Dreams will come true (Episode 6)


Akshara after her shower, heard her parents calling her to the living room. So, Akshara wears her sleeping dress and goes there.
Akshara ‘s parents then informs her that  she must find pocket money for herself because they can’t afford to bear her expenses since her dad’s income is low and he have to save for her sister’s wedding as the brother is also not supporting  them financially. Akshara agrees and say to her family that she won’t be a burden to her parents and will manage all her expenses herself.The parents smile and says that is how a good girl should be .  Before sleeps, Akshara thinks tomorrow I need to find job that does not clash with my college time as well.

In the morning, Akshara bunks her class and goes to some shopping mall to see any vacancies available for part timers, there were some but it is during her college hours.  Then, she continue walking around to find a earn for her living with determination.
In the college,  Viren eyes was searching for her .He thinks in his heart that I should be happy that she is not around me but  very strange I feel like meeting that annoying tweety. He wonders where she went as she is not there at her place. He then try to ignore  her absence and pay attention to the subject computer programming. The lecturer informs that a project is assigned where students need to create a replica of a product related technology and need to do presentation about its design and functions using Microsoft Windows for it.The maximum number of students can only be two and must be done by a week.Rahul and Sakshi’s starts their conversation.
Rahul:Today Akshara is not here and I think she won’t have a partner in this project .
Sakshi: (Smirks) That’s a good news for us .Her level of stress will be increased by the time she complete this assignment all alone.

Rahul: Hahaha that’s her fate!Thank God she didn’t come if not she will find a partner or will beg us to take her.
Sakshi: That’s so true babe! I think we don’t need to destroy her.Stress will lead her to destruction by doing this assignment alone.

Here, Viren sees most of them selected their partners and his friend, Kiran asks him to join him. Viren actually agrees then he remembers Akshara and have sympathy towards her. He thinks it is super hard for her to do this alone even though she is annoying, she is not evil. It will be also a golden opportunity to show that I don’t think her as my enemy but we will always remain as strangers. He refuses to join Kiran by giving a excuse that he to want to give a try to observe girls level of creativity so wants to do with Akshara .Kiran laughs and wishes him luck.  Viren give his and Akshara’s name personally to the lecturer to work in the project .

Here, Akshara feels tired and her leg pains as she walks for a long hours in  surveying job vacancies . Akshara  is waiting for a bus at the bust station to  return home. Suddenly a job strikes in her mind, she takes the bus and goes to the area where her college located.
She goes to a cafeteria nearby there and asks the owner about job availability for part timers .He said only in the evening he needed since he got waiters working in the morning and afternoon. Akshara was happy hearing it and says she wants to work under him .He asks whether she can  work from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. ? Akshara nods yes and asks him about her salary .He said an hour is 10.70 rupees.She  calculates the total amount in her heart and replies him thank you uncle jii  happily and I will start my work from tomorrow .He nods okay.

After that, Akshara enters her college to  find Rahul and Sakshi to ask them about the lecture done but she couldn’t find them.As she is rushingly walking in the staircase, she meets Viren.Before he starts, she asks him questions.
Akshara :Class ended?Did you see Rahul or Sakshi?
Viren: Ya class ended ! No I didn’t see them, maybe they left. I want to tell you…………………………………
She stops him before he finish saying.
Akshara : They left????! Haizzzzzz, I will ask them about the lecture tomorrow then.
She just walks away causing Viren to pull her hand from behind firmly.

To be continued..

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  1. awesome episode update regularly na pls waiting fr urs frm a long time pls pls update episode was awesome…

    1. That’s so sweet of you to appreciate my efforts… Thank you so much ya:)Will try to update everyday ..

  2. Awesome epi…plzz update soon

  3. Its gud.. Plz update soon..

  4. Awesome episode, viren n akshara as team…wowwww. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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