.. He commanded one of the lady to  follow Kiran and get all the medical equipments needed to   treat their wounds… Viren gazes at  Simran  “It would have be good if you  have never come up with such plans..None of us would have not suffer and experienced  this kind of violence…”  Upon Kiran’s return, the lady guards was told to medicate   Simran then Sakshi with things such as bandage, plaster and also  medicines that heal external injuries following the instructions on ‘how to use’ written on it for the torn ragged wound patched out on their hands…

Kiran prods Viren  to  aware him that they reaches the destination that  worths a visit…Kiran switched on the light that shines on the two embodied inhumane  souls…They seems to be in deep slumber  even when their body is attached   to the wooden chair and were tangled in white   ropes….Viren grabs the water from the claypot  and swash on their faces.. Simran and Sakshi both winces in pain but shocked  to look at themselves… Their hands  were bandaged and nails were rolled over a plaster… The eyes moved towards Viren  and pleaded  him to release  them by weeping convulsively…  Kiran interrupts  “You girls actually   deserves  more  than this”  Simran screeches with all the energy she left “We were already punished for our lifetime  biggest mistake…..Please let us go…..” Sakshi yells “You better   release us now…” Viren turned out tempestuous  so he pulls Sakshi hair  “You dare to command me????Remember, I am giving you   chance   to live with   the  mercy left within   me …”

Kiran simpers ” We don’t   mind    letting you both   to go through  molestation   as how   you   both  planned for Akshu…Want to try it??” Viren sighed “Kiran…..We ain’t  and will never be cheapsters like them!”
Simran huffed “We are sorry for our mistake ….. Please forgive   us and freed us…….I swear I did all this to get your love…….Trust me Vir ….I can’t   see you with anyone else and  will not   live without   you….You are the best man anyone   could ever get……Why should I lose you?”  Viren folded his arms and arched his eyebrow “Which love???The love that can go to any extent   of abusing   an  innocent girl physically   and mentally …. I don’t mean  to rate your love but I am  very sure that you are totally   self-centered…You only think about your feelings and your happiness…..You aims for everything   best in your life….Now,I tell you that I am not your best……I can never be…My imperfections   and perfections  only belonged to Akshara…..Come out of your fantasy   world that I will love you  in the future…..I respect  that you  try to stand out for your love but you did everything it in a wrong   way so you was punished   for it…..That’s   it…I was never   yours and will   never be…Understand it dammit……”

To be continued ☺
Phewwwww done with with this episode… I miss you all and thank you for all the comments in the previous episode.. . Thank you so much for reading such a long and unromantic episode….Hope you all like it ????Lots of love to you all ?

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