Dreams will come true (Episode 60)


The beauty is kayoed by the awful and frenzied attack that  not only made her lifeless   but also her loved ones that visualising  her through    the  glass door….. A spark of hope yet burning   brightly   in their   hearts ever since the moment   the doctor told she survived without   worrying   the  consequences   of the surgery..  The love of her life   is waiting   for nothing   yet   the smile   of the strongest   girl he ever met . Viren cursed himself for every second in guilt for not   benching up himself as her protecter but the determination   strikes upon him that he will let the justice   prevails in his way.He gestured   Kiran to follow him and shows the goon to him. Viren in wild voice”He  must be the b***ard  misbehaved with Akshara   and now all bedridden for his maleficence..Kiran in  dismayed”We need him to spill out the truth about   whatever   happened  as   we don’t   have any idea who is the culprit. Viren gasped “I am sure he is the one for all her  sufferings,so I will straight   land him up  in HELL . Kiran stares at Viren vacously”What you wanna do?” Viren smirks and shares his plan with him.

Approximately   after few hours,two men come up in white  uniforms   to Viren. Yet,Viren  lying against the wall with folded arms remains uncommunicative but the intense eye signalled at the ward. Viren doesn’t   want anyone turn suspicious   on them.. The two men in white  grabs a wheelchair   and put the incognizant goon on it .. They  try to walk out of the hospital  without   anyone’s knowledge but luck was not on their side so they bumped into a woman nurse.She questions them”Where you all bringing this patient???” Both of them had a puzzled   expression and bumbled out the words”Actually….We are….”One of the men gasped “No, the doctor told us  to change his ward..We unable to figure   out   the reason but we are instructed to do so. We are just doing   our duty!” The nurse nodded “OK!! Please be cautious!”  The two men now abducted  this  baleful goon without encountering   either any barriers or  anyone’s attention.
Kiran smiles at Viren “He’s so dead after this! Thank God no one realised our plan!”  Viren nodded “It’s   just  the beginning!” Duo goes to the ICU again and decisive  expression  gently  touched Viren’s face .

Viren can’t   stand the anxiety   while shaking   legs outside of the ICU because   the consequences   can only   be said if she regains her witting   mind. He told her parents “let me go inside and check   out with her Uncle,,,, Aunty!” Akshara parents nodded readily.. Viren walks in heavy heartedly  and  he sees all the stitches on her body and gigantic bandage circled the   upper part of her head.. All their romantic memories stored in his mind appears vividly especially that beautiful smile he wished   to start and end his day.. His white-fairish  skin is  all  blood red as he is tempestuous  and lamentable at a time to witness   that she lived what  she undeserved  and undesirable….. The pain in his heart  ain’t   in the extent   of just hurt with the attack but he immensely   felt someone jabbed his heart and knifed him to death…He brushed his lips on her bandaged head and he remembers   what she told him long time ago…. She hates hospital and injection but today she went through the surgery and took a rebirth – a bravery  survival only for him. He entangled   his fingers in hers  because  he can never  explain the  gratitude from his side   for  not leaving   him despite  being knocked off ruthlessly  in shadow serpent of this ignorant  world…. After all, she proved  that what hurdles may come,the  flame of  her love glows brightly  for eternity!

The longing moment finally arrived literally as if it seems after ages. Akshara twitched her fingers and her feets has a glimpse of jerk. Viren chuckled in hapiness and calls out her name to alert   his presence”Akshu!!!” Akshara open her eyes slowly like a newborn   baby bloomed   on the Earth. She gazes him lovingly  without   uttering even a word and tears unrealizingly running down her cheeks because she thought she will not  meet the intense eyes again in her life. Viren cups her face “Baby don’t   cry please!! Your Jammy feels sorry  to not   be with   you  when you need him the most”. Akshara due to restrain wobbled “Don’t feel sorry  dear….I somehow escaped from the goon when he ….She burst into tears and keep  wriggling  when the incident crashing and flashing  unquietly…Viren tries to hold her on so he  kiss  her lips lightly “Shhhhh!! Baby you don’t   have to say anything..I can understand!” Akshara paused for a moment  as their lips meet   again but later on she  squinched “You don’t   know Vir that a random guy  attempted to raped me by running  his filthy fingers on me… Her red eyes  explored   her figure “I feel yucky at my ownself! He questioned my purity when he saw your love bites….He ….””She has a throbbing pain internally so she bites the lowered lip to hold the pain… Viren clenched his fist in rage but he gives an assuring smile ” Neither the  bastard nor anyone has a right   to talk about you! I know you so please dear don’t   strain yourself! You have to know that you are true fighter   because the force within   you is inexplicable !”

Viren gently   brought  her knuckles to his  lips and kiss it. Akshara rubs her head refusingly and took away her hand. Viren stares vacously”what happen dear?” Before Akshara shares   him a reply,  Akshara’s mum  peep in through the glass door. When she notices Akshara already awakens, she runs in blithely then kissed her cheeks “Finally my daughter come back   to her Mom. For a moment,  I feared you will leave us behind!” Akshara’s dad grins “Our princess proved  she is a strong girl! We are sorry   to give   you a sorrowful   life, we was blinded all these years about luck charms   but today when we know   you  hardly survived,we don’t   want to lose   our gem because   nothing can ever  come before the relationship made   through   blood.You are and always be loved in our family dear..” He cups the face of the bedridden girl whom seems to be lost and all of them  are  affected with her silence. Akshara is surprised    with her parents  gesture but she did not know how to react whether   to be happy to get her parent’s love she yearning   all her life or cursed herself for her merciless fate???!

A nurse  warned politely   “All of you   please leave, let the patient  takes  rest!” Kiran  and  Akshara’s family   follows the polite command as they did not want  to disturb her since she has a traumatised expression dwelling   on her face..  However, Viren did not even move   a inch away and pretended   to be deaf   to their talks. . Akshara  with lowered   eyes whispers”Viren you stay!” With a half-smiled, he  come and sit   beside his lady love.”He  pulls himself closer to her “I love you so much baby and don’t  worry  because  I am with   you   in every   hurdles coming   in your way..   She  closed her eyes   refraining from   sharing any eyelocks with him and had a monologue  “I am Sorry Vir but I can’t  be inconsiderate in making   decision regardless how much we love each other!” Viren aghasted with her behaviour ” Baby are you feeling ok??”He strokes her cheeks in endearing manner.  Akshara sighs and stutters  ” I will be OK if  you  accept that  I only deserve   to be daughter   for my parents!! We should never  even dream again to live together!”

To be continued  ☺

Haizzzz finally I am done with this episode!I am sending virtual hug with a big sorry for not updating on Monday!Lots of love and have fun guys.The next surely will be on Sunday my loveliess??

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome pls update soon and add precap

    1. D.Dashni

      thank you dear? …i don’t add precaps dear bcoz my idea are quite spontaneous for this fiction?

  2. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you so much dear ?

  3. Dev

    Uh oh again a false deci by akahu….bt wat plan???

    1. D.Dashni

      Naaa no plans yet dear ;)Let’s see how my mind works ?

  4. Viren’s character is outstanding…. Nice update

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank you so much dear 🙂

  5. Sweetie

    Oh No!!Dashni!!Now Akshara doesn’t want to stay with Vir,what will happen now!!Waiting for the next,stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. D.Dashni

      Let’s see dear :)..Next is posted babe and waiting for it to publish …Stay blessed and keep smiling too sweetheart ?

  6. A.Kavya

    Poor Vir 🙁 what happens next?? Waiting for that babe..!

    1. D.Dashni

      Chill babe :)Let’s see what destiny has stored has them 🙂

      1. D.Dashni

        Has stored for them*

  7. Awesome, marvellous episode dashni my sweeeeeetheart. …..ViRa scenes were very heart wrenching n painful….viren’s love n feelings for akshara is very pure n deep. .he is determined n truly immensely loving her….I’m glad that akshu’s parents realized their mistakes n gave the true love n affection to her….viren abducted the goon…I hope viren knows the attacker’s confession n real culprits get very hard punishment. …plzzzz don’t make vira apart….I’m not liking akshara’s decision of leaving viren….they should fight for their love together. …I hope akshu get her confidence back soooooooon. ….dashni my dearrrrr you wrote very beautifully. …emotions of all the characters so perfect…keep it up honeyyy. ..love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

    1. D.Dashni

      Thank yo so much dear..The way you comment the fiction with each details made me confident about my writings?Viren will set everything for his Akshara dear..Don’t worry because even if she try, he won’t let her go☺…Next is coming soon dear . Hopefully you like that too sweetheart?I love you to the core and was missing your comment all these days…I am so happy that you commented ??? Sending you a loving virtual hug?muahhhh?????

      1. Thanks Dashni….my sweetheart. …I’m honored…it’s my pleasure n I appreciate your hard work in creating this master piece. …I’m in love with this story n loving you soooooooo muchhhhhh. …you’re doing phenomenal job my dear….I’m hugging you virtually tooo….tight wala bear hug…love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

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