Dreams will come true (Episode 61)


Viren is aghasted   yet he did not react wild for uttering an unimaginable thought   in his life…He calmed   himself when he meets the moist red eyes of hers that beautifully   portrays that the soul upholds    kindness   and self sacrifices . He gasped “If all your insecurities   overpowers our love?” He arched his eyebrow as he demanded an answer…  Akshara adverts  her eyes   from his  profound   gaze because she can’t   explain what her heart meant.. A monologue runs in her witting mind “I am very strong to even face the storm again but fear   has awakens   that  I am undeserving   for Viren….The stiches will   remain as scars even after the wound  heals…. I could sense the throbbing pain on the left side of my figure . It’s   unbearable and yet to know the consequences! I was supposed   to spread positivity   and   happiness   in his life…He deserves someone   much  better to lead a euphoric life!!!!”

She wriggled due to emotional restrain of overthinking… He  rubbed her hand to let her be more tranquil  “Dear, please   let go all insecure thoughts whirling   in your mind….. I can read you well…I know you feels that you are undeserving for me but trust me without you I am unworthy!! All these years,I was alone and had a lonely heart because of the dark past even if I surrounded with many people! I wanted to be loved but did not had a courage to love someone till I met  you….. You taught me how to smile, to talk and to respect everyone despite   of the way you treated   in return…..If you feel that you’re   not beautiful because   of these injuries so I shouldn’t  be in love with you.. Then,you are totally at fault!!

She looks on and he continued “When I watched  you from the glass door admist the aura of anxiety , you still made me to fall in love again with   you after proving that not only I loved a beautiful, selfless, intelligent and chirpy girl but a one that also  strongly possesses powerful   physical   strength  to win over a gigantic   man to protect  her dignity even the situation across live or death….. You were exhausted to sustain   your life and could give up at anytime but you survived   for whom  if not for your Viren….. Remember, you was and will be the   only Queen of my heart! I just wish you understands that I love you for the inner beauty  that glows and lasts forever within you not just this appearance that marked your youth! I seriously need you by my side forever   and can never resist myself from loving you  every seconds of my life….”

Akshara sees the unfeigned   truth in his eyes that only tattooed his love for her…  Finally , the  realization   banged her head, she decided to let go all her unwanted   thoughts   that is killing her….She had to tell him something before she welcomes the immense and immeasurable  love she never dreamt off..”Vir but you believe naa that I never lost my virginity at any cost! “Viren is dismayed “You don’t have to say it dear…I know because Akshara was, is and always be only mine! Viren snogs on the bandaged forehead and she grins  while shedding happy tears. Viren is all relieved to see the smile  which can surpasses  all the worst circumstances   like a picturesque  of sun  shines   after   the heavy thunderstorms..  Unfortunately, she couldn’t  shares him even a warm hug…. The detoriated health ripped  her off with limitations  in her motor movements.. Akshara barely   could do anything  but somehow   she managed to entwine   their   fingers and gestured him   to come   closer.

He follows  her command and she planted a  kiss on his stubble face. He  is truly contented   and he literally   feels like a dream came true  to get a glimpse of his Akshara almost after a day of living in trepidation of losing her…… However, he shoves off his felicity by  pretending to be annoyed “Not even a worth to wait!” Akshara mop and mow with a sarcastically   puzzled expression “then?” Viren cups her face and closed his eyes. She accepted it by tilting her  head lightly and both  were too close that  not even a inch gap to breathe…Slowly, they  explored their lips passionately but it lasted only   for a while because   he wants   her to  take rest and do not want   to risk for a toll on her health again… He holds her hand lovingly “Please sleep now dear!” She nodded and they shared an eyebeam with each other for a long time. The time goes on, her eyelids fall into a deep slumber. 

Viren brushed his lips on her knuckles and left the room….He wanted  an ruthless    end for the   goon .It isn’t a death but more  than it…. The goon must succumb to a vegetate life for his unforgivable sin..The  thick velvet black clouds covered the sky with twinkling stars and for the goon it will be the unluckiest  night. ..As, all the beautiful   stars and the moon   will witness only his screak due to physical aches. Viren’s physically tired due to the hectic long drive but mentally he is all determined to teach the filthy man a life’s lesson…The predator arrived at his destination which is  nearby the jungle and  he walked to the wooden house where   the prey has been isolated…. Kiran was already   there accompanied by the two young man where they were whipping  the ass of the half naked man whom is just   floored with only   black shorts. ..

Viren’s anger boiled up when he reminisces  Akshara enacted to him how he insulted her and  how his  fingers ran over her… Viren stomped his fingers  and constantly   kicked on his face  for commiting such crime… He pleaded them to let him go but all in vain and screams due to intractable  pain…The goon hardly visualised Viren as his right eye went through surgery and also he was afraid to look up at the ferocious   man standing upon him…. Viren dragged him and crushed his head on the wall “Why did you do that   to her?” He is unable to answer  due to weaknesses  and Viren grasps   his curly   hair “Who are you dammit?Why you attacked Akshara?What vengeance   you had on her b***ard?” The guy wobbled and almost   fainting. One of the helper took the  water  from the claypot and   splashed on his face.

He  gets semi-conscious and stutters”I do it since the girl paid me for it! Viren is super-stunned “A girl paid you?What’s  her name! Viren keep slapping   his face lightly   to make him speak up…The goon whispers “Simran…She never mentions  her name but I saw her student ID which she wears on.. Viren couldn’t believe his ears as he wonder how she could stoop too low?! He clenched   his fist in rage and punches on the wall angrily. Again water was splashed on him and Kiran asked him curiously “Who else were involved ? Speak up idiot?? The goon with a little energy whispers ” Got another   girl but I don’t know her…Kiran pulls the goon’s hair “Did they asked you to rape her??” He winced in pain ” No, they asked me to harrass her so that she will be framed as a sl*t for sleeping with the boys in college but everything went out of hand…” Viren kicked hardly on his genital organ “You dared and  over do it!! You wanted to enjoy your s*xual desire so you molested my Akshara and also abused her you insane..?!!” Viren punched on his face hardly in uncountable times as if he was a punching bag!! The goon fainted and Viren banged the lifeless man on the wall again….Viren’s rage is all untamed that he reacted in barbarous manner!!”

To be continued?

Here you go as I said that it will be posted on Sunday ??Hopefully you all like it?Lots of love ?

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  1. Siddhi

    Very awesome and please add viren and akshara romance soon

    1. D.Dashni

      Soon naa.i can’t add too much right now because she us bedridden though ?Will do soon.tc .lots of love dear ?Thank you for reading!

  2. Finally dream wilk come true?:-)dasni

  3. Finally dreams will come true?:-)dasni

    1. D.Dashni

      Sure dear…all their dreams will come true ?thank you love for reading?

  4. Sweetie

    Finally,this is a relief.. 🙂 I just love Viren’s character yaar..He is so cute and ferocious at the same time..Lovely boy he is.. 🙂 Akshara’s fears were dealt by him very nicely.. 😀 Goon will be in vegetative state for sure I guess,haha,serves him right for molesting a girl.. 😀 Simran’s name is out and now only Sakshi remains..Waiting to see what Vir will do to punish these disgusting girls..Stay blessed and lots of love dear.. 🙂 Take care.. 😀

    1. D.Dashni

      He will punish in simplest way but Simran will regret for life dear.You know he is unimaginable at times but he will always do right ! How i wish i meet someone resembles him? ?Anyway thank you so much dear for reading and the wonderful comment. Lots of love and stay blessed too dear with a beautiful smile ???

  5. Mind blowing

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you dear ?

  6. Dev

    Oops …..viren plzz cool off with an ice bucket aftr giving tasks 4 simren

    1. D.Dashni

      Haha you just had to say this naa ?

  7. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode. ..dashni my sweeeeeetheart…..I loved viren’s reply n soothing words to akshara….he is such a dream boy for every girl…you only find nowdays ppl go crazyyyyy for your outer beauty…nobody sees the inner beauty n strength of your character. ..here is loved viren’s gentle gesture for his queen akshara….ViRa scene was very awesoooooome…..now coming to goon n angry side of viren n kiran…the goon deserved this torturing lessons n all the punches…I’m glad that he spoke out simran’s name….now viren won’t spare her n also sakshi, the partner in crime….ViRa r so luckyyy to find each other….fight together with all the odds….the bond they share is incredibly beautiful. …very brilliantly narrated. …keep it up honeyyy. …love you loads dashni my sweeeeeetheart. ..muaaaaahhhhhh. ..bear hug ♡♡♡

    1. D.Dashni

      I know right that’s why I emphasise in inner beauty dear because outer beauty doesn’t last for eternity . People should understand that fact though ?Thank you so much dear for all the love you have given to this pair!You seriously own this couple dear??? i love you so much for being a huge support for me even if it was my first fiction.Muahhhhh and big virtual hug to you dear ?

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