Dreams will come true (Episode 62 )


Kiran clutches Viren’s shoulder “I know   how  pissed off you are but   please   be with   Akshu.She must  have you   with   her! Karma will swallow   Simran’s happiness   forever ” Viren nodded and  shrugged off the tuxedo in his arms.He repose     on the steering wheel while sucking   out  his masterpiece mind   on what   to do with   her. Nevertheless , he can’t   believe   how   vitiated   she could   be. Yet, whatever it   may cost,he was very particular  about  making her regret  for eternity.  This angry young man despite off his disrupted   mind and physical tireness, never forget   about   his Akshara as it sobered him. He accelerated   himself  quickly   out of the  darkness to meet his  loveliest holy light…

Viren’s   face finally     meet relieveness when he gazed   at his  lady love whom in a deep slumber… He tiptoed and watches   her lovingly… He fails to advert   his eyes from such   a girl   that shines in purity as a white  shell even after crushed   to the bottom of the sea…. However, her condition   also made him realise   that   he is solely  to be blamed   for the path of  difficulties   she walked on… He strokes her cheeks unknowingly   with teary-red-eyed. …  A  vulnerable    thought   runs in him that moment 
“I can’t   lose her   and it’s   isn’t   worth   a risk in this  matter.Maa’s cunningness and Simran’s obsession  creates  a definite  miseries   in our lives.” He gently   tangled   their  fingers and  soon exhaustion  take a toll on him that he dozed   off on the guest   chair ……  Still,he holds on her….
A  scintillation yellow light    peneterate   through   the plain white  curtain to  lay awake the beautiful   couple … Akshara is the first for be  susceptible   to the touch of light  in the slumbrous  room. She smiles when gazes lovingly at  her man .  It’s indeed miraculous to see him lost in deep slumber where   his movements   are visibly   numb on the chair.  She can’t    resist   the warmth racing in her heart  that persuading her to place a gentle kiss on him. After,  struggling   to her body aches where she thoroughly feels like being slammed on the wall again ….. She composed herself then slowly her  mind and heart overpowers   the pain…  She tilted her head and draws her  figure closer to him. She brushed her lips on his forehead then cheeks and playfully slapped his stubbled face even with the injected fingers….S squealed     out “Good Morning Jammy!”… Viren  is terrified with that cranky voice “What the?” Akshara giggled and he just paused   his eyelids from falling off again to admire   that   mischievous   smile  that   been lost for him. It is also mediocre   to erase   the tempestuous   and guilty in him but truly spread   out a sparkle of hopes  that they will resume   a happy love journey again ..

She  arched her eyebrow “Am I not well or you?” Viren pecked   her forehead and smiles. Just   then ,Akshara’s family arrives again and all of them notices the  cherubic   smile and vivid relieveness dwelling  on her expression. They   were   little   confused  on how a night  made her change   to the  Akshara she is used to be . Tesha runs to her happily and lightly   nudged her ” I am sure I got   my baby again?” Akshara  nodded readily   “You got   it because  of him!” Viren gives   a vacous stare  seems like wondering what has he done??  Tesha   huffed puffed “Am sure   what it would   be that   you are  too happy because   I am the only   one who  knows    the secret   incident   in cruise  ?!  Akshara   widens   her eyes and sushed her “Impossible!! Noo, It was more than  that!” Akshara   paused and   notices all of them are staring   at her  in puzzled look. She sighed “He gives   me the   courage and hope to live again with his genuine   love that  spoken from the   bottom   of his heart!!If he never told,I would never know…. Can I ask for   anything   more than that?” Akshara shares an eyelock with Viren.Tesha goes on “Awwww!” All  nodded and gives a toothy smile as resemblances    of blessings… Akshara’s mom kissed her forehead  “I just   wish  all my daughter’s  wishes comes    true very soon and of course we are accepting your love story after knowing it from your lovely sisters ” Akshara’s mom smiled at Vira …. Akshara just turns crimson and stay lowered eyes….Venisha joins Akshara and kissed her cheeks ” Get well soon… I am waiting to listen my sister’s stories” Akshara nodded joyfully and indeed tears of happiness drops out.

Kiran also pay his visit   for Akshu but his   presence   has another   objective  too….Viren left to discuss   to doctor about   her health condition and the   doctor  informed   him the consequences  “Mr.Viren, I must say that   she may look or talk  well but  you   should   take good care of her because  her health might deteriorated to  risk…. She really needs a good environment and good comfort by her side. …. Patients undergo subdural haematoma, are   physically and mentally weak because they will be traumatised .. In that case, some have  impediment  in speech but luckily   she does not…. However, I have to look out regarding weakness in her muscle as it can cause her limping..” Viren looks on worriedly. The doctor grins “No worries, it can be solved by consulting a physiotherapist and she can back to normal in few weeks if it has too. ” Viren smiled and thanked him before leaving.

Viren notices Kiran shaking his legs at the door …Viren looks up at him and his eyes speaks for his action…Viren understood and goes to asks permission to Akshara about leaving him. … He stand beside her and holds her hand. Akshara’s family leaves the room immediately understanding their privacy. Viren cups her face and Akshara whispers “I love you!” Viren smiles and Akshara gestured him to make her sit… He did and she pulls his collar towards her hiding the pain in her body… . She slowly placed her palm on his chest and snogs on it.. . He wraps her around his arm and she lies on his chest. She whispers “I wish all this come to an end so that I can be embraced in your arms 24/7….. Viren caresss her back and replies ” Soon you will !!” Akshara grins” I love you so much” He smiles “Me too!!! Baby, I need to go now and you spend time with your family here . …Don’t stress yourself and surely I will come again! Can???! Akshara pouted and says “Hmmmmm OK but please come fast…. Viren smiles and peck her forehead before placing her head against the pillow.. He make a move and her both Sha’s sisters stayed up in the hospital.
After 5 hours….

Viren is in his room getting ready to the hospital and victorious smile is dwelling on his face. Maa come to his room and holds his face ” I heard that Akshara is admitted in the hospital but you look very happy! Nevertheless, may God bless you my boy!” Viren smirks and sarcastically replies “I am of course happy because justice prevails..Where is Simran Maa?? Maa gives puzzled look “What justice you are seeking for? Simran isn’t here because she left early to her college boy!” Viren made his grandmother sits on the bed “She is not in college Maa but faraway from here….. Poor maleficient girl….She thought she is smart in putting trap for others but I am far more cunning!!!!! Grandma looks on in shocked face… Viren huffed “Maa I don’t mind killing her but I swear even death doesn’t deserve her for having a cheap class attitude…. So, only regret for a lifetime is the best thing I could ever present her! ” Grandma holds his collar tightly” Stop your rubbish! Tell me where is Simran? ” Viren jerked her hands away “You can see your lovely Simran if only you listen to my commands Maa !” Grandma yells “What are you saying boy ???? I can never believe you stoop so low that you can threatens your Maa !!!” Viren raised his left eyebrow “Am I Maa???! Well, not as much as you all can be!!!” Maa cups his face with watery-eyed “You loved your Maa so much but now where is the love boy? Please give her back for the sake of your Maa… ” Viren sighed “I still love you Maa and my condition is very simple..I want you to arrange my wedding with Akshara this month and I will release Simran without any harm! Take it or leave it Maa???” She had no idea on what reply should be given and tears knowingly rolls down her cheeks.

To be continued ?
First of all, Belated Happy Ganesh Chathurthi.Hope, you all had a tremendously excited celebration ?
Finally after this wonderful and exhausted festive week , I got time to write again and I genuinely missed all of you… From now,I would try to be regular like used to be last time and I am ending this ff very soon but not sure how many more chapters to go ;( Thank you for reading and lots of love ???? Stay blessed all???

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      Thank you so much dear.?Glad you liked it ?

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    Hi Dashni,firstly belated happy ganesh chathurdhi to you too.. 🙂 Episode is superb.. 🙂 Viren’s condition is awesome,loved it.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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      Awwww thank you so mich sweetheart ???You will be blessed by God and may you smile more beautifully ??????

  3. A.Kavya

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    1. D.Dashni

      Kavya you know Viren naa.Both partners in crime will be in trap together right since both always do evil plans together ????Thank you so much baby…I know you are busy but better take care of your health sweetheart . ..Miss you pretty???

  4. Woww…..viren is too good….more than awesome
    …loved it….sorry for d late

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    Sorry for the late comment but awesome please update asap

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    Hey..how r u??sorry,i’m late.bt i’m back..nice chapter..yess,viren u have to b strong not emotional..awaiting

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    2. D.Dashni

      Umama missed you ya and yes i am doing great..How r u? Don’t be sorry naa. Hope you are fine dear ??Thank you so much dear and ya will be posted on 13 September dear??

  7. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ..my dashni my sweeeeeetheart. …wowwww. ..ViRa accepted by akshu’s family. …I’m on moon now…Happy soooo glad…..loved ViRa lovely moments n their cuteeeee convo….viren n kiran took very good care of simran….she deserves worst of that for hurting our princess akshara. …viren did awesome job….now grandma also in the trap….n yippeee…ViRa wedding in this month 🙂 I’m so excited for it….dashni you’re amazing…..I missed you sooooo muchhhhhh. …I know you’re busy…but still found time to update this marvellous story. ..I’m very obliged honeyyyy…..for giving us sooooo beautiful n outstanding refreshing unique story….keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

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      Romaaaa????my sweeeeeetheart on TU.. You are the sweetest I have known and definitely because of you I can’t resist myself from smiling …Baby you never fail to boost up my energy on writing this fiction because you are the reason Vira happened?You name them and yes I write them beautifully as you always inspired myself to do a better with all the love you showered.I can thank you enough yet I need to say thank you so much for giving a tremendous support for a fiction that doesn’t resembles any characters? …Love you so much and yes you God should definitely blessed you for your kindness and sweetness ?…Muahhhhhh…???.I am gonna crush you teddybear ?

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